Kyle Rittenhouse: American Hero

Kyle Rittenhouse: American Hero

Kyle Rittenhouse: American Hero

Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old kid who shot three rioters Tuesday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, killing two of them, is an American hero.

That’s an unpopular opinion among the Marxists trying desperately to remold our nation into a hellhole, of course. They’re putting in overtime painting him as Literally Hitler. The narrative is as you’d expect from the militant Left: Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old white minor (his race is very important to the narrative), drove across state lines with an illegally obtained AR-15 for the express purpose of scaring people and/or engaging in violence.

Unfortunately for the Left and their propaganda machine, their entire narrative is easily proven to be a malicious, particularly nasty lie. To be clear, Rittenhouse’s age isn’t what makes their smear campaign so horrible. What makes it nasty is that it’s false and serves to gin up even more violence from the crowds that Marx himself would have called useful idiots.

It’s certainly not the Left’s first attempt to trash the life of a minor; you’d think they’d have learned their lesson after watching Nick Sandemann wipe the floor with CNN. The Left isn’t known for their lesson-learning ability, however, which is why they’re trying yet again to force a system upon Americans that has already killed hundreds of millions of people.

In the Battle of Kenosha, as it may come to be known in due time, the patriots won. While the Left (and those cowards who sadly still exist in the Right) doesn’t want you to believe it, we’ll show you exactly why that’s the truth.

Before the Shooting

Rittenhouse was on site as both an EMT and a member of an armed group protecting businesses in the area from looters and arsonists. He was seen on video being interviewed by The Daily Caller explaining why he was there, and even providing aid to injured rioters. He works in Kenosha, and only lives a few moments away, just on the other side of the state line in Illinois. In his interview, it’s clear that while there, he was acting as a responsible, selfless adult — regardless of his age. His group even got kudos and water bottles from the police, who told them their presence was appreciated. Rittenhouse comes across as a decent, respectful, even sweet kid — the kind that gives you hope about America’s future. It’s almost sad to watch; he has no idea that he is about to fight for his life.

The First Shooting

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll point to this analysis by — of all media outlets — the New York Times. Christiaan Triebert, a visual investigator on staff there, did a pretty decent breakdown of the events. While you should read the entire thread, the most pertinent moment is this video, showing what started it all.

Please take note of the order of events there. Kyle is already being chased into a parking lot by multiple rioters when an unknown gunman fires the first shot into the air. We know it wasn’t Rittenhouse because anyone listening to the audio can hear two entirely different firearms. He is already in mortal danger long before he fires his weapon.

Rittenhouse, unlike 90% of people, turns toward the sound of the gunfire, only to have an attacker lunge toward him in an apparent effort to take his weapon. Keep in mind that this attacker already had been agitating toward Kyle and his group, yelling, “Shoot me, n***a! Shoot me, n***a!”

Kyle shot the attacker, 36-year-old Joseph “JoJo” Rosenbaum. Before you cry a tear for the father of a two-year-old daughter, note that he was a convicted pedophile who received disciplinary action in prison 42 times, for everything ranging from arson to assaulting staff, assaulting other inmates with a weapon, manufacturing weapons, and refusing to follow orders. In other words, Rosenbaum was not just a rioter driven to violence by the so-called social injustice, he was a highly dangerous criminal with no regard for human life. In fact, the State of Arizona deemed him a Level 3 sex offender, meaning he was considered a danger to the community with a high probability of reoffending. For sexual misconduct with a minor to be the level of Class 3 Felony, the victim has to be under 15 years old.

Had Kyle Rittenhouse not fired at him, there’s a good chance he’d be dead himself — and yet the teen didn’t know any of this. All he knew was that someone was shooting and trying to attack him. Thankfully, we’ll never know for sure if JoJo would have killed Kyle, because Rittenhouse fired his weapon and shot JoJo the Pedophile in the head.

Rittenhouse immediately moves to offer the man aid. As someone else steps up to provide medical attention, Rittenhouse does the only thing left to do: he runs for the police line.

