Fascist feminism strikes again: victorious conservative women are “a blow to feminism”

Fascist feminism strikes again: victorious conservative women are “a blow to feminism”

One would think that feminists would rejoice to see women victorious in political elections. But today’s feminism is not after equality; the movement has been hijacked by rabid fascist feminists. These new feminists require that, in order to be a “real” feminist, you have to walk in lock step with them, toe the fascist feminist line, and never disagree with them on a single issue. And their stance on every issue is always, of course, liberal. They want unlimited taxpayer-funded abortions available right up until the moment of birth, universal health care, universal day care, open borders, a weaker military, massive welfare systems, the government taking the place of fathers in families — basically anything you can think of to destroy western civilization.

So it isn’t altogether surprising that these fascist feminists would show such vitriol towards conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. They denounce them for their conservative views, while saying that no one can make a litmus test for true feminists. They say that they champion strong, empowered women, yet they consistently try to instill a victim mentality in women, telling them that the patriarchy is always keeping them down and that everything women have accomplished is thanks to feminism. (Apparently, for these fascist feminists, women aren’t strong enough to accomplish anything based on their own merits.)

Given all of this, Tina Brown’s reaction to four wins by conservative women over male opponents on Tuesday is unsurprising. Because these women are conservative, their successes are considered “a blow to feminism”.

As Allah pointed out, these women won based on merit, and not because of their gender. Fascist feminists want gender to be the sole focus… well, gender and espousing liberal “women’s issues”. The thought of women caring about things like less gun control, a stronger military, closing the border, fiscal responsibility, and smaller government sends them into a self-righteous rage. And so, they’ll engage in… misogyny! They’ll demean conservative women, insult them, refuse to defend them when they’re attacked, smeared, and sexualized, and sometimes even take part in the abuse. All of the misogynistic rage on the part of fascist feminists is always in the name of feminism, because somehow, people like Jessica Valenti, Melissa McEwan, Amanda Marcotte, and this Tina Brown have become feminism’s gatekeepers. Believe abortion is wrong, like, say, Sarah Palin? Even though Palin is intelligent, powerful, accomplished, and empowered, they’ll still discredit her. They’ll scream in outrage about Palin calling herself a feminist, and all because she has the audacity to be pro-life. They engage in sexism to defeat her, just because she thinks for herself instead of letting Valenti & Co. dictate how she should think.

[W]hen Wonkette and the merry band of leftist misfits diminish a gorgeous, POWERFUL, conservative woman the day after she has demonstrated proof of said power by drawing attention to her breasts, they are being sexist pigs. Even if they’re feminists. Even if they’re women.

They are using this age-old tool to diminish and degrade her power as a politician and human. They are no different than the sleazy boss ogling the assistant and making a comment about her nice new blouse (wink wink) after she has asked for a raise for doing excellent work.

What is appalling is that these same sexist dirtbags will cry foul about anyone making a comment about Elena Kagan or Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama’s changing appearance. In addition, these are the same people who have worked out multiple ways to restrict and diminish free speech so no one gets offended.

And then, when useful to them, they turn around and use the very same rhetorical device to destroy a political opponent.

This is why I call them fascist feminists. If you want to have a home in today’s feminist movement, then you cannot think for yourself. You have to have the exact same ideals, values, and principles that the fascist feminists have. If you don’t, then they will try to destroy you by any means possible, even while they say they’re working for women.

It’s condescending, really. Basically, these feminists are saying that it’s OK for men to have different thoughts and perspectives, but women must all think exactly the same and only care about a certain set of “women’s issues”.

This is why when women like Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, and Sharron Angle, who think for themselves and don’t toe the fascist feminist line, are victorious, feminists are furious. They aren’t out for the advancement and success for women. They’re out to advance their own radical agenda, an agenda that most American women don’t agree with. Women may be wing nuts? Well, feminists can be misogynists. Tina Brown, Amanda Marcotte, and Jessica Valenti are perfect examples.

These feminists don’t speak for women anymore. And unless these fascist feminists change their ways, they’ll find themselves fading more and more into obscurity and irrelevance.

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  • DavidL says:

    Gender feminism died when Nina Burleigh offered B.J. Clinton a B.J. for keeping abortion,deadly but legal.

  • The Watcher says:

    I’ve seen the same sort of catty, clique-ish behavior before … in groups of junior- and high-school girls. Is it a prerequisite of fascist feminism that you had to stop growing emotionally in eighth or ninth grade?

  • Anna Belle says:

    “Judge us not all the same.” Some of us liberal women are celebrating conservative women’s successes. I think it’s great, and welcome conservative women to the sisterhood. In case you haven’t yet heard it from one of us: Congratulations!

  • Elizabeth says:

    We are so oppressed!

    “Women represent an economic powerhouse, making over 85% of the consumer purchases (in the United States) and influencing over 95% of total goods and services. 1 Women’s consumer spending is $3.7 trillion and business spending is $1.5 trillion. 2 Women also purchase 50% or better in traditional “male” categories like automobiles, consumer electronics, and PCs.”


  • Smithwick says:

    I know right? What are these uppity women doing thinking they have the right to form their own opinions and compete against their superiors. Get back in the kitchen!

    Sexist man from the 1800s or modern feminist?

  • Sam says:

    I understand that you use the word “fascist” loosely to refer to those who are dogmatic, but it is confusing to use it to refer to opponents of fascist policies like the outlawing of abortion.

    “In his pre-fascist, anti-clerical, socialist period, Mussolini was a
    supporter of birth control… Not long after this,
    however, in 1924 he introduced penal sanctions for anyone who
    advocated such measures. He specified twelve children as the ideal
    number for a family… As a result, the state banned abortion
    outright, and banned the sale of contraceptive devices and sex education (DeGrazia, 1992). Interestingly, now fascist family policies came to codify the Catholic Church’s invariant conservative views on marriage, reproduction and the patriarchal family.”

    “In 1936 Heinrich Himmler, head of all police forces and the SS, established the Reich’s Central Agency for the Struggle Against Homosexuality and Abortion, and in 1943, after three years of preparation by the Ministries of the Interior and of Justice, the law entitled Protection of Marriage, Family, Motherhood called for the death penalty in ‘extreme cases’.”

  • Don’t forget Susana Martinez in New Mexico- who I’m sure will be called a ‘coconut’ as opposed to a ‘wise Latina’. http://www.susanamartinez2010.com

    Or Ann Marie Buerkle running in New York’s 25th Congressional district.

  • MJ says:

    I was suggested your blog by someone who described it as ‘intelligent feminist discourse.’ Then I read the first line of your most recent post:
    “One would think that feminists would rejoice to see women victorious in political elections. But today’s feminism is not after equality; the movement has been hijacked by rabid fascist feminists.”
    Yes, let’s label all of today’s feminists as ‘rabid rascist feminists.’ That sounds smart and logical and not at all like painting an enourmous group with one, unflattering brush. Have you met every SINGLE feminist in the world? No? You’re just making assumptions? Wow! That’s the basis of an intelligent opinion!
    Your blog = Terrible

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