Hunter Biden Is About To Run Out Of Other People’s Money

Hunter Biden Is About To Run Out Of Other People’s Money

Hunter Biden Is About To Run Out Of Other People’s Money

Hunter Biden is a grown-ass 54 year old man. Apparently everyone in the media needs to keep being reminded of this.

And as a fully grown adult male with not one, not two, but FIVE children (three grown adult daughters, one young son, and a young daughter that he had to be arm-twisted into paying child support for), he should be taking some damn responsibility for his life. However, age is no indicator of maturity. Hunter, who spent his adulthood putting things up his nose and his dick anywhere he pleased, is about to go to trial for the gun charges and tax charges that he almost walked away from with the sweetest of all sweetheart deals.

And his pending cases now have the Biden inner circle very concerned… about how JOE is going to handle this.

Now, we all know that Joe and Hunter have a very weird relationship. There’s no point in rehashing how the death of Saint Beau, whose memory deserves better than his father’s constant lies, upended the entire Biden family dynamic. Between Hunter’s drug abuse and Ashley’s drug abuse (and her sick revelations in her diary about Joe’s perverted behavior), and Joe’s continued use of Beau’s death from brain cancer for political purposes TO THIS DAY, the Biden family is simply messed up.

But the media, who are deeply invested in protecting Grandpa Joe at all costs, can’t save him from his own derelict son. That would be the same son who traded on the family name in ways that the House Oversight Committee is still sorting through, and who made business deals by selling access to his dad. So… where did all that money go? I guess it all went up Hunter’s nose, because it certainly isn’t paying for his bills now.

We have known for a while that Hunter has a good friend named Kevin Morris, who stepped in and “loaned” Hunter the money to pay his delinquent tax bills, among other things, to the tune of more than $6.5 million dollars, which Hunter is supposed to repay at some point. Well, apparently Kevin Morris has been paying Hunter’s legal bills as well. I have often asked who on earth is paying very expensive high profile defense lawyer Abbe Lowell to deal with all of Hunter Biden’s legal woes, from negotiating child support to his tax felony charges. I guess we know now that it’s been Kevin Morris – and we also are now learning that Morris is running out of cash to cover those same legal bills.

Kevin Morris, a Hollywood entertainment lawyer who has long supported the president’s son, has told associates that he has run out of resources to help fund Biden’s legal defense, according to a person close to Morris who was granted anonymity to discuss private conversations.

“The reason Kevin got involved financially in the first place was that he could see that no one was going to help Hunter,” said the person. “Now, four and a half years later, there’s still no help — and now Kevin is completely tapped out. So just when Hunter is facing two criminal trials starting in a few weeks, he has no resources. It’s pretty dire.”

Reached for comment about this reporting, Morris confirmed the person’s account but declined to elaborate further. A spokesperson for Biden’s legal team also declined to comment.

Biden is scheduled to begin trial on June 3 on federal gun charges in Delaware. A separate case, in which Biden is charged with federal tax crimes, is scheduled to go to trial June 20 in California.

But where did all this money go? Straight into the pockets of the lawyers for every single billable hour that they have spent trying to keep Hunter out of court with motion after motion after motion.

Not only did Hunter Biden fight the mother of his daughter in court for years, he then fought to keep the little girl from having the Biden name, and he fought to pay off his daughter with some of his crappy paintings instead of actual cash. His legal team made motion after motion once the plea deal fell apart. And now “Sugar Brother” Moneybags is tired of seeing his money go up in smoke to the lawyers – which means that the lawyers are trying to push for MORE delays.

At a pretrial hearing on Tuesday in Wilmington, Biden’s lead defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, signaled that the preparation for the first trial — on charges that Biden illegally bought a gun as a drug user and lied about it on a government form — is facing headwinds. As the hearing opened, Lowell told Judge Maryellen Noreika that for the first time in his long career, he wasn’t ready for a trial to start. He noted the complexity of Biden’s legal situation: two trials looming within weeks of each other, and appeals proceedings already underway in both jurisdictions.

(Funny, no one cared about trials being so close together when the defendant’s name was Donald Trump, not Hunter Biden. But I digress.)

