Denver: Shared Sacrifice For Residents In The Mile-High City

Denver: Shared Sacrifice For Residents In The Mile-High City

Denver: Shared Sacrifice For Residents In The Mile-High City

Like any Democrat-run big city facing issues with illegals, Denver is no exception. This is why mayor, Mike Johnston is announcing a reduction in city services to offset migrant illegal costs.

The reduction includes cuts in the hours of operation for several Department of Motor Vehicles offices, and the city’s Parks and Recreation services will reduce their spring programming by 25%. Community centers will also reduce the number of days they are open from seven to six.”-Misty Severe, The Washington Examiner

Valid question. Damn skippy he and his staff members will continue to collect a taxpayer paycheck.

Shared sacrifice. All because Congress “failed to do its job”, is the narrative Mike Johnston chooses. The Federal Government did this to Denver. This has nothing to do with poorly managed funds in Democrat cities for years and years on end before the bill did not pass. This has nothing to do with the open border policies brought on by our current clown in the White House and his VP who did nothing to mitigate the flood of humans from Venezuela pouring over our borders.

Scratch that. Old Coot Biden did do something. He told ’em “don’t come” on occasion.

But, they still did. And now they are here-living in tents and in squalor because of severe mismanagement of policies at the national level, the state level and now, at the municipal level.

“But 80% of these migrants (living in squalor) are families with small children,” says Mike Johnston. It is the job and duty of Denver residents to understand this and partake in this shared sacrifice. All these illegals wanted was the American Dream. I sympathize with those fleeing oppression, I do. But mixed in with these families living on the streets are criminals and they’re not just in Denver:

In Denver, a 32-year-old Mexican citizen convicted of murder and illegal reentry into the U.S.

In Los Angeles, a 27-year-old citizen of El Salvador convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old and possession of obscene matter of a minor in a sexual act.

In Dallas, a 45-year-old citizen of Mexico convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child and currently under criminal prosecution for illegal reentry into the country after removal.

In El Paso, Texas, a 49-year-old citizen convicted of sexual assault.”-Ryan Chatelain, Spectrum News

The American Dream. Where you, too, can live in a tent with your family, “next door” to a child rapist. This is what the Democrats have achieved for us and for illegal families who just wanted a part of America’s freedom. This is what Democrats sold to these people. Screw coming into our country legitimately, come one, come all. No hooooman is illleeegal, say the signs. Yep, even the child rapist.

And now, mayor Mike Johnston is asking the people of Denver for shared sacrifice. Isn’t that cute?

Pretty much. This is all Texas’ fault, right?

A coordinated entry plan where it’s not just the governor of Texas deciding what cities to send people to.”-Mike Johnston

Dude, there is no “coordinated entry plan”. There never has been. Joe Biden ended construction on Trump’s border wall on Day One. Democrats-you in Denver, Eric Adams in New York, Brandon Johnson in Chicago-to name a few-embraced the “Sanctuary City” title. Texas gave you what you wanted. You reap what you sow. Unfortunately, now the taxpaying residents who did not vote for this fabulous cluster#ck of Sanctuary City Happiness are the ones paying for it.

When the border security deal collapsed in the U.S. Senate earlier this week, the city was forced to pivot, said Johnston — who pointedly put the blame on former President Donald Trump, who had pressured Republicans to reject it, in a 2-minute video posted on social media Wednesday night.”-Joe Rubino, The Denver Post

Such a virtuous man is Mike Johnston, calling for the shared sacrifice of Denver residents! Sounds like more Trump Derangement Syndrome and gaslighting to me. An “effective pivot” is now cutting city programs so more illegals can live in tents? You know what an effective pivot looks like? Admitting failure and sending ’em back. Recalling these mayors in these Sanctuary Cities who put the needs of their failed policies and illegal immigrants before taxpaying residents. This would be an effective pivot.

This “shared sacrifice” in Denver stinks like a mile-high pile of garbage.

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