#DemDebate: Julian Castro Says Trans Women Have Abortion Rights

#DemDebate: Julian Castro Says Trans Women Have Abortion Rights

#DemDebate: Julian Castro Says Trans Women Have Abortion Rights

During the Democrat Debate, Julian Castro bluntly stated trans women have a right to an abortion, as long as we the taxpayer pay for it.

Yes indeed, he really said that.

Here’s the thing. A trans woman is one who was a MAN at birth. Please explain to me how, in what universe, a MAN (trans or not) can be considered as someone eligible for an abortion?


Julian Castro evidently doesn’t science well at all.  Furthermore, for him to suggest that we the taxpayer pay for this?

Agreed. Then there is this very important point.

Exactly. Julian Castro is pissed off at the conditions regarding what is happening on our borders and in the detention centers. Yet even he is unwilling to consider allocating resources to assist. Not that he has a vote right now in House or Senate to do so. However, when it comes to abortion. He says everyone can play!! Even those scientifically unable to because those super duper wonderful ‘reproductive rights’ trump everything …even science!

This is where we are with this Democrat Debate. Abortion is GREAT for EVERYONE …including trans men and women! Helping the Trump Administration do more with more resources for those flooding our border? BAD!

We did think the Democrat Debates would be a clown show, but had no idea it would be THIS clownish.

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