Dianne Feinstein Blames Brett Kavanaugh For Mess She Created [VIDEO]

Dianne Feinstein Blames Brett Kavanaugh For Mess She Created [VIDEO]

Dianne Feinstein Blames Brett Kavanaugh For Mess She Created [VIDEO]

The Senate Judiciary Committee vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh will happen at some point this morning. However, before that happens, several folks on the committee threw tantrums, walked out, and held a grievance session. Senator Diane Feinstein blames Brett Kavanaugh for the mess she created. 

To recap, Christine Blasey Ford wrote a letter that went from Congresswoman Anne Eshoo’s office to Senator Feinstein’s office. After a call with Ford, Feinstein sat on the letter for over two months. That was the start of the mess that led to yesterday. That was the start of the mess that led to Dianne deciding to lecture Kavanaugh and everyone else this morning. Lecture starts at 25 minutes in

She’s disappointed? The Republicans put partisanship and process, and how DARE THEY BLAME ME!!

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She’s mad that she and her staff were accused of leaking Dr. Ford’s letter. Ford admitted during testimony yesterday that the ONLY two parties who had the letter was Feinstein and Ford. So either Ford went ahead and leaked it to WaPo or someone on Feinstein’s staff did.

Gee, I wonder where Feinstein’s Chinese driver is. Inquiring minds want to know.

Here’s something else, Feinstein absolutely should’ve advised Ford that the best way to handle this was to quietly have the committee conduct an investigation into her claims. But she didn’t, and that’s on Feinstein.

Feinstein’s lecture continues with her accusing the Republicans of refusing to investigate Ramirez and Swetnick’s claims. They are bogus claims but she refuses to acknowledge that.

And then she focuses on Brett Kavanaugh

At one point Feinstein accepted that the Senate is a political body, but was vexed by Kavanaugh’s partisan behavior. “I was shocked to see Judge Kavanaugh take the same tone and strategy,” adding that she had never seen a nominee for any position behave in that manner in her 25 years on this committee.

“Judge Kavanaugh used as much political rhetoric as my Republican colleagues,” she said, adding “he went on the attack. He yelled at Democrats for having the temerity to express our frustration for not having access to over 90% of his record. And said that some Democratic members were quote, an embarrassment, end quote.”

Oh REALLY Dianne? You must’ve slept through the Clarence Thomas hearings then.

Lets be real here. Brett Kavanaugh had absolutely EVERY RIGHT to be angry. He has been accused of assault with zero evidence to back the accusations up. He’s been accused of drunkenness, he’s been accused of gang rape, his wife and daughters threatened and more. I absolutely do NOT blame him for being angry at this. In fact, it would’ve been a red flag if he HADN’T been angry!

No Senator Feinstein, it is YOUR conduct and lack thereof that has led us to where we are today. You do not get to call for another FBI investigation when all six prior background investigations never uncovered one iota of of these accusations. No you do NOT get to demand that Mark Judge be dragged before the committee. He’s already submitted two sworn statements emphasizing the fact that he was not a party to Ford’s accusations.

Don’t tell me that your office didn’t leak. Don’t try to sell us that it was probably Ford or Ford’s friends who leaked the letter. Don’t try to sell us that you are all in to save Women! You only do so when it’s politically expedient for YOU>

Sorry Dianne, your lectures and excuses don’t wash. You bear full and total responsibility for your role in the delay and obstruction of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. Yes Ma’am! I absolutely DO blame you for your part in trying to destroy a good man and use a very troubled woman s a political pawn.

Feature Photo Credit: Michael Reynolds / Pool Photo

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  • Wfjag says:

    I wish that Hillary would help DiFi walk down the Capitol Building’s steps.

  • Dietrich says:

    I have a dream. Judge K.’s nomination process gets drawn out (by the Dems) and Mark Judge (these people’s names!) is subpoenaed. He answers ever Dem question starting with “Senator, the premise of your question is a BALD-FACED LIE.”

  • ScienceABC123 says:

    Translation: Diane Feinstein: “If Brett Kavanaugh had the decency to withdraw after our 11th hour smear campaign then no one would be attacking me and my staff now. So it’s all his fault!”

  • GWB says:

    in her 25 years on this committee
    There’s a problem right there…………..

    not having access to over 90% of his record
    Oh, baloney.

    Judge Kavanaugh used as much political rhetoric as my Republican colleagues
    Because YOU turned it into a political circus, DiFi. And a huge number of us are sick and tired of it – including the nominee.

    and use a very troubled woman [a]s a political pawn
    This is the worst part of the whole thing. And, thereby destroying the credibility of women all over the world trying to be believed.

  • GWB says:

    Now that the week delay (for an FBI investigation *eyeroll*) is being pushed in the full Senate, Megan Fox has the following suggestion:
    #MitchMcConnell should make a deal to order a one week delay for an @FBI investigation into #KavanaughAccusation on the condition @realDonaldTrump declassifies all the sexual harassment settlements of Congress today. Democrats would order the vote immediately.

    I concur!
    (h/t via Live Blog at PJMedia)

  • Roy Fredrichsen - veteran says:

    Diane Feinstein should be ashamed of herself by letting a confidential letter become public knowledge thereby
    embarrassing the writer by forcing her to become the victim of her carelessness.

  • Mickey says:

    Gee, Dianne, you don’t like being accused of something you didn’t do?