The Second Shooting

NYT’s Triebert goes on with his analysis, showing handgun muzzle flashes nowhere near Rittenhouse after he shot Rosenbaum. If you look at the area, Rittenhouse is not “fleeing the scene,” in the sense that he’s not running away from his supposed “crime.” He’s running for help. He has rioters hot on his heels, all of whom want him dead. His choices are to start shooting everyone around him, stand there and get beaten and shot to death, or run to the police.

This video snippet shows Rittenhouse running for his life, with a whole bunch of murderous thugs in hot pursuit.

Three people rushed him. One did a flying kick to his head. Another, a 26-year-old named Anthony Huber, hit him in the head with a skateboard. (Please note that use of a skateboard as a weapon isn’t new. Antifa is quite fond of it; if you grab the skateboard by the trucks, what you might think of as the ‘axle,’ you can swing the skateboard with a massive amount of force and severely injure or even kill someone. If you pay attention to the video, that’s exactly what Anthony Huber was doing. While his friends claim that Huber was “more of a defender” who risked his life to stop a shooter, the truth is a bit more uncomfortable — for them, that is.

Huber, in 2013 when only a few months older than Kyle Rittenhouse, was convicted of false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, and a host of other crimes that were “read in,” meaning that while the charges were dropped as part of his plea deal, they stayed on the record. Some defender. His parents say he was the kindest, sweetest, most caring person ever. I can think of at least two people who would beg to differ — Kyle Rittenhouse, who got smashed in the head with Huber’s skateboard, and the 2012 victim who was strangled, suffocated, and held against her will. Rittenhouse shot him in the chest, which means no one else will ever be assaulted by Anthony Huber again.

The third so-called ‘victim,’ Gaige Grosskreutz, was shot by Rittenhouse just after he pointed a pistol at the teen’s head. Considering one of the things the Left is screaming about is Rittenhouse carrying a firearm while under 18, it’s rather ironic that Grosskreutz is a felon — convicted of burglary at the tender age of 19 — and legally couldn’t have the pistol he was pointing at Kyle. He’s recovering in the hospital after being shot in the bicep/elbow, and may need to start pointing his pistols at people with his other hand now.

Kyle got up and ran to his original destination: the police line. Making it to safety, he approached with his hands above his head and immediately told the officers what happened. He didn’t run away, he didn’t hide, and he didn’t shoot anyone he absolutely didn’t have to to defend his own life.

The Aftermath

It’s not just the Left that’s having a conniption about Rittenhouse’s actions. Some on the Right are too; that subset of “conservatives” who fancy violence to be a gross business that is always, in any situation, somehow “beneath us.” They’re choosing to focus on his age and the fact that being a few months shy of 18 made it “illegal” to carry an AR in Wisconsin — an open carry state — as if his next birthday would somehow bequeath the requisite maturity needed to carry a rifle in a deadly situation. Never mind that there are soldiers and Marines who are Rittenhouse’s age serving in Afghanistan right now, carrying far more firepower and making the same kinds of decisions Kyle did.

Some might argue that Rittenhouse, as a minor, had no business being there at all. Of course, these same people have no answer when you ask, “At what age are you old enough to defend your country?” Defending the country is exactly what he was doing, against a crowd of people who are hellbent on destroying everything around them in an effort to destroy the very nation itself. They want Marxism — their own leaders are clear about that. There is no reasoning with this, no way to somehow talk them out of their goals, and had Kyle Rittenhouse not done what he did, he would be dead.

Rittenhouse has been charged with two counts of murder and being a fugitive from justice because he went back across the state line after the incident — after the cops let him do so. Tens of thousands have already been raised for his defense, as angry patriots open their wallets to defend the young man who defended himself. Attorney L. Lin Wood, known for representing Nick Sandemann, has stepped up and offered to represent Rittenhouse pro bono.

