Democrats Signal Defeat Over Mueller Testimony

Democrats Signal Defeat Over Mueller Testimony

Democrats Signal Defeat Over Mueller Testimony

The poor Democrats. Can you believe that they actually practiced in mock hearings what was going to go down today during the Mueller testimony?

Oh, yes, they did. Jerry Nadler admitted yesterday that they were staging rehearsals for today’s hearings to CNN. I can just see them now, scribbling out questions with glee and practicing just the best way of saying them, like they were middle schoolers preparing for the talent show.

And then Robert Mueller actually showed up, and as Nina and Toni have both recounted, he neither looked good nor gave the Democrats any additional ammunition to use against President Trump. This, of course, is a colossal disappointment to the left. They were really and truly invested in the narrative that IF they could just get Mueller into a committee hearing and under oath, OF COURSE he would spill the proverbial beans on all the awful, horrible, and totally illegal things the Bad Orange Man did to get elected!

It didn’t happen.

In fact, none other than Lawrence Tribe is raising the white flag on Twitter.

Wow. That is a lot of defeat packed into 240 characters or less. And round two is not shaping up to be any better for the Democrats at the moment, because they just lost a major talking point. Representative Ted Lieu was super excited that he got Mueller to say that the only reason that President Trump was not charged was because of the Office of Legal Counsel’s opinion that a sitting president couldn’t be charged. He tweeted it out and everything. And then Mueller promptly killed that talking point in the opening minutes of round two.

Wow. That’s gotta sting. And you know Ted Lieu was probably telling his media team to start making ads and everything with his shining moment in the committee.

Sooooo…. what happens after you admit defeat? You start assigning blame for why things went bad.

The finger-pointing, infighting, and blame game that is sure to start immediately after the second hearing concludes is sure to be epic. I hope you all have popcorn at the ready.

There is just no way that the Democrats don’t come out of this situation without egg on their faces at a minimum. Of course the true believers are going to hang on to the narrative, come hell or high water, but the reality is that the Democrats had banked on Robert Mueller to undo the 2016 election. They waited patiently over the course of over two years, trusting that out of a pile of manure that they kept building, Mueller would appear with a pony JUST FOR THEM. Instead, there are now really legitimate questions about just how much work Mueller himself actually did over the course of the investigation, as well as speculations on Mueller’s health and mental capacity. The Democrats wanted Mueller to come in and save the day. Instead, they look like the abusive spouse who just dragged Grandpa out of the nursing home to stand as a character witness in a divorce hearing.

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  • Joe R. says:

    Mueller looked like the puppet-hand slipped 3/5ths of the way out of him (an almost complete exorcism).

  • Wozzup says:

    In Australia we have a very pungent phrase: “Up shit creek without a paddle.” Meaning “in trouble without hope of redemption.”
    Well, the Democrats are up shit creek without a paddle.
    And to add insult to injury, poor old Robert Mueller apparently does not even know what a paddle is. (Or where he is from that matter)
    And I am laughing my head off.

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