    How ironic

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  • scott says:

    “Rules for Radicals”… the dims have read it well…

  • MartyKing says:

    You might want to rewrite you line about Clarence Thomas. If you go back 25 years (how long Senator Feinstein said she has been on the committee), that would be 1993. Clarence Thomas was nominated in July, 1991 and hearings started in September. Diane Feinstein was elected in 1992 so was not seated until 1993. She would not have been in the Senate during the hearings (though she should have seen it on TV).

  • DAVID FALES says:

    There is compelling evidence that Dianne Feinstein is the instigator of this whole travesty. Judge Kavanaugh made her pay a price when he forcefully rebutted her play. She looked old (85 actually) and befuddled in the face of his reaction. She cowered and did not use all of her 5-minute allotment.

    In California there are two Democrat candidates for U.S. Senator (Dianne’s seat since 1992) : Dianne Feinstein and Kevin de Leon, who has a reputation bordering socialist.

    I have tweeted and phone messaged the California Republican Party. Since California
    Republican voters have no candidate in the race, they should use their vote to send a message:

    “Republicans for de Leon. Let’s send Dianne home.”

    Nothing more needs to be said. That 5-second message cannot cost a lot and should be repeated over and over through various media. Given a choice between extreme-left and extreme-extreme left, there is nothing to be lost.

    And remember: Dianne is fiercely anti-2nd Amendment.

  • Jj B says:

    What is the finishing for DiFi?
    … LIE

  • Hugh Cattnach says:

    This dumb ass bitch is so out of touch with the world. She needs to own up to the mess SHE started.She should retire.

  • marshmil1789 says:

    Witch Hecate Feinstein you created this mess now live with it. You and Granny Ginsburg both need to retire and concentrate on Grandmothering. Go home and bake cakes and cookies.

  • David Lost says:

    She looks like skeletors mom

  • Bill says:

    and now Miss Diane, just how the heck does it feel to be accused of something, which by the way, YOU deny. How does it feel to be attacked without , as you say, any evidence. Your letter was held by YOU and the information in that letter was leaked by someone that YOU know.
    you and your demonratic friends need to have your tits and testicles placed in an ever tightening vice. The next problem is to find someone in d.c. who will stand up to your bald faced lies and call your asses on the carpet. You ALL can kiss the real America’s asses. YOU are all caught up in a bunch of lies and so called accomplishments that are now backfiring in a real hurry. You are all telling lies after lies and you cannot keep up with them. Just keep up the crap and see where you will all end up … I hope in the streets with your hands over your asses.

  • MIKE TANCO says:


  • Ruckweiler says:

    Hilarious. Feinstein creates this mess and blames it on the Judge? Delicious.

  • RON says:

    u r so correct the DEMOCRATS R NASTY DIRTY POLITICIANS, I WILL VOTE REBULICAN IN NOVEMBER. They destroyed the mans life, and the CROSSED the line of HUMAN LOW LIFE.

  • Timothy K. Toroian says:

    Feinstein, you are a lousy excuse for a human being much less a senator.

  • pennhr says:

    If a pro se appellant appearing before Judge Kavanaugh in the D.

    If a pro se appellant appearing before a D.C. Circuit panel including Judge Kavanaugh argued as emotionally and belligerently and insultingly in support of his important case as did Kavanaugh before the Judiciary Committee, I suggest he would be the first to severely admonish the party to get hold of himself or suffer a consequent penalty, including dismissal of the case with prejudice.

  • brian says:

    retire to your grave you old hag!!!

  • Mike W says:

    Just wait and watch – the snowflake idiots in California will re-elect this lunatic again.

  • Windsor 271 says:

    How’s it feel Diane to have it revealed just what a bold face lying “dumocrat” you really are? Stop blaming Kavanaugh and everyone else around you. Look in the mirror, you are facing the problem….YOU!!! Maybe it’s time you shoulf consider retirement or do you plan on staying on into your 90’s? God help this country with people like you in high positions of trust.

  • Deplorable Lanie says:

    That is because the Liberal Left can not take responsibility for anything!

  • Craig says:

    Yes youre less than honorable maam mrs fienstein please do us all a favor and retire so you can enjoy the remainder of life .

  • Gerald Ladd says:

    Fuckstine is a DemonFUCK. They blame everyone else for their problems. Hell, the gay communist coon blamed Bush for 8 years!

  • John says:

    I was outraged at Frankenstein’s opening statement where she read off all of the unsubstantiated, baseless accusations by Rodriguez and Swetnick in addition to Ford’s and then retorted, “Is this the best we can do?”

    I would have had the room filled with GOP activists yell, F*ck yeah!” in response.

    How dare she brand him as guilty on all of these bullsh*t accusations? If I was Kavanaugh, I would have to be restrained from wringing her neck.

  • OMEGA2 Ellis says:

    I have stated many times that FEINSTEIN is Senile and DEMENTIA bound and this fiasco she just pulled in the Senate judiciary committee proves it!

  • Margaret Watts says:

    As days go by it is becoming more and more obvious to most reasonably minded people that there must be more suitable candidates for the supreme court. Instead of picking on an elderly female senator for acting as she had been asked to do perhaps take a look at the irresponsible juvenile antics of the canidate. Consider what he and his playmates thought of as normal acceptable behaviour. Behaviour so bad they have no.option but to deny it- even at the risk of perjury!

  • Marylyn says:

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    52 x 17=(50+2) x 17=50 x 17+2 x 17 = (17 x 100/2)+34 = 1700/2 + 34 = 850+34 = …

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