Dalton: First Graders Learn Reading, Writing And Masturbation

Dalton: First Graders Learn Reading, Writing And Masturbation

Dalton: First Graders Learn Reading, Writing And Masturbation

What does a $55,000 a year, K-12 education at The Dalton School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan get you? Apparently, lessons in reading, writing and masturbation for your first grader.

Parents complained to school administrators, but were told they had simply “misinterpreted” what Dalton’s now-notorious “health and wellness” educator Justine Ang Fonte was bringing to the table. Below is a snippet of the cartoon Fonte showed students at Dalton last fall.

The cartoon shown to first graders at the prestigious Dalton school included the following dialogue:

Hey, how come sometimes my penis gets big sometimes and points in the air?
Sometimes I touch my penis because it feels good.
Sometimes, when I’m in my bath or when Mom puts me to bed, I like to touch my vulva too.”

This isn’t Justine Ang Fonte’s first go at grooming and indoctrinating children (and making a living off of this sort of thing). When she’s not at Dalton teaching first graders about masturbation, she’s on to other elite prep schools teaching classes on “porn literacy“.

The often-explicit slide presentation and lecture by Fonte to the 120 boys and girls included lessons on how porn takes care of ‘three big male vulnerabilities’; statistics on the ‘orgasm gap’ showing straight women have far fewer orgasms with their partners than gay men or women; and photos of partially-nude women, some in bondage, to analyze ‘what is porn and what is art.'”-Dana Kennedy, The New York Post

Porn literacy? Fonte, who takes pride in “intersectionality”, included slides in her presentation to the Columbia Prep students that included the most-searched pornographic terms of 2019 and another slide offering up the explicit genres of porn to include “incest-themed,” consensual or “vanilla,” “barely legal,” and “kink and BDSM, to include “waterboard electro” torture porn as an example.

Why is the school making porn a priority as opposed to physics, art, literature or poetry?”-parent at Columbia Prep

Good question. And what else are they sneaking under the radar?

Glad you’ve asked. Fonte also included a slide on the marketability of OnlyFans, an app used mostly for sex work.

Justine Ang Fonte was the former “Health and Wellness” educator at Dalton until she resigned as reported today. From her personal website:

We can all learn about health but we don’t have equal access to it. Framing my pedagogy through the lens of Kimberlé Crenshaw’s teachings on intersectionality, I interrogate how our multifaceted identities shape how we experience health. I believe it is the responsibility of comprehensive health education to be about social justice because health is a human right. Through my teaching, I promote agency, activate empathy, fight for equity, embrace one’s authentic self, and navigate care.”-Justine Ang Fonte

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Health is a human right for integrated, multifaceted intersectional beings. That’s what Fonte frames her pedagogy (progs LOVE this word) through. This is like those stupid t-shirts and bumper stickers that some educators insist upon displaying that read, “I believe in science”. No $hit, Sherlock. You’re an educator. But how is “health and wellness” education translated in the language of the progressive educator at Dalton? Let’s break it down. Fonte is teaching first graders to masturbate and teenagers to seek out porn. Pedagogy my ass.

Fonte reassured Dalton parents that she does not use the word “masturbation” in the course or around the first graders. Well, that’s a relief. I mean, the cartoon threw in penis and vulva and touching those private parts in private so, she doesn’t necessarily have to mention the word masturbation. The suggestion for a young person to touch themselves in private has been forever planted. On to junior high (where they should now all be pros at touching themselves) and adding porn to the mix. Make sure you give consent, though.

Except there was no consent required on behalf of the Dalton parents, some who had no idea this was the plan.

Kids have no less than five classes on gender identity — this is pure indoctrination. his person should absolutely not be teaching children. Ironically, she teaches kids about ‘consent’ yet she has never gotten consent from parents about the sexually explicit, and age-inappropriate material about transgender to first-graders.”

And, another parent:

“We are furious. We were horrified to learn this was shown to our first-grade 6- and 7-year-old kids without our knowledge or consent. But it’s so hard to fight back because you’ll get canceled and your child will suffer.”

But said 6-year old will need to give consent for a grandparent to hug them now. What do first graders need to know? How to write their upper and lowercase letters. How to count. How to read. And if we want to address the “health and wellness” perspective, let’s try teaching these littles how not to grow up and be little a-holes. How’s about lessons on how to be a good friend? How to share? How to have conversations with adults? How to resolve conflict? How life simply is not fair and not every one gets a trophy? How to make healthy choices in choosing after-school snacks and exercise? You can’t tell me that all of this stuff shouldn’t be a priority.

Except it isn’t. Masturbation in a bathtub has taken precedence over all of the above important LIFE SKILLS for first graders. Searching up different types of porn takes precedence over searching up different career paths and colleges and maintaining healthy friendships, relationships and activities. Porn is an addictive substance for some. Introducing a teen whose brain has not fully developed to the world of pornography is dangerous and irresponsible. Porn scars people, disrupts families and does not promote healthy relationships in general. Tell us how “waterboard electro torture porn” is something that can enhance and contribute to the health of these teenagers? Please? Anybody? Didn’t think so.

Dalton initially defended Fonte:

As part of Dalton’s comprehensive Health curriculum for students, a lesson on Gender & Bodies included two evidence-based and age-appropriate videos approved for students 4 years and older. These videos align with nationally recognized methodologies and standards. We consistently review our Health curriculum, making sure that the content is developmentally appropriate and, if necessary, we adapt our curriculum accordingly. We will continue to listen carefully to parent feedback, respond thoughtfully to community concerns, and develop lessons that are in the best interest of our students, respect our community’s values, and correspond with best practices.”-Dalton representative

Approved for students 4 years and older by whom? Nationally recognized methodologies and standards by whom? It sounds as if the powers that be at Dalton will continue to beg for forgiveness instead of ask for permission from parents when introducing new “curriculum”.

I know what you’re thinking. $55 grand a year for this? If Dalton parents are okay with this, I’d say they are pissing their money out their pee-pees and va-jay-jays. Ooops. I know, the correct term is urethra. Say it together with me, boys and girls.

Photo Credit: Diego Dacal/FlickR/CC BY-SA 2.0/Cropped

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  • Hate_me says:

    I had really hoped that one of the lessons learned from this whole pandemic bullshit was that, for those with the means, homeschooling and other educational alternatives are generally better than the norm.

    I’d really like to revisit the idea of pods.

  • ROP says:

    For $55,000 year your getting what ? Homeschool instead there are alternatives that are better. It really
    ticks the public school system off when year after year homeschool outperforms them

  • Lewis says:

    Home school high school graduation party this weekend for my granddaughter! Her mom, my daughter, is a NYS certified teacher who could not get a job in public school due to her own education at Christian school, and the values she brought to the classroom as a substitute teacher. She constantly tells those who ask, you do NOT need to be a teacher to do homeschool! Lots of help out there, and you do it one year at a time, just like every school, you also can learn it while your child learns. Try it, do it, save your children! Home school is the only way under the current situation.

  • George V says:

    There’s been a lot of comments that the “progressive” left thinks “1984” is a how-to manual as opposed to a cautionary tale. I would submit that Huxley’s “Brave New World” is also is being used the same way. The “erotic play” for children in the book seem to be coming true.

  • GWB says:

    We will continue to listen carefully to parent feedback
    No. Because you’ve already violated the line between public education and parents by even teaching this. Those sorts of questions addressed to a teacher should get a visit with the parents and the offer of help if they feel difficulty addressing it. But it should never be given in a classroom by a non-parent to a mixed-sex classroom. Period.

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