Regardless of what your opinion is about what brought him there, the die is cast. There is no avoiding a civil war now; if the charges are dropped, the rioting and violence we have seen thus far will pale in comparison to what BLM and its minions will attempt against any of his supporters. If he is convicted, patriots will understand that the paradigm has officially shifted. There will be no quarter given.

No matter the outcome, Kyle Rittenhouse’s name will be that of someone who managed to rid the world of three criminals, three men who made a life of preying upon others; even their last acts were violent. If he never accomplishes anything else in his lifetime, our nation will still owe him.

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  • Anna D says:

    Excellent summary.

    • Lynda Anne Williams says:

      no it isn’t. it’s complete fabrication and completely ignores the “attacks” he was fleeing from that they are using to justify self defense – are citizens trying to apprehend him after his first murder. such utter incompetence and lies here. idiots. the truth is literally in the videos and all over the news. you have to live in a cult thought bubble to miss the truth. what a bunch of punch drinking morons here.

  • Scott says:

    Great post Kit, and spot on! Sadly, i think he will be in legal trouble for the 17 y/o with a rifle. I think it’s complete BS, as plenty of patriots since before the beginning of our nation, have taken up arms in defense of the nation before their 18th birthday, but the leftists in Wisconsin and Illinois will damn sure prosecute him in a way they’d never do against a gang-banger with a felony rap sheet…

    • Mistrrhappy says:

      You CHUDs are all Law and Order until your little militiaman must face the music, then the law can’t possibly be fair or just to him. Standard CHUD whining. His actions are not supported under law, be it castle doctrine or stand your ground. He came looking to shoot people, he shot people, and now he’s on a murder rap. He’s a victim of your ideology, just like the three people he shot are victims of theirs.

      • Cameron says:

        “He came looking to shoot people, ”

        Cite your fucking source on that, please. And your feelings don’t count as a legitimate source.

      • Scott says:

        If he was “looking to shoot people” he had plenty of targets, and a full mag… he only shot criminals that were immediately threatening him (or are you defending wife beaters, pedophiles, and felons with guns?), and your TDS is showing..

        Have a nice day!

  • Ogre says:

    Excellent examination of the video and facts available to everyone — but few have taken the time to put all the pieces together. Thank you for doing so, no one can really argue with the facts presented here. Well, to be fair, they WILL argue, but those who will are that same group that claims 2+2 = 5 if you feel it does.

    • GWB says:

      Give credit to the NY Times guy for putting that together. That’s pretty incredible for those folks. I didn’t think they hired actual journalists anymore.

    • Clay says:

      Rids the world of 3 criminals? Who made him God? We have ALL sinned and fallen short, even if never arrested. They all have families that cared about them. Sad situation for all involved.

      • GWB says:

        Wow, that’s one of the most imbecilic and self-righteous versions of “Thou shalt not judge” that I’ve seen in a long time.

        Only God can punish people? Have you even read Scripture?

        And what on earth does their having families that care about them have to do with the consequences of their actions?

        Yes, sad for them that they won’t have the opportunity to grow up and become useful human beings. That’s what happens when you live a violent life.
        And, sad for Mr Rittenhouse that he might lose his right to own firearms because of the violent actions of a bunch of narcissistic a**holes who want to cosplay at revolution from which he had to defend himself.

      • Toastrider says:

        Call it karma then. Perhaps if they hadn’t been worthless wastes of flesh, two of them wouldn’t be room temperature.

      • Cameron says:

        “They all have families that cared about them.”

        Then maybe they should have cared about them enough to stop them from rioting. And someone should have sat them down and explained that assaulting a minor is wrong.

        But we see where your sympathies are. Not a surprise that people like you are coming out of the woodwork.

  • Paladin says:

    Not just Lefty Marxists, Kit. Tamar Lapin’s coverage in the NY Post is a total disgrace. Your coverage is spectacular and fair

  • GWB says:

    They’re choosing to focus on his age and the fact that being a few months shy of 18 made it “illegal” to carry an AR in Wisconsin — an open carry state — as if his next birthday would somehow bequeath the requisite maturity needed to carry a rifle in a deadly situation.
    Well, that’s a nice little argument. But it’s bullcarp as pertains to the law. Whether we think he is mature enough the LAW is clear. Do we not abide by the law? Is not part of this whole ‘argument’ that we can peaceably assemble and not violate the law?

