Covid Theater: 2nd Booster Jabs in Time for Mid-Terms

Covid Theater: 2nd Booster Jabs in Time for Mid-Terms

Covid Theater: 2nd Booster Jabs in Time for Mid-Terms

Far be it from us to peddle conspiracy theories, but we sure are interested in the repeated pattern of new China virus variants showing up at just the right time to boost Pfitzer’s bottom line and distract from Resident Biden’s gaffes and follies.

For the better part of the last couple of weeks there’s been babblings from St. Fauci about new variants and Pfizer and Moderna have been lobbying the government to approve a second round of booster shots. All these stories pushed down the screen or to the 2nd or third page as the war in Ukraine or the hearings on Ketanji “I’m not a biologist” Jackson take center stage.

But in light of Biden’s latest nose-diving approval ratings and him going off-script in Europe serious enough to make his handlers faint …

… the White House yells SQUIRREL and leaks to their pet journalists that second boosters are coming.

The Biden administration is planning to give Americans age 50 or older the option of a second booster of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna coronavirus vaccine without recommending outright that they get one, according to several people familiar with the plan.

Major uncertainties have complicated the decision, including how long the protection from a second booster would last, how to explain the plan to the public and even whether the overall goal is to shield Americans from severe disease or from less serious infections as well, since they could lead to long Covid.

If the White House is wringing its grubby little hands over how to explain the plan to us peasants, it is because of months upon months of outright lying about everything China virus has destroyed our trust. Lying about covid deaths — overcounting them by 24% — Oops, sorry, “coding error”!! Lying about therapeutics Ivermectin and HCQ. Even lying about masking to the point that anyone with the brains to tie their own shoes could see the sudden withdrawal of mandates had nothing to do with SCIENCE!! It is political theater. Theater that even many liberals are tired of.

Ah!! So as we get through summer we should be … ahem … prepared for lockdowns and masking …

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned Americans this week that they could soon face additional COVID-19 lockdown measures should a new strain of the virus cause case numbers to increase. (snip)

“If in fact, we do see a turnaround and a resurgence, we have to be able to pivot and go back to any degree of mitigation that is commensurate with what the situation is,” Fauci said.

… oh yes, all things that didn’t work the first time we bought the two weeks to flatten the curve bovine excrement.

“The surge is coming” cries St. Fauci, conveniently setting up the conditions for another round of Democrat cheat-by-mail shenanigans this fall.


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  • Scott says:

    If anyone thinks we will have fair elections going forward, they are delusional. Unless / until those behind stealing the last election are held accountable, and their crimes made public, this will continue, and increase until it is regularly announced that the democrat running got 100% of the vote, just like in other communist countries.

    Keep your powder dry.. (the Founders would have been burning some by now)

  • 370H55V says:

    While I would not underestimate the probability of election fraud and the audacity of the Dems in trying to pull it off again, one factor works in our favor this time around.

    It’s a lot harder to pull the kinds of stunts we saw in 2020 on dispersed congressional and legislative district elections. The chicanery we saw then was concentrated in a handful of deep blue cities and resulted in enough padding of statewide outcomes so as to affect the electoral college vote. If they do that in 2022, it will serve only to pad majorities in inner-city districts they would win anyway, while leaving them unable to do the same in red suburban and rural districts.

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