Cowardice: New York Times Permanently Dumps Political Cartoons

Cowardice: New York Times Permanently Dumps Political Cartoons

Cowardice: New York Times Permanently Dumps Political Cartoons

The New York Times cowardice is on full display today. The publication has decided that its motto, “All the news that’s fit to print,” no longer applies to political cartoons. After the Netanyahu cartoon debacle, the paper decided political cartoons are just too problematic. Therefore, as of July 1, the New York Times permanently dumps political cartoons. Such bravery! Such…cowardice.

What scandal was that? As our readers will recall, during Passover week, the NY Times International published this cartoon in its print version.

Classy that.

As Deanna noted here, the NY Times scrambled madly to excuse the use of the cartoon and applauded themselves for yelling at themselves for their epic screw up. Now, don’t get me wrong. Political cartoons most definitely have a place in our dialogue. The visual can underscore or even make the point regarding an issue or an event. It can point out the fallacies and foibles of politics, war, and peace.

The Netanyahu cartoon was blatantly anti-semitic no matter how many excuses the Times offered. They didn’t help matters by deciding to publish yet ANOTHER anti-semitic cartoon just days later.

So what did the fish wrap masquerading as a newspaper decide to do? Abandon all cartoons. Here’s the explanation that NY Times Editorial editor, James Bennet, offered up.

“”We’re very grateful for and proud of the work Patrick Chappatte and Heng Kim Song have done for the international edition of The New York Times, which circulates overseas; however, for well over a year we have been considering bringing that edition into line with the domestic paper by ending daily political cartoons and will do so beginning on July 1st,” Bennet told CNN.

“We plan to continue investing in forms of Opinion journalism, including visual journalism, that express nuance, complexity and strong voice from a diversity of viewpoints across all of our platforms,” he added.”

I have to laugh at that last sentence. When, in the last few years (especially since Trump was elected) has the NY Times offered opinion “journalism” that expresses any other nuance or complexity other than TRUMPORANGEMANBAD!!??

Let’s take a look at one of their ‘nuanced’ articles from just the other day titled “The Making Of A YouTube Radical.”  Supposedly some college dropout named Caleb Cain was radicalized after watching YouTube videos.

“Which YouTubers does the article identify as “far-right,” conspiratorial, misogynist, and racist? One photo featured the Daily Wire’s own Ben Shapiro, a nationally syndicated radio host and one of the most popular podcasters in the country. Another photo depicted Dave Rubin, a gay, self-described liberal whose centrist interview show offers a platform for voices on the Right and Left of the political aisle. Bewilderingly, the editors placed in the center of the cover photo montage an image of Milton Friedman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist who spent much of the 1970s and ‘80s explaining basic economic concepts to live audiences on camera.”

Tons of ‘nuance and complexity’ guys! And yes, according to the dying Grey Lady, Milton Friedman is a radical leftist.

You know, Friedman has some major talent here. He comes back from the dead to radicalize people like Caleb Cain …who then swings to the left, which the Times admits about 4,000 words in.

It’s all about that narrative you guys. Nuance is only present when they scramble to protect their leftist and anti-semitic narratives.

Patrick Chappatte, who has now lost his job due to the cowardice of the NY Times, had this to say:

“It’s also a time where the media need to renew themselves and reach out to new audiences. And stop being afraid of the angry mob. In the insane world we live in, the art of the visual commentary is needed more than ever. And so is humor.”

The media has lost its way. Was there outrage regarding the Netanyahu cartoon? Absolutely. Was the cartoon in bad taste and anti-semitic? Unequivocally. Does that mean that all political cartoons – think Mohammed and Charlie Hebdo – need to go away? Absolutely not.

Rather than deal with the issues within their own house, the NY Times decided to punt. They didn’t like the justified criticism they received, so cartoons are out! What a stellar display of cowardice by the Grey Lady. Journalism is dying and the New York Times is one of those who is leading the charge.

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