It’s Donald Trump Versus The Obama Deep State on Wiretapping

It’s Donald Trump Versus The Obama Deep State on Wiretapping

It’s Donald Trump Versus The Obama Deep State on Wiretapping

It was two weeks ago this morning that President Donald Trump accused his predecessor President Barack Obama of “tapping” his phones and the entire mainstream media/deep state industrial complex simultaneously puckered and howled.

How dare the cretin Trump accuse “Barack the Pristine” of anything but the purist of motives. He is incapable of even having a wrinkle in the crease of his pants, let alone having any ill will or doing anything negative against another human being (except those he personally selected for drone death, they needed it).

Everyone knows that the cretin Trump is an unstable delusional paranoid. Well, not so fast. To quote Joseph Heller from “Catch 22”:

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”

Why would Donald the Delusional accuse Barack the Pristine of a wiretap scheme with no proof whatsoever? Election 2016 was nasty on both sides. Would Barack the Pristine put his finger on the scale? Was it just the deep state and Barack the Pristine knew nothing about it? Why were names unmasked that should never have been unmasked?

I trust Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer and last night he was on The O’Reilly Factor hosted by Eric Bolling.

Why are names being unmasked and leaked all over Hell and half of Georgia? This is classic Barack Obama. He (not personally) leaked information damaging to opponents in every previous election he has participated in. From the “American Thinker” in August 2008, “Obama’s Bag of Tricks”:

When Barack Obama ran for the United States Senate only a few years ago he faced formidable rivals in the Democratic primary, people better known with longer and more established political pedigrees, or with ready access to campaign funds. Eventually, it became a two man race: Barack Obama and Blair Hull, a successful executive who had accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars and was investing chunks of it in his own race. Hull was in the lead as the primary season was ending when stories were leaked to the Chicago Tribune that he had a history of spousal abuse. These were true and he was forced out of the race. Barack Obama easily won the primary.


Obama went on to win the Democratic primary. A promising young politician Jack Ryan was his Republican challenger, but was forced to drop out when the Chicago papers compelled his divorce papers to be opened, revealing a sex scandal involving his former wife, actress Jeri Ryan.

And, there is much more. Barack the Pristine didn’t personally touch any of this.

James Comey confirmed that Donald Trump has been under investigation since July. And, Barack the Pristine expanded NSA surveillance dissemination powers just before he left office. From The Atlantic on January 13, 2017:

On Thursday, the Obama administration finalized new rules that allow the National Security Agency to share information it gleans from its vast international surveillance apparatus with the 16 other agencies that make up the U.S. intelligence community.

With the new changes, which were long in the works, those agencies can apply for access to various feeds of raw, undoctored NSA intelligence. Analysts will then be able to sift through the contents of those feeds as they see fit, before implementing required privacy protections. Previously, the NSA applied those privacy protections itself, before forwarding select pieces of information to agencies that might need to see them.

Raw data, innuendo and gossip with unmasked names circulated to more and more agencies begs to be leaked. Have you ever been around 13 year old middle school girls. Yeah, that fast.

President Donald Trump may be delusional. Wiretapping is so last century. The Deep State and Main Stream Media are out to get him. This makes me think of a quote from Shakespeare:

There’s no trust, No faith, no honesty in men; all perjured, All forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers.

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