Fetterman Wins Style Award For Dressing Like A Slob

Fetterman Wins Style Award For Dressing Like A Slob

Fetterman Wins Style Award For Dressing Like A Slob

Dressing like a slob is the new NEW political style. The NY Times is a parody of itself these days. 93 people made their STYLE list. John Fetterman was one of them.

Yes, you read that correctly. John Fetterman with his slobby hoodies and shorts is stylish according to NY Times ‘journalists.’ 

John Fetterman
The senator-elect from Pennsylvania is going to bring Carhartt to the Capitol.

I can’t decide whether this list is a total troll or they are serious. Lizzo stylish? Not hardly. Heidi Klum’s ‘the worm’ halloween costume? It’s A COSTUME people! And Fetterman is classed as stylish alongside the Spotted Lantern fly? 

If looks could kill, as they say. Sadly, these ones do. Nevertheless, the mature bugs’ wings — pale gray with elegant black dots and a flash of scarlet red — made a serious visual statement as the insects fluttered further into the United States.

See? Trolling or just parody? I’ve no idea. What I DO know is that dressing like a slob is not stylish, especially if one is in a serious job such as a U.S. Senator. Yes, shockingly, Fetterman does own suits. Although I do have to wonder why those suits aren’t tailored to fit his hulkiness. 

Not only that, John Fetterman is as far from stylish as humanly possible. Trying to present his attire as in any way iconic is simply the latest iteration of a real-life “Emperor’s New Clothes” — with those who hope to be accepted in the mainstream expected to smile and nod and cheer.

These are the same people who declared the undying beauty of Michelle Obama while ignoring Melania Trump. Indeed, these are the same people who can see Hillary Clinton waddle around in her latest mumu and do their best to convince us that she is to be revered. “Hillary Clinton Gives the Cool Grandma Uniform a Print-on-Print Upgrade” from Vogue is one such example.

Because none of this is about style. Instead, it’s about loyalty to an ideology.

First, the fact that Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne made the list is amazing, however both should’ve been at the top of the list for their style and Fetterman nowhere to be found. Then again, the media would rather celebrate people wearing garbage sacks and tents (Hillary) instead of stylish women like Melania Trump. 

Furthermore, this award is indeed ideology that involves celebrating the ‘style’ of a slob. A guy who suffered a major stroke. Whose recovery isn’t going well. So much so that he needed teleprompter assists for his NBC interview and the one and only debacle of a debate. How he will manage to carry out his duties starting in January is beyond me when he can barely process correctly questions written on a teleprompter!

Exactly. If he doesn’t make it as a Senator, then he can take his slobby chic and go into acting. Oh wait, he’s already in the acting biz! Evidently Fetterman has the “face” for certain roles. 

And, if the face doesn’t work, I’m sure Fetterhulk and his clothing choices will fit other roles that involve characters dressing as slobs. 

Needless to say, John Fetterman’s style isn’t applause worthy, nor is it irreverent. It’s called being a lazy slob. 

Too harsh? I don’t think so. If you are going to take a job such as a U.S. Senator seriously, then dress for the part EVEN on the campaign trail. One of the only reasons I can think that Fetterman got some of the votes he did is because people ignored his shortcomings due to the stroke and voted for the slob image. 

Pennsylvania, you elected a guy who hardly showed up to his job as a mayor or Lt. Governor, and spends his days dressed like a bum. His clothing choices signify his work ethic, which is lacking. 

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  • Lewis says:

    Slobs are everywhere, I’m sure you’ve noticed. My clinic’s nurse looks like she just finished her barn chores, the librarians look like they’re off on a beach picnic any minute, store cashiers apparently don’t use or recognize shampoo bottles! Once in a while I notice someone really dressed for work and I always compliment them. I often get a genuine thanks for noticing!
    My aunties would be appalled at today’s outfits. They wouldn’t go down to the local small town grocery without changing into a “decent” outfit.
    These things are to many people just too stupid to even think about, much less worry over. To me, it’s another symptom of our decaying society. Don’t even ask me about public behavior, or manners, oh my God, manners!

    Thank you so much for your good work, Lisa! I appreciate it!

  • Scott says:

    Nina, haven’t you been paying attention? Work ethic is racist, and just a sign of white supremacy…

  • Deborah Gentile says:

    It’s so predictably laughable. The darlings of the Democrat party are featured on the cover of Vogue. Remember the Beto with dog disaster? Remember when Debbie Wassermsn Schultz was airbrushed beyond recognition? Remember Kamela’s Converse cover? The sycophantic suck-ups in the press compared Stacy Abrams to a supermodel and don’t get me started on the fawning praise of the Obamas’ class and elegance, or the praise of Michelle’s hideous yelliw satin Balenciaga bathrobe with thigh-high boots.

  • Lloyd says:

    Fetterman’s regular mode of dress is COSTUME….He wants to project an image that is far from what he is and has been. And, guess what….He fooled a lot of voters.

  • Mike V. says:

    “The senator-elect from Pennsylvania is going to bring Carhartt to the Capitol.”

    Congressman Tim Burchett from Tennessee regularly wears a Carhart work coat to work at the Capitol. But he changes into a suit coat when he gets to his office. But he is from the wrong party, so I’m sure the Times has never heard of him.

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