Chabad Of Poway And The New York Times: Victim And Perpetrator Of Anti-Semitism

Chabad Of Poway And The New York Times: Victim And Perpetrator Of Anti-Semitism

Chabad Of Poway And The New York Times: Victim And Perpetrator Of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is now becoming mainstream. The attacks on Jewish people around the world are at unprecedented levels. Levels the world has not seen since World War II. Furthermore the anti-Semitism is blatant and too few are disavowing it. Which leads to more hate and more attacks. A lone gunman attacked worshippers at the Chabad Of Powar synagogue in Southern California while the New York Times came out from under the covers with their anti-Semitism.

“The San Diego Sheriff’s Department was called to the Chabad of Poway synagogue just before 11:30 a.m. local time after reports of a shooting there. The attack came exactly six months to the day that 11 people were massacred at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh — the deadliest attack on Jews in US history.”

Sadly, an elderly woman was killed and four others were injured.

However, thankfully, there was an off-duty Border Patrol agent on the premises. I firmly believe that if he hadn’t taken action and gone after the shooter with his weapon, more people would’ve been injured and killed.

At the same time that this incident was happening, people around the world were still dealing with the overt anti-Semitism published just two days ago in the New York Times international paper. 

“Easter worshippers who opened Thursday’s copy of the International Edition of the New York Times were treated to a cartoon to warm the cockles of white supremacists, Islamists and lovers of ‘Edelweiss’ everywhere. The cartoon, apparently by a Portuguese artist named Antonio Espresso, depicted a blind Donald Trump, resplendent in the kippah he wears at all times except when the cameras are near, being led by Benjamin Netanyahu in the form of a sausage dog, wearing the Star of David dog collar that all sausage dogs wear.”

Think I’m kidding?

Somewhere there were several editors who looked at that atrocity of a cartoon and thought it was a grand idea to publish. During Passover no less! But no, the New York Times isn’t racist nor anti-Semitic at all. RIIIGHT.

This is the same publication that gave lip service to Ilhan Omar’s remarks that led to a House tap on the wrist. This is the same publication that has essentially tap danced around the subject of anti-Semitism and attempted to tell us that Jesus was a Palestinian and then ever so subtly issued a correction they hoped no one would see. Of course, they were just parroting Ilhan Omar’s and Raisha Tlaib’s helpful stance that He was of Palestinian origin.

Never mind that now. They are making it clear where they stand.

Their apology meant nothing.

“‘A political cartoon in the international print edition of The New York Times on Thursday included anti-Semitic tropes, depicting the prime minister of Israel as a guide dog with a Star of David collar, leading the president of the United States, shown wearing a skullcap. The image was offensive, and it was an error of judgment to publish it. It was provided by the New York Times News Service and Syndicate, which has since deleted it.’”

Did you catch that? The fish wrap NY Times issued a ‘correction’ that described the heinous cartoon in detail, tried to tell everyone it was a sad error in judgement, and also threw their affiliate under the bus. Was there a genuine apology in there somewhere? No.

Yet far too many are willing to excuse the NY Times for what they printed.

Keep in mind, the NY Times ‘apology’ will appear in the print edition – somewhere way down below the fold – in Monday’s international publication. How many will notice? Very very few. 

“Dani Dayan, Consul General of Israel in New York, reached out to the Times to express his outrage regarding the cartoon. An Israeli official told The Jerusalem Post that Dayan in his conversations made it clear that the cartoon was unacceptable, and that the fact it appeared on the paper is an escalation of the latest trend of displaying antisemitic tropes in the American public sphere.

Neither the Foreign Ministry nor the Prime Minister’s Office had any response to the cartoon.”

This is where we are. A victim of racism and hate juxtaposed with a perpetrator of racism and hate.

We cannot afford to stay silent on this. History must not be allowed to repeat itself.

Feature Photo Credit: Chabad of Poway website, cropped and modified

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  • It’s disturbing, to put it mildly, that the cartoonist felt free enough to not only create the cartoon, but to submit it for publication the the NY Times international edition. This was the kind of thing that get most people fired/contract terminated, yet, it not only was submitted, but made past at least one editor for publication. It says even more about the NY Times as a company than the cartoonist.

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