Donna Brazile: I Suffered “Rampant Sexism” from Top Clinton Campaign Staffers

Donna Brazile: I Suffered “Rampant Sexism” from Top Clinton Campaign Staffers

Donna Brazile: I Suffered “Rampant Sexism” from Top Clinton Campaign Staffers

Donna Brazile’s aptly-named book, Hacks, launches today. And amid the popcorn-worthy bombshells already reported—the most serious of which is the claim that “Titanic ego-ed” Hillary Clinton rigged the Democrat Primary in her own favor…

…is yet another notable assertion: that Ms. Brazile was the target of “rampant sexism” at the hands of upper-level Clinton Campaign staffers:

According to Brazile’s new book…Brazile suffered rampant sexism from within the top ranks of Clinton’s operation, even as Clinton was herself campaigning to break the ultimate glass ceiling, as the apeothis of modern feminism.

Well, when your candidate’s the definition of “rape enabler,” isn’t it well within the realm of possibility that an environment existed that looked the other way on “rampant sexism?” Absolutely. Paging Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and Harvey Weinstein. But is Brazile’s contention true?

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Further, Brazile claims the biggest offender was…drum roll, please…Clinton Campaign Manager, Robby Mook:

Robby Mook, former Clinton Campaign Manager. (Photo Credit: Daily Wire)

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook was, Brazile alleges, the worst offender — Mook, who carefully crafted Clinton’s feminist messaging. “He had the habit of nodding when you are talking, leaving you with the impression that he has listened to you, but then never seeming to follow up on what you thought you agreed on,” Brazile writes.

Brazile and Mook’s acrimonious relationship came to a head, Brazile says, when she suggested that the DNC hire a temporary CEO to help reform its management structure and organize its financials. When Brazile suggested they take on an interim manager Mook didn’t approve of, things got heated — and Brazile says it’s because she was a woman, telling men what to do.

“I have worked with men all my life in politics and I can sense when they get to this part about not being able to deal with a woman. This is not a racial thing. This was a gender thing,” she says.

Well, ok. But you’re gonna need to offer up more than just “he didn’t listen or follow up” to back up your “sexism” claims, Ms. Brazile. Tons of folks—and here’s a shocker: this includes women—are listening-challenged. (Some of us even leak debate questions to our candidates and then deny it!) But that doesn’t rise to anything other than discourtesy and, perhaps, incompetence.

Nevertheless, here’s a taste of some of Russian Conspiracy-obsessed Rooby Mook’s more inane social media posts:

Yes, that’s worked out so well for the past several decades.

Oops. That didn’t age well, did it, Mr. Mook?

Okay, so he’s a partisan hack (thank you, Donna Brazile). But is he a sexist pig? I guess we’ll have to see if Brazile’s book offers up further assertions with more substantial evidence. She is, however, steadfastly sticking to her story, despite the liberal media’s attempt at demonizing the messenger (and by their liberal playbook, doesn’t that make them both sexist and racist?):

Donna Brazile, Former DNC Chair (Photo Credit: Politico)

Based upon everything we know thus far about the Clinton Campaign and the DNC, I tend to believe Ms. Brazile was treated poorly. Any thinking person knows that Hillary Clinton would do anything to get what she wants. But that does not absolve Brazile from, if proven accurate, complicity, willingly or otherwise, in both rigging the primary and tolerating a toxic work environment. According to the limited excerpts of which we’re privy, she knew Hillary Clinton was actively subverting democracy by rigging the Democrat primary; she felt she was being treated “like a slave;” she considered replacing Hillary with Joe Biden after Clinton’s near face-plant in the middle of a NYC street; and now she claims sexism by the upper echelon staffers of the Clinton Campaign. Well that’s all well and good…but—like far too many in Hollywood who enabled sexual assault—she never spoke out about these serious allegations during the primary, nor did she speak up leading into the general election. Which begs the question: Why not? Could it be that she was afraid for her life, given she makes a similar claim in another excerpt from her book with regard to the strange circumstances surrounding Seth Rich’s death, and went along because she had no other choice? Or did she simply place party before country in an effort to make the First Woman President Ever narrative come to fruition, democracy be damned? Or is there some other explanation of which we’re as-of-yet unaware? These are questions Brazile must answer if we are to deem her claims credible. Thus far she has offered no explanation for her silence.

In the meantime, newly-minted DNC Chair, Tom Perez, is currently residing in some distant land, rowing his boat down the River of Denial…

…and Bernie Sanders—who willingly threw his support behind a woman who intentionally rigged the primary against him, suspiciously just before the avowed Socialist purchased his third home—remains conspicuously silent. And doesn’t that shout volumes?

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  • Scott says:

    Spot on Jodi, a great post, and very to the point, though to be honest, part of me doesn’t even care if all she says is true, (as easy as it is to believe that it is), it’s just funny as hell to watch them turn on each other.. like a school of hungry piranha…

  • GTB says:

    DB is the biggest liar out there….she had no idea who Seth Rich was, and actively helped Hillary with the debate. She’s just turning on her because she finally realized that she is just another fall woman for the Clintons.

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