Drew Carey’s Son Is Kid Who Yelled “Screw Our President” And Set Anti-Trump Fire At Protest [VIDEO]

Drew Carey’s Son Is Kid Who Yelled “Screw Our President” And Set Anti-Trump Fire At Protest [VIDEO]

Drew Carey’s Son Is Kid Who Yelled “Screw Our President” And Set Anti-Trump Fire At Protest [VIDEO]

Remember all those protests during Inauguration week that we discussed? You know, the ones that involved destruction of property and physical violence? The ones that led to well over 240 people being arrested? Sadly for them, the Inauguration went off as planned.

However, one aspect to the destructive protests raised eyebrows all over the world and had rational thinking adults wondering “where are this kid’s parents??!!”

So lovely hearing a young man happily yell “screw the President!” NOT. Rightly so, many of us wondered what kind of parenting this young boy was receiving. Some wondered if said parents were ones with bandanas over their faces so they couldn’t be identified. We figured we’d either find out one day or not. Well, that day has arrived courtesy of TMZ.

Drew Carey’s son is the mystery kid from the Trump protest who claimed he started a bonfire and yelled, “Screw our president”

Yes, THAT Drew Carey.

Not only is this not good for Drew, I’ve a feeling the folks at CBS aren’t thrilled either.


So where was Drew Carey? Interestingly enough, TMZ had an on the spot interview with Carey that same night not very far from the action.

Ummm, well…. ‘I’m with my kid and we wanted to see what all this was about?’ Ok, speaking as a parent here. If I’d been there and known what was going on the following would be the case:

A. My child would NOT be allowed to stray from my side.

B. For the safety of myself and my child, we would NOT be wandering towards the protests to check things out.

C. In fact, we would be exiting the premises and getting away from said protests as fast as possible.

But what does Drew Carey do? Checks it out and lets his son disappear into the crowd. A crowd that, by any definition, is not friendly nor is it safe. And we know what happened next. One wonders, once they figured it out, what Drew’s response to his son was for doing and saying what he did?

Language??!! That’s it?

If you watched TMZ’s interview of Carey, you’ll discover that he was in town to emcee the Veterans Inaugural Ball. This ball, hosted by the American Legion, was started at President Eisenhower’s request in 1953. On January 20th, 2017 34 of the 76 living recipients of the Medal of Honor were in attendance. I’m sure it was an amazing time and Drew Carey’s jokes went over well.

However, when it comes to his parenting skills in this particular instance, there’s a problem. A big one.

Drew, I get that you are upset about your son’s choice of language on live TV. I get that you don’t like how “he expressed himself to the reporter.” That’s all fine and dandy. But the fact remains, your son was out of control. At the very least he should apologize directly to the reporter and then pay whatever fine is assessed for littering and property damage from the fire he set. Having a “talk” does nothing unless its backed by consequences. Drew, you want to raise a young man of character and honor like those you met while emceeing the Veterans Inaugural Ball? Then start with imposing REAL consequences for his actions and work your way up from there.

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