    And, no, there are very few 17yos in Afghanistan in combat. And they’re not 17 in Afghanistan long. It requires a waiver to join the military before 18, you have to have completed high school (or equivalent), and then you have to go through basic and other schools/training.

    “At what age are you old enough to defend your country?”
    When he’s 18, or with the appropriate parental and service waivers. Is that answer enough for you?

    Defending the country is exactly what he was doing
    That’s what we call “hyperbole” in the arguing business.

    Tens of thousands have already been raised for his defense
    Actually, no. GoFundMe stopped the account. Because he wasn’t the right kind of violent person for their sensibilities. Yes, they’re a**holes.

    the die is cast
    I concur with this.
    But he is simply one of the sparks that will ignite things.

    I appreciate what he did. I personally think the police should be using lethal force on these riots (at least some of them are that bad). And, if the police won’t do what we pay them for, and the elected and hired officials won’t do what is their sole purpose in having those positions, then we the people will end up doing it.
    But, be careful making him out to be a “hero”. He should have waited at home until he was 18.
    I really hope this doesn’t ruin his ability to carry a firearm for the rest of his life.

    • Toastrider says:

      The law does not support this analysis though. I would want to see some actual -proof- his AR-15 was ‘illegally obtained’.

      More to the point, Wisconsin law only bars under-18 from possessing -pistols-, and subsection 3C exempts long guns (rifles/shotguns) from the ban.

      The left lies. It’s what they do.

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  • NTSOG says:

    Having seen video when Kyle was on the ground I suggest that he is lucky to be alive as it appeared the fellow he shot in the arm was raising his pistol toward Kyle’s head.

    I hope that the authorities have placed guards on and around his family home as I would expect the ‘protesters’ will look to burn his home and hurt his family in another ‘peaceful’ protest.

    • Cameron says:

      Burn Loot Murder has already doxxed his family and have made it clear that they are going after them. Piss poor target selection since the kid already has a bigger body count than those soy boys but I’m not going to stop them from making a mistake.

  • Junius says:

    The true criminals in this case are the Democrat Communist Governor of Wisconsin who allowed this to happen, the Democrat Communist mayor who also did nothing, and the chief of police who was “just following orders to stand down” (sound familiar?).

    If the Democrat Communist Governor and Mayor had sent in the National Guard with orders to crush the insurrection rioting and looting as soon as it started to occur, and unhandcuff the police, a 17 year old American patriot would not have been needed to fill the law and order void.

    Kyle is an American Hero.

  • GWB says:

    Glenn at Instapundit notes this headline:
    The Violence Could Get Much Worse: Unless police and political leaders begin to crack down on the armed vigilantes monitoring protests, more bloodshed could soon follow the killings in Kenosha.

    The thing is, those “armed vigilantes” are the authority for the police and the politicians. If they don’t want the “armed vigilantes” (I call them citizens) prowling around, then perhaps they should get back to the jobs for which they were hired/elected.

    “Vigilante” is a term used because it has this bad connotation. But that reputation is really a lie, since for most of history those folks were simply “people defending their homes.” Vigilantes are only bad when they wreak vengeance instead of committing justice. What those morons (listed above) got was justice.

  • Mike M says:

    Good article, and thank you again for putting that “all videos of Kyle/the incident” at the bottom. I’m as patriotic as they come, and I appreciate that citizens are standing together and peacefully protecting businesses – and WISELY armed. The difference between standing in front a business while the mob riots, and being armed vs. unarmed, is literally the difference between life and death!

