“Two-Spirit” Not Our Fault – Sincerely, Colonialists

“Two-Spirit” Not Our Fault – Sincerely, Colonialists

“Two-Spirit” Not Our Fault – Sincerely, Colonialists

White people and Colonialists are getting blamed for much of the nonsense these days. Some of it fair, most of it not fair and historically inaccurate. A recent article in the Post Millennial blamed “Colonialists” for the addition of “two spirit” to Queer Theory, as in LGBTQIA2S. While the hate filled fascist elites blame colonialists for everything, I REFUSE to take any responsibility for the harm done to indigenous peoples by this jargon. Those hate filled fascists co-opt everything. Remember the rainbow!

The article, “First Nations feminist says ‘two spirit’ gender expression is a colonial invention”, begins:

A First Nations feminist scholar told a crowd in Burnaby, British Columbia recently that the “two spirit” concept is a colonial invention and was first promoted in 1990 by gay rights activists as a way of depicting people who identify as both gay and indigenous.

Dr. Cherry Smiley criticized the entire transgender movement for attempting to undermine women’s rights and erode the feminist creed that women have historically been oppressed by men, according to a report in The New Westminster Times.

If biological men can pose as women, women’s rights are downgraded in the process, Smiley argued, dismissing the two-spirited talk as something that is not even in the First Nations lexicon.

Oh PUH-leez. I can’t and won’t argue with that first sentence. I know a lot of gay people, but zero gay rights activists. I agree with criticizing the entire transgender movement…, but they are trying to erase Gay men and Lesbians too. All people, not just women, have been oppressed by the fascist elites. If tomboys and masculine women can pose as men, all of our rights, as individuals are erased. There is a lot of Queer Theory that is not in anybody’s lexicon.

By the by, I hate that term “colonialism”. Colonialists were just the last people who conquered a land and/or people. Colonialism was the way of the world until recently, but I digress.

“Women are f*cking pissed off,” declared Smiley, a member of both the Nlaka’pamux and Diné Nations.

Smiley, who has authored the book Not Sacred Not Squaws: Indigenous Feminism Redefined, castigated transgender activists for appropriating First Nations culture with the notion that “two or even three or four genders” is a product of that experience.

“First Nations women know where babies come from,” Smiley told an appreciative audience, reiterating her belief that it is biological sex and not “gender” that characterizes how aboriginal people understand the dynamic of male and female relationships.

Smiley insisted that First Nations have not recognized rigid parameters for the sexual division of labor because she said indigenous women were traditionally accustomed to doing the same jobs as men did. She said the idea that “gender” can trump sex is a byproduct of the colonialism spawned by “white men.”

Aw for the love of Mike, you all have waaaay too much time on your hands. The elites among those “White men” had power but the average man had no power. “Sexual division of labor” was not a “thing” among the poor. When conquering a land, forcing the land to provide food to nourish you, there wasn’t room for a Dylan Mulvaney type.

In my quest to find the origins of “Two Spirit”, I found this in Object! a RadFem website:

‘Two-spirit’ was a new term deliberately created at a 1990 native American lesbian and gay gathering in Canada, mainly to replace an old, colonial, homophobic term ‘berdache’ which originally meant a ‘kept boy’. It has not been universally accepted by traditional communities (who are happy with the words they already have in their languages), although they prefer it to ‘berdache’. Not a mention of trans.

There is a lot written by gender-political activists and scholars on ‘two-spirit’, but little by professional historians. One who has covered it is US Professor Gregory D. Smithers, author of books on native Americans, racism and black intellectuals. His 2014 article ‘Two-spirit Native Americans’ states that the evidence for ‘two-spirit’ is at best scanty and rests on a single dubious document.

Whoa! “Kept boy”. I wondered if that was like the “Chai boys” we learned about from the Afghanistan war. I don’t want to leave out Asia:

Romanticizing or fetishizing or demonizing a culture is strictly a symptom of people with two much time on their hands. No matter our cultural heritage, most people were too busy trying to survive to even bother to learn about such “theories”.

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  • CDC says:

    They can dance naked in the moonlight for all I care,pagans all.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    The whole LGBTQIA2S movement is a fantasy.

    Want to hear something funny. This is what the spellchecker thought I should write. “The whole LGBTQIA2S movement is fantastic.” Does Big Tech want to put words into our mouths that don’t belong there?

    We have two biological sexes. Any deviation from that is not just abnormal, it is defective. Are we all defective in least some small way? Yes. That is just way it is, and there is no use in pretending otherwise. We have no hope of fixing a problem if we pretend that problem is some kind of virtue.

    If two people of the same sex want to marry, they might somehow manage to stay together, but they won’t complement each other the way a man and woman would. That is not to say that the union of a man and a woman is ever perfect, but the odds, just due to biology alone, hugely favor that it will work well enough. Unfortunately, we live in an era where lots of people demand their own truth. What they get instead is not fantastic; it is a fantasy that doesn’t actually work when it people try to make it real.

    Marriage is the first step is making a family. Two people of the same sex cannot make a family without adoption or a method that allows a single woman to become pregnant. Once a same-sex couple has a child they cannot properly model sexual roles for their children. Yet members of the LGBTQIA2S movement tend to be obsessed with sex. It is their “identity,” after all. Since most human behavior is learned, that is not good. What sort of behavior will they model?

    That said, are some homosexuals and such relatively sane? Yes, of course, but those people (relatively small in number) are not the people demanding same-sex marriage, gender pronouns, transgendering minors, transgender males in girl’s locker rooms and so forth.

  • GWB says:

    Those hate filled fascists co-opt everything. Remember the rainbow!
    Well, honestly, the Progressives are the colonialists. They took Christianity and infiltrated it and warped it. And stole one of its symbols. So, yeah, they are the colonialists.

    that women have historically been oppressed by men
    So, she’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the array, either. Despite pushing back on the stupidity of “two-spirit” and some other stuff.

    Colonialism was the way of the world until recently
    Which is the point of Progressivism. See, we’re making the world better by discarding those old ways and progressing to the NEW ways. And totally ignoring human nature along the way.

    you all have waaaay too much time on your hands
    Exactly why they’re called “luxury beliefs.

    There is a lot written … on ‘two-spirit’, but little by professional historians.
    Because it isn’t historical. It’s a crock of shite, concocted by people who are warping language in order to destroy the order of creation. Because their doctrinal pillars are hedonism and transhumanism.

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