Lowell told Noreika that he and his team have been preparing for the trial, but that one hurdle was finding expert witnesses to testify on a variety of evidentiary issues, including drug addiction and forensics. He said he found three experts who had “tentatively agreed” to get involved but that he was still working to finalize retention agreements for these people.

Experts who testify for defendants at trials can bill $500 per hour or more for their work. They can rebut the analysis that government experts provide about evidence presented at trial.

Lowell described having strained “resources” to handle preparation for two trials — currently scheduled to start in the same month — on two different coasts.

But the judge was unmoved, and declined his requests for the trial to be postponed.

It’s not clear how much Lowell, or the other lawyers working on Biden’s cases, are charging for their services. In other recent cases, Lowell has sought fees of $855 per hour and over $1,500 per hour.

Well, if Abbe Lowell is so worried about the “strained resources,” then he could just work pro bono, right? HA HA HA HA HA HA. Yes, I was joking. There’s no way that Lowell works for free on something as insane as trying to prove that Hunter Biden wasn’t a drug addict when he bought a gun, or trying to disprove the evidence that Hunter confessed to in his own memoir. But because Hunter’s last name has let him get away with everything up until this point (remember, Joe once said “no one f**ks with a Biden“), he seemed to think he was going to be able to weasel his way out of this one, too. Except when you run out of other people’s money, it’s very hard to pay for those “expert opinions” to come and spin for you as witnesses.

Now, Lowell is probably still in it because he thinks Joe will be good for the money. However, if Joe dies or is incapacitated, I wouldn’t count on Jill coming to Hunter’s rescue. The day may well be coming when Hunter Biden can no longer afford the high-priced lawyers on the strength of his last name, and once his “Pop” is no longer president, the money, the protection, and the influence will be gone. Seriously, what can Hunter Biden fall back on? Another memoir? HA HA HA. His art? Hardly.

Since becoming sober several years ago, the president’s son has focused on painting as his occupation. He signed with a New York gallerist, Georges Berges, to sell his work. But that gallerist told congressional investigators that the relationship was not as lucrative as he had hoped, and that Biden’s art would have sold for more if not for the baggage associated with his name.

“Had his name been somebody else, he would have been doing a lot better,” Berges said in his testimony. “I have artists that I don’t think are as good that are selling for higher than he is. And so it’s actually — I feel bad for him in so many ways because I think he’s a great artist, and he just can’t get a break.”

Of about 20 pieces of art Biden sold with Berges’ gallery, 11 works were sold to Morris, he said. Morris purchased the art by paying the gallery’s commission for the sale, and Biden’s share was handled without the gallery.

Berges also told lawmakers he stopped representing Biden last year.

“From a business perspective, it hasn’t been the best decision for me,” he said.

So Kevin Morris even tried bailing out Hunter by buying his artwork, which is probably only a slightly less worse investment than paying Hunter’s legal bills.

I hate to break it to Kevin Morris, but he’s just the latest person in a long line of people that Hunter Biden has screwed over. And he probably won’t be the last, as some Democrat deep pocket out there will probably rush in to “loan” Hunter enough to keep him afloat – and hope that Joe lives long enough to reward them.

But there’s even more reason for Joe Biden’s campaign to be concerned. Hunter goes to trial for the gun charges on June 3rd. His tax felony case goes to trial on June 20th. That first debate that Joe Biden challenged Donald Trump to, that will be broadcast on CNN? June 27th.

No wonder his aides are worried. How much Adderall are they going to have to use on the old man to get him coherent enough for a debate, AND how much Zoloft will they need to get in order to keep him chill, if Hunter already has a conviction on his record by the time the debate happens?

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  • Oldav8r says:

    If you can’t afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you.

  • Wfjag says:

    Why should Hunter care about federal criminal charges? All he has to care about is that Joe doesn’t take a hard fall until the day after the election – because an incapacitated Joe would call into question the signed Presidential Pardon dated November 9, 2024 that Jill is holding for Hunter. She keeps it to remind him that while any Crack Head he’d sell his real Mother’s soul to save himself, “The Whole Truth” -at least before the election – does NOT include telling about Joe’s long history of corruption and selling out, for which Hunter was the Bag Man. He tells The Whole Truth before then and Jill will light a little fire.

  • draigh says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Joe sent Hunter to some military hot spot and Hunter accidentally dies there. Then Joe can play the sympathy card in the election!

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