    That said, I agree with the other poster GWB that him being 17 with a rifle is a big deal and will be a very big problem for Kyle. After all is said and done, Kyle will likely never be able to legally own a firearm again or do “Patriot stuff” because he’s going to get convicted on the underage gun charge. those 3 months really DO make a difference in the eyes of the Law. His previous posts about “wanting to run towards the sound of gunfire” are going to be used against him in court, the prosecutor will say “he went looking for trouble.” But my prediction is this will never go to trial. Kyle and his lawyer will take the plea deal offered by the DA which will be the underage gun charge, and some kind of misdemeanor assault. He may do some lengthy probation. Why? because as much as the liberal proescutor is just Burning to convict a “vigilante white supremacist”, there won’t be public support. It’s a white kid who shot 3 white guys, all 3 with past criminal records. The media will lose interest in a few weeks when a white cop shoots another black man.

    I do feel like Kyle violated the “3 stupids” as a gun carrier. Avoid stupid times, people, and places. In the middle of a riot area is in the middle of all 3. and at 17 he just wasn’t mature enough to be there, apparently far from his home. If he was standing at his doorstep or the end of his own neighborhood, different matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that two violent criminals there to riot and burn things down were ended that night, and another moron received a lifelong reminder of what happens when you pull out a pistol on someone armed and on the ground, but I wish the kid Kyle just hadn’t been there at all. There were lots of other, older armed Patriots legally carrying, and none of them were involved in the shootings. I think this kid got separated from his group being a bit too headstrong about wanting to go chase bad guys. He will pay the price with a felony or 2 misdemeanor assault charges on his record that he can’t get rid of, severely hampering his chances at good jobs.

    • GWB says:

      If he was standing at his doorstep or the end of his own neighborhood, different matter.
      Well put.

      I think this kid got separated from his group being a bit too headstrong about wanting to go chase bad guys.
      I thought he was actually treating a “protester” for an injury. It seemed like that was how he got separated. And, yes, unit integrity is important when in the midst of [censored] country.

  • DL says:

    Yeah, all the lefties are whining about him carrying a gun at 17. Yet, no one had a problem with the felon criminal who he shot carrying a gun illegally? People need to see the WHOLE story.

  • wozzup says:

    “It’s certainly not the Left’s first attempt to trash the life of a minor; you’d think they’d have learned their lesson after watching Nick Sandemann wipe the floor with CNN. The Left isn’t known for their lesson-learning ability……”

    The Left is accustomed to pushing the line that all “truth” is relative and is always subject to ideology. Never is truth absolute to a leftist. Which in one way makes it easy to understand why they are happy to slander and lie about people whom they see as their opponents. They literally believe that IF they believe it, then it becomes true. Remember Orwell’s quote “Who controls the past controls the future”. Its all about making up lies that control what is written as history. Control that and you can control the future. They want Anthony Huber to be THEIR Horst Wessel (a hero to the German Nazis) and Kyle Rittenhouse to be their Albrecht Höhler (the man who killed Wessel). They need martyrs to glorify and villains to hate and NOTHING will stand in their way. Not even the truth. After all the truth is they least they have to worry about – the media and the Dems have their backs.

    • Lynda Anne Williams says:

      this is such a lie. this account and other terrorist sympathizers are pointing to the video of his SECOND murder were people are trying to APPREHEND HIM AFTER THE FIRST MURDER – and calling that self defense. stupid. just craven degenerate liars here. so foul. to be a nazi scum sympathizer is bad enough, but to take the time to spread nazi lies makes this account a real pos. at least this pos kid will die in prison sooner than later. also looks like they’re gonna arrest his cop groupie psycho terrorist mother. she deserves life in jail for throwing her own child’s life away. such total losers. complete failures. but what kind of losers try to spread false narratives like this wozzup?

  • Cameron says:

    Going to go Carnac the Magnificent on this one.

    *holds envelope to head* Legal fund, College, Drinks.
    *opens envelope* Name three things Kyle Rittenhouse should not be paying for.

  • Steve says:

    It is NOT (wish I could emphasize that more) illegal for a 17-year old to carry a ready long arm in WI. All of you hinging your argument on that are in the wrong.

