Cuomo Blame Game Has No Shame

Cuomo Blame Game Has No Shame

Cuomo Blame Game Has No Shame

Governor Andrew Cuomo sat for a press conference today, and the media spotlight was not nearly as friendly as he is used to.

In short, now that the press is paying attention to the man behind the curtain, Cuomo is sweating under the lights. The New York attorney general has cut one leg out from underneath him. Cuomo’s own aide Melissa DeRosa took out the other leg and admitted to fellow New York Democrats that yes, they deliberately hid the body count from the nursing homes in order to avoid getting investigated by the Department of Justice. Now, the harsh glare is on Cuomo himself. After all, Mr. Leadership-Book-WriterEmmy-Award-Winner, where does the buck stop?

If you watch any clips from today’s press conference, Cuomo’s answer – as he has done before – is ANYWHERE BUT WITH ME. Such courage. Much leadership.

“This past year, there is a toxic political environment and everything is political,” Cuomo insisted during a virtual news conference in Albany in which he ignored the stunning admissions made by secretary to the governor Melissa DeRosa.”

“There is political positions and there are facts.”

Cuomo also pushed back against a bipartisan move to strip him of his COVID-19 emergency powers in the wake of DeRosa’s remarks.

“Emergency powers have nothing to do with nursing homes,” Cuomo insisted, saying legislators “can reverse any action I take.”

“They have never reversed a single action,” Cuomo said. “These are public health decisions, not local political decisions.”

But he DID apologize for one thing. If he wasn’t forthcoming with the numbers and wasn’t straight with the information, then he is sorry that you were allowed to think that he had screwed up.

THAT IS A LEADER, AMIRITE??? (If I lay on the sarcasm any thicker, it will be with a trowel.)
Janice Dean live-Tweeted the press conference, and had this to say at the end.

Andrew Cuomo knew exactly what he was walking into when he went into that press conference. There was no way to avoid what was coming. We should not be surprised that he tried to bullshit his way through this presser, or that he revealed just how utterly shameless he is. This was an attempt at damage control, hoping that the same media who held him up as their anti-Trump champion would cover his ass now. It’s not happening.

Is there a crime here that Cuomo can be prosecuted for? At a minimum, hasn’t DeRosa admitted to Democrat lawmakers in Albany that the Cuomo administration was fully engaged in obstruction of justice? After all, she said they cooked the books deliberately to make sure that the Trump Department of Justice wouldn’t come knocking at their door. The excuse was “we froze,” but that doesn’t explain the underlying potential crime here. Remember, in Watergate, the cover-up was worse than the crime. Sending COVID positive patients back to nursing homes wasn’t illegal, but considering what was known, it was immoral and stupid and dangerous. If Andrew Cuomo had pleaded ignorance when the questions began in May of 2020, and had been honest about the numbers, he probably could have ridden the wave of criticism out with a compliant media willing to be distracted by a Bad Orange Man. Now, he can’t do that.

To tell you just how bad this is for Cuomo, other New York Democrats are starting to call for a full investigation. Including Cuomo’s sworn political nemesis, Bill de Blasio. Democrats are joining in with Republicans in Albany to remove the emergency powers Cuomo was granted. He is quickly becoming – if he isn’t already – completely toxic in New York Democrat circles, which will kill any future aspirations for political office.

And, the cherry on top of this crap sundae that Andrew Cuomo is trying to hand off? CNN was forced to cover this press conference as a hard news story, not a Chris Cillizza opinion piece.

The governor of New York is in a whole lot of trouble, and he knows it.

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