Disloyal If Trump Cabinet Members Run In 2024?

Disloyal If Trump Cabinet Members Run In 2024?

Disloyal If Trump Cabinet Members Run In 2024?

Namby pamby Republicans are clutching their pearls and assuming the position on their fainting sofas. President Donald Trump told Fox News Channel’s Brian Kilmeade that if his Vice President or former cabinet members run for President in 2024, he would consider them “disloyal”. This, this has caused the vapors in many Republican Party members. You have got to be kidding me? I would consider them disloyal. No, I do.

I am more than aware that many of my fellow Republicans held their noses and closed their eyes when they spun the voting dial for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2024. They make my hair hurt. I understand how they felt. Since Ronald Reagan, I have prayed for a President, male or female, who loved the country with the same passion that Ronald Reagan and I did. George H.W. Bush and George Bush? Puh-leeze. I loved them both when they were in office and campaigned for them. Knowing what we know now, they both let us down. The ones that didn’t win, Mitt Romney and John McCain? I am grateful they didn’t win. They would have gone along to get along dancing the Bipartisan Polka.

Donald Trump is not perfect in anyone’s estimation. He is flawed. But, I got news for y’all: My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is not eligible to be President.

Here is what Trump said to Kilmeade that began this week’s teeth-gnashing from The Hill:

Former President Trump said he would find it “very disloyal” if former Vice President Mike Pence or other members of his former Cabinet sought the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, seeking to send a warning to number of figures weighing potential White House bids.

“Many of them have said they would never run if I run, so we’ll see if that turns out to be true,” Trump said Friday during a brief phone interview with Fox News Radio host Brian Kilmeade. “I think it would be very disloyal if they did, but that’s OK, too.”

In other words, it’s okay if they do run. He will remember their disloyalty. Most often mentioned are V.P. Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. I love Mike Pompeo and I trust him. Would I have ever heard of him if not for Donald Trump? Probably not. Nikki Haley rocked as Ambassador to the U.N.. And then, she went full RINO:

Nikki Haley faced fierce backlash on Friday for an interview in which she declared that former President Donald Trump, whom she has long supported, had “fallen so far” and disappointed the GOP.

Republicans “need to acknowledge he let us down,” Haley told Politico. (The outlet interviewed Haley for the piece, published Friday, several times starting last fall.)

“He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him,” she added. “And we can’t let that ever happen again.”

Does Nikki Haley really think that Donald Trump exhorted people to attack the Capitol on January 6. That’s why he asked supporters to walk to the Capitol, cheer on Republicans, and peacefully protest.

But, I save my real venom for Mike Pence. Friends told be he was an opportunistic phony for years. I defended Pence in a review of the book “The Shadow President”. Now, I deplore what happened on January 6 and I am convinced it was a Fedsurrection. I do not believe any of the tourists wanted to hurt Mike Pence. I believe the Feds set up the guillotine. They did it to call up the French Revolution and give the media a great visual. I think Mike Pence is using January 6 to make up for having been Trump’s V.P.

Even I wasn’t aware of Pence’s full serpent-like nature before I saw this video:

I believe Pence had a duty and responsibility to certify the election results on January 6 2021. But, if he was a real man, he would have looked into what happened the night before and the day of when Ray Epps was hyping the crowd to go into the Capitol. The looks on Pence’s face. The oily attitude.

If Trump should win in 2024, he doesn’t need anymore disloyal people on his team. He needs people that will protect his back while he fights to right our national ship.

The rest of you just get your smelling salts and fan yourself. We are saving a country not hosting a dinner party.


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  • Lloyd says:

    Despite his successes when he was president, I think Trump carries so much baggage that he brings the Republican party down, rather than up. I’d personally like to see a DeSantis/Haley ticket for the next election. As much as we criticize daffy Joe for being old and foolish….Trump is an old fart, too. The Republicans need new blood…young blood… Don’t hold your breath to see Trump bow out; he won’t, even for the good of the party or country.

  • Kate says:

    Though I oft times wear pearls, I don’t clutch them. Even for this. Great post, Toni!

  • Kim Hirsch says:

    Toni, even if you had never heard of Mike Pompeo prior to his stint as Secretary of State, we Republicans in Kansas certainly knew of him — and held him in very high regard as the Congressman from the 4th District, which includes Wichita, the state’s biggest city. (Pompeo still lives in Wichita, not DC). We also knew that he was a former Army officer and a West Point graduate. Pompeo left Congress after being re-elected for several terms to serve as head of the CIA when Trump appointed him.

    In 2020 rumors swirled that Pompeo might run for US Senate, but here in my part of KS we were happy that he chose to remain as Secretary of State.

    Rumor here is that Pompeo will run for president, although of course you can’t take that to the bank. If he does choose to run he is someone that I — along with many others here in the local GOP — would be thrilled to support.

    Mike Pompeo doesn’t owe Donald Trump his loyalty — Pompeo owes his loyalty first to his country.

  • Cameron says:

    Hm. Kind of mixed feelings on this.

    First off, Trump as President? The media will go on a major offensive that will make Dresden look like a minor misunderstanding if he announces his candidacy. They’ll dig up the body of his first grade teacher to get a scandalous quote about him as a child (And then make sure she’s still a registered Democrat.).

    Should he win, what could be accomplished? Even if he had a Republican majority in House and Senate, there are still too many Nevertrumpers that will go so far as to sacrifice children to stop anything he wants to do. And while I admire several of the things he accomplished, his ability to hire good people is questionable.

    DeSantis? Honestly, he’d be a good choice. So far, he has proven that the wailing of the left is nothing more than white noise to his ears and he pushes his agenda so hard, it’s like he’s a Democrat. If he is the nominee, I’d support him. However, I’d rather he remain governor and we get 49 more like him in the other states.

    • Kate says:

      I agree, except I’d like to see DeSantis 2024.

      • Cameron says:

        To be honest, between him and Trump, I would like to see DeSantis as well. Trump was the battering ram and now we need a scalpel. But we definitely need more governors who are willing to stand up to DC and remind them that States trump Feds in more ways that one.

  • Kevin says:

    Pompeo is running. Have you seen him recently? He’s dropped about 150 pounds and looks like he’s 45. I thought he was headed for a massive coronary towards the end of his tenure; which would have been understandable and completely expected given what we all know was going on.

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