Feminism: Sneering at Masculinity, Painting in Tampons

Feminism: Sneering at Masculinity, Painting in Tampons

Feminism: Sneering at Masculinity, Painting in Tampons

While most rational, American adults are trying to cope with the surge of local anti-Constitutional authoritarianism wrought by the response to the CCP virus, Feminism™ is still struggling with EEEK-A-MAN! (aka masculinity) while also trivializing women by reducing them to their lady-bits.

Lions Tigers and Masculinity, Oh My!

Third-wave feminism was born with an identity crisis. While the early Riot Grrrl feminist wing (1990s) ostensibly supported all individual self-identifications as legitimate (including choice of traditional roles), other feminists of the era rejected individualism as interference with Left-feminist political goals (elimination of nuclear family, redefinition/elimination of masculinity).

I didn’t even know white-left-feminist Jezebel was still around until this was brought to my attention. I mean, Jezebel is filled with such nice people. This has got to be the zillionth rant on that site about problematic masculinity. Good freakin’ lord. This time, Jezebel ranter Esther Wang retires to her chaise lounge to wring her hands over the website, The Art of Manliness. She alternates between jealousy about the decade-old site’s success:

It’s an ideology that still resonates today—in 2019, the Art of Manliness averaged more than six million monthly visitors, according to Tulsa World. The brand has millions of followers across its social channels, and since its founding the McKays have expanded their company into a veritable conglomerate of manliness;

… and handwaving dismissal of the site as shallow …

The Art of Manliness often reads like a lifestyle blog, full of sartorial tips and hair styling recommendations, an eHow but solely for men on how to be men.

… or too old-fashioned …

But “true manhood,” as it was in the good old days, seems to only be available to straight, heteronormative men. There are, according to the Art of Manliness, merely “3 P’s of Manhood”—protect, procreate, and provide, which form the basis of “Manhood 101.” (Search “LGBT” on their website, and you’ll get a blank page with no results.)

Dear Esther. I don’t know what gay men you hang with, but I happen to know many traditional-masculine gay men. Being a virtuous male has nothing to do with who you take to bed. Just sayin’.

Not that masculinity is anything Esther really wants to sully her delicate fingers with.

masculinity is just, at the end of the day, a performance of a series of tricks.

Rather than addressing the reasons why The Art of Manliness is so obviously popular, she instead attacks the people who read it. How dare you men, abandoned by a cultural ethos that pathologizes your nature, dictates that you must behave like a second-class woman and will drug you in elementary school for normal behavior rather than channeling it as has been done for centuries, try to find people who will help you fulfill your potential? No no no! Listen to us who hate you tell you how to live!

In addition, Esther’s Little Exercise is part of Jezebel’s “Masculinity Week”, a hen-party of particular pettiness.

Hotel Ideological

However, I shouldn’t be surprised that Jezebel is trying to hang in there and if they decide to have a Man-haters Club convention, I’m sure they’ll hold it in Washington D.C. at the Tampon Hotel.

courtesy Hotel Zena, editorial use only

One of Washington, DC’s newest hotels is all about celebrating women … Hanging in the lobby is a larger-than-life portrait of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or “notorious RBG.” Conceived by Andrea Sheehan, art director and founder of Dawson Design Associates who oversaw the hotel’s design, the portrait is made from 20,000 hand-painted tampons.

Isn’t that special? Tampon Hotel … oops, I mean Hotel Zena is all about covering their boutique Hotel, inside and out, with “art” celebrating Left-feminists (betcha their Wall of Honor has no sketch of Condoleezza Rice, Sandra Day O’Connor or Jeanne Kirkpatrick).

And nothing is better as an art medium than tampons.

I guess we should be grateful it wasn’t a vagina-knitted project?

The only males who will end up as guests at Hotel Zena will be the kind of males Jezebel approves of; those who are willing to be publicly flogged for the audacity of reading Jordan Peterson or visiting the The Art of Manliness. You know, “male left-feminists”.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

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  • Cameron says:

    “It’s an ideology that still resonates today”

    Yes. Because the ideology works. Normal men want to succeed. They want to build a life for themselves. They don’t feel the need to abase themselves for their XY chromosomes and sites that like simply provide good advice.

    I’m guessing that broad reeks of crazy which is why the good men run for the emergency exits the instant she walks into the bar.

  • Jennifer says:

    “Artwork” made from tampons is strange.

  • PJ says:

    I love The Art of Manliness. Its motto should be “Things You Should Have Learned From Your Dad, If Mom Hadn’t Kicked Him Out”.Yes, there’s a lot of grooming and fashion – Presentation Matters. There are three other pillers – “Get Ahead”, “Get Strong”, and “Get Social”.

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