Democrats Now Realize The Biden-Trump Optics Were Bad

Democrats Now Realize The Biden-Trump Optics Were Bad

Democrats Now Realize The Biden-Trump Optics Were Bad

Hindsight is 20/20, right??? Well, someone at the DNC should have realized that the comparisons between Joe Biden and Donald Trump yesterday were not going to be good… for Democrats.

The Biden campaign hosted a big fancy fundraising event at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, with Joe Biden’s campaign calling in the “break glass in case of emergency” backups – Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. We can also note, for the record, that both former presidents are YOUNGER than Joe Biden. And that was VERY obvious when all three of them were on stage together. The age problem is not going to go away for Democrats.

Nina covered the protests that took place outside the venue, but that isn’t what is giving Democrats heartburn this morning. The political pundits have realized that the optics of having Joe Biden at a swanky fundraiser surrounded by rich elites and celebrities, in comparison to Donald Trump attending the wake of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, who was shot and killed in the line of duty this last Monday. He leaves behind a wife and a one-year-old son. When Donald Trump was invited to the wake, he accepted the invitation – which just happened to be on the exact same day as Biden’s big Radio City Music Hall fundraiser. Any Democrat strategist with half a brain should have seen this coming. The contrast in optics could not have been more stark. Trump spoke briefly to the media after the wake.

Media reports have no record of Joe Biden reaching out to the family, only to Mayor Eric Adams and the police department.

Amid heavy security, former President Donald Trump visited for a half hour, speaking one-on-one with Diller’s wife, Stepahnie, offering what observers called words of comfort.

“Twenty-one times arrested, this thug. And the person in the car with him was arrested many times, and they don’t learn because they don’t respect. They are not given the respect. The police are the greatest people we have,” Trump said. “We have to stop it. We have to get back to law and order. We have to do a lot of things differently because this is not working. This is happening too often.”

CBS New York has learned Trump had previously spoke with Diller’s widow by phone. The White House said President Joe Biden also shared his condolences with New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the city’s police force.

But hey, Joe Biden raised $25 to 26 million (reports vary) at his fundraiser last night, so WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Enter the pundits, who should have warned the Democrats this was coming. Suddenly Bill Kristol is nervous about the optics, and David Axelrod agrees – but then admits that the money is probably worth more than the optics, so it’ll all be okay. Right? RIGHT???

Considering, as multiple people pointed out in their replies to Axelrod, that a wife is grieving and a baby will never remember his father, that “look” could end up being FAR more costly than the millions that the Democrats raised for Joe Biden last night.

Which is probably why the DNC is trying to change the subject on Twitter/X today.

That’s not going to work, guys. Joe Biden can’t even get himself to Baltimore after a bridge collapse to at least get a photo-op about how he’s committed to infrastructure and rebuilding. It took him over a year to get to East Palestine. He gave “no comment” about the Maui wildfires, and then he was shuttled off ASAP to go there in order to make up for the optics. When it comes to reaching out to everyday people, Joe Biden is apparently nothing BUT “bad optics.”

So, why do these optics matter, and why are the Democrats uneasy enough to try and do some Monday-morning quarterbacking now? Because every single person at the Radio City Music Hall fundraiser last night was already a Biden voter. By contrast, not every single person who saw Donald Trump at the wake yesterday, or saw a news report about him attending the wake, is a Trump voter. Between the two candidates, which one of them presented a better “look” yesterday that would attract potential voters? Which one of them “looked” more in tune with the concerns of the average American? Politics is absolutely all about appearances. The Democrats are belatedly realizing just how yesterday looked to the average voter… and they really should have known better.

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  • Oh, Deanna, you missed the BEST parts!

    One of the usurpers aides (undoubtedly a Harvard grad) tweeted out on Thursday – “I’ll tell you this: There’s a difference between the two candidates in this election!”

    “Governor” Hochul did try to attend the wake. Was there all of ten minutes before the family and friends ran her right back out.

  • Tom says:

    Obama and Clinton looked pretty pleased being there.
    Obama especially, because he knows for sure he’s not the worst U.S. President any more.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    The Conservative news media saw this coming. Democrats think money wins elections. Up to a point Democrats are right, but something important has changed. People are beginning to realize that Democrats are the party of the rich, of people obsessed with money and power. People who are willing to sell out everyone and walk all over anyone to get their way. And that came across beautifully in those optics. For once, the camera did not lie.

    • Cameron says:

      I look at it this way: Democrats are the party of the poor and oppressed. That’s why they want more people to be that way.

  • […] THEY ONLY REALIZE NOW BECAUSE THEY LIVE IN A BUBBLE:  Democrats Now Realize The Biden-Trump Optics Were Bad. […]

  • Micha Elyi says:

    Ms. Deanna Fischer, when you mean ‘appearances’ write ‘appearances’, not “optics”.

    Make America’s English Honest Again.

  • ruprecht says:

    Wonder who keeps the Biden money after an election loss? They could just be padding their retirement accounts.

  • Doug Brockman says:

    The problem is the democrat policies. Thatsnwhats hurting us

  • bfat879 says:

    The Democrats have lost any semblance of a soul. When you worry more about optics, than kicking yourself for not doing the right thing, you’ve missed the point. It’s like opening the borders to get more representation for certain states, the open borders may do so much harm that the representatives elected will end up being Republicans. You keep doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons and then figure out who to blame. It just shows how vacuous the Democrats are and it’s not a good look. bf

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