#DemDebate Recap: Grandma Hillary Plays All Her Cards

#DemDebate Recap: Grandma Hillary Plays All Her Cards

Someone is just a teensy tiny bit nervous that her former IT guy now has immunity from prosecution. Enter Hillary Clinton, the pandering grandma.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Debate in Flint, MI on March 6, 2016 (photo: Carlos Osorio/AP)
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Debate in Flint, MI on March 6, 2016 (photo: Carlos Osorio/AP)
Hillary is now promising anything and everything, if she thinks you want to hear it!

The water crisis in Flint was a big topic, since the debate was taking place in that location to capitalize on the politics of the moment. Hillary wants Governor Snyder (a Republican) to resign for his role in the scandal.

No word on Hillary’s position on the Democrats who have run Flint for 84 years, as Michael Moore (yes, Michael Moore!) reminded everyone.

Moore agrees with removing the governor, but in a rare moment of honesty, he wasn’t willing to let Democrats off the hook.

But you know who didn’t agree with Hillary? Her own campaign spokesman, an hour before the debate.

Ooooops. I guess Grandma changed her mind while on stage.

She has also decided, in the wake of Flint, to ban lead from everything, everywhere, at all times.

Apparently, Grandma Hillary is in favor of banning elements from the periodic table.

Isn’t that anti-science?

Even the Washington Post has said that Hillary is nuts to think that lead could be wiped out in 5 years. Well, they didn’t say “nuts,” but they were probably thinking it.

Grandma Hillary also thinks that AR-15s are “automatic weapons.”

Powerful? More like delusional.

Shhhhh…. don’t interrupt Grandma’s narrative.

Speaking of which, interrupting Grandma is sexist, Bernie. Didn’t you know that?

No, really.

But even Democrats thought this card was a bit too much.


So, to recap the debate…
Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary. She will not be denied. She will not be corrected. She will not be questioned. She can say or claim anything she wants without fear of a moderator disagreeing.

And if Bernie Sanders stands in the way of history, then he’s a selfish sexist. Or something.

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  • Joe Miller says:

    We were listening while driving last night. The email question to Hillary was asked. She went off talking about how much support she has in so many states. I said to my wife, “Wasn’t there an email question in there?” We both laughed. Anderson Cooper would never have let a Republican get away with that. He probably thinks he’s a journalist.

    I thought the “What’s your racial blindspot?” was an interesting question. The way I’d answer it is, “I’m sorry, but I was born white. What would you like me to do about it?” I can answer the question for liberals though. The liberal blindspot is that they believe minorities are just sad and will need extra help until the end of time.

    It would have been nice and totally unexpected if either Hillary or Bernie had thrown the question back and asked the questioner, “And what is your racial blindspot?”

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