    • GWB says:

      He can carry it down the street? Into Starbucks?
      Or, is it limited (as a lot of places do) to a “valid purpose”?
      And, does it apply to non-residents?

      If he didn’t break any firearms laws, then he should be alright in the long run.

      • Scott says:

        Was just reading that he got the rifle from a friend in Wisconsin, if true, then the whole transporting a firearm across state lines is out the window as well.. And that was a tweet from Lin Wood, his attorney, who should know…

        • Scott says:

          OOh, and if the felon that tried to shoot him in the head isn’t charged for his obvious crimes, I’m pretty sure that Mr. Wood will have a field day collecting a large settlement from the city for selective persecution…

        • GWB says:

          That, though, brings up the question: was it legal for that friend to ‘transfer’ the firearm to him?

          I hate to even have to ask that, but our gun restriction laws are overly strict and overly convoluted. Ugh. (And, no, I do not mean we should nationalize them for consistency.)

          I really do hope it all turns out well for him. But, kid, home defense until you’re 18 or in the military, please. Just to prevent these complications.

          • Scott says:

            Agree 100% GWB, just pointing out that the one charge was BS, not commenting on the others, or potential new ones.. Of course, depending on selection, jury nullification is always a possibility

        • Lynda Anne Williams says:

          his own mother drove him there. does not matter how he got the gun; he wasn’t old enough to legally open carry. he’s going down for two lifetimes. his mom is next. cop groupies don’t do well in jail. this kid is dead man walking. i’m pretty sure vegas is betting on his time left. good riddance nazi scum.

          • GWB says:

            he wasn’t old enough to legally open carry
            I’m betting you don’t have a clue about Wisconsin gun laws.

            And the NAZI thing is a good indicator of lack of actual argument.

          • Scott says:

            Put down the crack pipe and back away slowly, your TDS / tyrannical streak is showing

  • GWB says:

    And Neo has even more information now. It’s from Rittenhouse’s lawyer, so there obviously won’t be anything incriminating in it. (It might be the same source where you found out he got the rifle from a Wisconsin friend, Scott.)

    The information definitely makes him look even more innocent. It’s is a more comprehensive story (to be expected from his lawyer) than previously put out.

  • Truthangel says:

    He also has a solid right hook when sucker punching girls from behind. True American hero

  • Bob f. says:

    What kind of hero sucker punches a girl?

    • GWB says:

      You’re an idiot. The video clearly shows the young woman assaulting him.
      That is by definition NOT a “sucker punch”.

  • Lynda Anne Williams says:

    this is such a lie. glad they took the lies down. this account and other terrorist sympathizers are showing the video of his SECOND murder were people are trying to APPREHEND HIM AFTER THE FIRST MURDER – and calling that self defense. craven degenerate liars here. so foul. to be a nazi scum sympathizer is bad enough, but to take the time to spread nazi lies makes this account a real pos. at least the patriot in portland got one of these nazi terrorist scum. and this pos kid will die in prison sooner than later. also looks like they’re gonna arrest his cop groupie psycho terrorist mother. she deserves life in jail for throwing her own child’s life away. such total losers. complete failures. all this violence is terrorist cells of off duty or retired cops and the losers who benefits from their corruption and racism. sooner we defund these thugs and start over, the sooner we will save this nation. of course, these corrupt losers are doing every immoral thing imaginable to maintain their corrupt power. disgusting.

    • GWB says:

      Good thing I have software to clean all that spittle off the inside of my monitor. Whew.
      Off you go, now. You better not miss your therapy appointment today.

      • Scott says:

        Definitely needs to SERIOUSLY increase the does of haldol / thorazine… Funny thing is morons who spout shit like that are the ones engaging in terrorism, like killing an peaceful demonstrator who was just encouraging prayer, and was cold-bloodedly murdered by an antifa / BLM communist thug. No doubt that Lynda there has a long history of criminal / subversive behavior, as she obviously attacks patriots, and supports criminals, murderers and insurrectionists without a second (or likely first) thought.

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