Dude, why won’t conservatives stop defending themselves against our lies?

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Dude, why won’t conservatives stop defending themselves against our lies?

Dude, why won’t conservatives stop defending themselves against our lies?

MSNBC’S Morning Joe had a panel today, where it was agreed that conservatives had been unfairly targeted and smeared after the Tucson shooting this weekend. Mark Halperin, ever the logical commentator, agreed — and then promptly complained that conservatives didn’t simply put up with the unfounded lies and vicious smears, arguing that we should just abandon our “war stations” and turn the other cheek.

And, And I… and I… and I… I’ve already made that, that criticism as well. They’re right. But rather than seizing on it and turning the other cheek, they are, they’re back at their war stations. And that’s, and that’s not going to help us.

War stations?! Isn’t that inflammatory, military-style rhetoric??

The panel descended into lunacy from there, with Joe Scarborough lecturing conservatives to use this as a wake-up call on rhetoric… despite just saying that conservatives had been unfairly blamed for the shooting and that there was no connection between rhetoric and the shooting. What does that matter, though, when there’s a potential to make conservatives look bad?

The really idiotic talking point, though, came from Mark Halperin. He apparently thinks that, yes, liberals are lying and unfairly smearing conservatives — but that’s not the problem. The problem isn’t the lies, it’s that conservatives won’t just sit back and take it. How dare conservatives bother to defend themselves?! That’s inflammatory rhetoric, dammit!

Gee, maybe conservatives wouldn’t need to defend ourselves if the biased liberal media would stop spreading lies, unfounded rumors, and hateful vitriol about conservatives and stick to just reporting, I don’t know, the facts.

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  • Fiend says:

    Yeah, conservatives have some nerve, defending themselves from smears from liberals intent on making this tragedy into a political point for their side of the aisle.

    Let’s not forget, when Ft. Hood got shot up, liberals (Obama in the vanguard) chastised everyone not to rush to conclusions about what motivated the shooter. Despite the fact that the murdering scumbag shouted “Allahu Ahkbar!” as he coldly shot his fellow soldiers, it was irresponsible, according to liberals, to conclude that militant Islam was behind it.

    On the other hand, the blood hadn’t even dried yet after Rep. Giffords was shot, and liberals were concluding with certainty that the would-be assassin was a Tea Partier taking orders from Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. They had no compunctions against rushing to judgment, and blaming their political foes. Hypocrisy, thy name is liberalism.

  • Melinda P says:

    Us Conservatives and our facts. Why rely on facts when you just KNOW it’s got to be those crazy tea parties! We Conservatives just don’t understand that Jesus told us in the Bible to turn the other cheek, so we’re just supposed to take everything they dish out at us. I mean, what would Jesus do.

    The problem is that most liberals want us to look bad. They don’t care about the facts because they are relative anyway. It like telling them that you can ACTUALLY find knowledge from books. Don’t confuse them by giving them the facts.

  • I’ve always maintained that the Liberals in general and the Liberal Media in particular never forgave W for failing to let Al Gore steal the 2000 election.

    If only conservatives would just self-euthanize, Liberal Leftists would have a Socialist Euro-Utopia where wealth could be magically created by governmental fiat.

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