Apologizing For Being Christian

Apologizing For Being Christian

Apologizing For Being Christian

The trend to apologize for being Christian is still happening, thanks to the mob. One of the mob’s leaders, Megan Rapinoe, is at the bully pulpit again and whipping up her cult members to throw shade and hate at Christians.

One young lady soccer player, Korbin Albert, a 20-year-old on the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT), recently liked and shared Christian content on social media. Well, that offended Megan, and Megan took her social media to complain, of course.

Korbin liked and shared a portion of a Christian sermon. And now she has apologized for doing so.

According to multiple media outlets, Albert shared a video from a Christian sermon that described being gay and “feeling transgender” as wrong.


“I’m really disappointed in myself,” Albert continued, “and am deeply sorry for the hurt that I have caused to my teammates, other players, fans, friends and anyone who was offended. – New York Post

So now I guess liking and sharing something Christian and a belief system is hateful. I mean, look at what Megan had to say about it.

Rapinoe, a former U.S. captain, didn’t identify Albert by name but in her Instagram story urged people not “to hide behind ‘my beliefs’” because ”kids are literally killing themselves because of this hate.” – New York Post

Do you see what is happening or what has happened over the years here? And the alphabet group is still at it. If you don’t get on their side and love everything about their lifestyle, then you are a part of some hate group; racist, domestic terrorist, TERF, bigot. Pick your own label.

What Megan is saying is that if you are a Christian, then you should be shamed and bullied. Because obviously, if you are Christian, then you hate gay people. But what Megan doesn’t know, since she’s a non-believer, is that you can still love people but not like their actions. There is a lot of that going on in the world.

According to Megan’s beliefs

According to Megan’s beliefs, she can do whatever she wants without retribution. As long as she’s not harming anyone, that is true. But guess what, Megan? Korbin can do what she wants too, and no, she’s not harming anyone by liking and sharing Christian content. Stop trying to shut us up.

That argument of harming others because of displaying or sharing Christian beliefs and values is worn out. Or at least I hope it is becoming worn out.

According to Korbin Albert’s social media presence, she is Christian but has deleted a few posts about her faith. Why? My guess is that her newly-inked Nike deal might have something to do with it, and if that’s the case, it’s shameful on Korbin’s part for the love of money.

But let’s make it clear, this isn’t the first time Megan Rapinoe has proven herself a bully. Megan’s teammates have claimed she bullied them into kneeling during the National Anthem in the past. But really, if you are being “bullied” into kneeling for the National Anthem or deleting your social media likes and shares, then you are a weak person and perhaps should be on your knees in prayer instead to gain some conviction, strength, and character. Stand for something.

Do you think people like Korbin Albert, who is practicing so-called tolerance, are part of the reason we are where we are today? With adults saying it is okay to mutilate children’s bodies? I want to know. How much longer are you willing to be silent, all in the name of love and tolerance?

Christians are falling down on a lot of things. They are like Republicans and conservatives with their attitude of wanting to just be left alone. I get that; really, I do, but look where we are because of it.

And for the love of God, STOP APOLOGIZING!

Feature Image: Billy Hathorn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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  • GWB says:

    urged people not “to hide behind ‘my beliefs’” because ”kids are literally killing themselves because of this hate.”
    Why not hide behind “my beliefs”? That’s exactly what you are doing.
    And kids are not literally killing themselves because of the hate. They’re killing themselves because they have been indoctrinated into mental illness by your progressivism.
    And the only kids killing because of the hate are killing other kids because of your brand of hate, Megan.

    What Megan is saying is that if you are a Christian, then you should be shamed and bullied.
    Yes. She is bullying people. It’s that simple. They aren’t part of her gang so they have to be pressured to either join or be fought against. Because her gang is the Progressive one, and they are a fundamentalist, totalitarian gang, never content with leaving others be.

    you can still love people but not like their actions
    This is why homosexuality was pushed so hard as an identity for decades. So that any word about the sin of homosexuality can be deemed an “attack” and personal in nature – and thereby, hate. And, on many occasions of late I have even declined to go the route of “love the sinner but hate the sin.” No, you are a pervert. You are in violation (whether homosexuality or transgenderism) of nature’s laws and God’s. There’s no excuse for it, except that you’ve believed the lies of the other perverts who’ve been raising and indoctrinating you. But there is no excuse once you’ve heard the truth.

    then you are a weak person and perhaps should be on your knees in prayer instead to gain some conviction, strength, and character.
    Now, I am going to agree with this, but also say that I haven’t always been as strong as I should have been. But I have grown and become more solid in my faith.

    And for the love of God, STOP APOLOGIZING!
    And, learn what love truly is. It is NOT allowing your neighbor to wallow in their sin without judgment or consequences. It is NOT merely giving to someone whatever they want.
    And you’d best strengthen yourself now, because the day is fast approaching when the bullying will rise to the level of the infamous Spanish Inquisition. They will demand you renounce your god or face the tongs – not just social media humiliation.

  • The main reason Christians are on the losing end of events such as this is our aversion to confrontation. We’d rather cede the field to the totalitarians of the anti-Christian Left than defend ourselves and our faith as fearlessly as Christ told us. It comes from having been mocked, slandered, and generally beaten down for decades by the self-nominated “brights” — an Orwellian moniker if ever there was one.

    • Carol Marks says:

      Yep. And we were warned our path was not going to be easy.

    • GWB says:

      Because the Christian virtues have been warped by Progressivism. Tolerance, turning the other cheek, and not offending people with the Gospel have all been twisted into something unjustified by Scripture. Something that can no longer have power to affect society.

  • Chris says:

    First, Jesus said that we were going to be persecuted, so this should come as no surprise. Second, although I strive to be Christlike, I am not Jesus. The fact that Megan Rapinoe can use social media as a tool against Christians all but infuriates me. if the situation were reversed, we would receive no apology and in fact, probably a warning from the social media platform. Christians have set back long enough trying to practice nothing but kindness and love when sometimes you have to flip tables and run people out of your life. That doesn’t mean you hate them. You can still love them. You just have to eradicate certain situations and those that caused them. Not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I will always stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves. I do not approve of the apology that the young lady felt she had to make. According to the Bible homosexuality is a sin. If you don’t believe that pick a Bible up and read Leviticus it will tell you all you need to know.

  • Cameron says:

    No apology should ever be offered to these people. The reason for that is because an apology means nothing any more; any effort to make up for an offense is seen as a weakness and these “people” will mob you for it.

    “Fuck you, no answer follows” is the only response they deserve.

    • GWB says:

      Heh, that answer might be worded better. I would stick with Luther’s response at Worms:
      “If, then, I am not convinced by proof from Holy Scripture, or by cogent reason, if I am not satisfied by the very text I have cited, and if my judgment is not in this way brought into subjection to God’s word, I neither can nor will retract anything; for it cannot be either safe or honest for a Christian to speak against his conscience. Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen.”

      • Cameron says:

        Luther was a better educated man than I am and his flowery response is far more tactful than anything I could manage. -:-)

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