Democrats Desperate: Obama Surprise Guest At State Dinner For Kenya

Democrats Desperate: Obama Surprise Guest At State Dinner For Kenya

Democrats Desperate: Obama Surprise Guest At State Dinner For Kenya

This tells me how desperate the Democrats are. Obama was the sneaky surprise guest at last nights State Dinner held in honor of Kenya’s President William Ruto.

Thursday’s White House state dinner honoring Kenyan President William Ruto offered around 500 guests stunning D.C. views, a knockout menu, a dose of celebrity star power and even a little family drama.

“I’m looking forward to having all the conversations,” Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar declared as she arrived, no doubt speaking for many a guest at one of the largest-ever White House state dinners.


The gathering was the first White House state dinner for an African nation since 2008, and it was the sixth and largest of the state dinners thrown by Biden.

The event was part of the administration’s efforts to build ties with Africa. Biden failed to keep a promise to visit the continent last year, but this week he said he plans to visit “in February, after I’m reelected” — a show of optimism about his prospects in November’s election.

Oh I bet Ilhan was having all sorts of conversations. Meanwhile I sincerely hope and pray that the next President to visit Kenya is …NOT JOE BIDEN. 

One of the other guests has a troublesome resume.

I’m sure this, given there were 500 highly connected guests at the dinner, was great fodder for Hunter Biden’s grifting efforts. But I digress. 

This was a state dinner on behalf of the Kenyan President’s visit to the United States. A visit taking place even as Joe Biden has yet to fulfill his own promise to visit Africa. Given how Joe has mumbled, fumbled, and blithered during THIS visit, do we WANT him jetting overseas to stumble all over himself? No. 

That said, the Democrats as a whole showed how desperate they are. Instead of just touting how cool, hip, and outstanding their guest list is, we have former President Obama as a surprise guest! 

But the evening, along with the guest list, was just as notable for what it said about Mr. Biden’s current political obstacles. Aside from Mr. Obama — the former president was not on the initial guest list published by the White House, and he departed before Mr. Biden’s speech — the list name-checked the people Mr. Biden will want to bring closer into the fold in the months ahead. The lineup included elected officials in several battleground states, influential Black political operatives, and powerful philanthropists, like Melinda French Gates.

Political obstacles. That’s a mild description for what Joe Biden and his administration of Obama sycophants has wrought upon this country. 

The thing is, if the Democrats are SO damned desperate to elect Joe Mumbles for one more term, why didn’t Obama stay for the entire party? 

Obama might have said the same thing in reference to the dinner that night. He managed to avoid being listed as an official invitee — actor Sean Penn and philanthropist Melinda Gates were on the list — but Obama was there nonetheless: Photographers captured his arrival, and he was spotted mingling at the dinner, but President Biden called him out in his toast for leaving early.

“Jill and I are honored to have you here,” the president said to Ruto, as well as “many members of the African diaspora. One just left. Barack.” The crowd laughed.

Why the exit? Maybe he was just trying not to mess up anyone’s shine. But the former president’s presence — along with that of former president Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton — added presidential star power to one of Biden’s splashiest events as he enters campaign season, and perhaps made up for more than a decade of inattention to African nations while European allies were feted with dinners.

A few things notable about this occasion. One: Joe has promised to visit Africa during his term and that is not going to happen. Two: Obama never visited Kenya and never hosted Kenya or any other African country while President. Three: Obama showed up to schmooze and be seen, but skipped out before Joe’s speech. 

Quite frankly, that speaks volumes. Especially since many of those in attendance are not only donors to Biden, they were huge donors to Obama’s campaigns. Or, owe him the jobs they currently have. 

But it’s totally ok for the Biden Administration to yell at Trump for doing the same damned thing. 

Donald Trump raised $40 million from oil executives and other deep-pocketed donors in Texas, marking Wednesday’s haul as one of the most profitable days for the presumptive Republican nominee seeking to close a fundraising gap with President Joe Biden.

The one-day cash raise from events in Houston and Dallas, described by people familiar with the events, comes as Trump directly appeals to the oil industry for support in his presidential bid with promises to dial back environmental regulations, which are drawing congressional scrutiny.

That’s right. The Biden Administration can host a major state dinner for Kenya and seed the guest list with major Democrat donors with Obama as the schmoozer and Closer. Trump doing the same thing leads to big problems. 

This is how desperate the Democrats are. Obama is brought in as the ringer and closer for a major White House State Dinner. Will it move the needle for Joe?

Feature Photo Credit: Barack and Joe in the good ole days of 2012 via Flickr, cropped and modified 

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  • Wfjag says:

    Did Joe tell the President of Kenya that he understands what it’s like to be an African because

    “I was born a poor black child” ?

  • pertinaxjak says:

    Biden will be replaced. The democrats are smart when it comes to strategy and the GOP is not only feckless and stupid, but corrupt. The smartest thing Trump and the GOP can do now is to focus not on Biden but how evil and destructive the democrats are as a party. Emphasize to democrats that are on the fence, that the democrat party of their fathers has been “transformed” by the extreme radical Neo Marxists (e.g., the squad) and Obama and his holdovers. Obama started the pro Iran policy, weaponization of Federal Agencies and erosion of the rule of law, the hatred of police, pro criminal policies, transgender activism, globalism, climate hysteria, opening up the borders (DACA). Conservatives must make Americans of all walks of life that democrats are hell bent on destroying this nation. It is easy to destroy, hard to create. Attack the party not just the candidates or potential candidates. This will also benefit fighting the down ballot candidates as well. Democrati delende est!

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