Womxn Should Not Be Part Of Women’s History Month

Womxn Should Not Be Part Of Women’s History Month

Womxn Should Not Be Part Of Women’s History Month

As workplaces nationwide make an attempt at celebrating women this month, it seems institutions of higher learning are yet trying again to recreate the English language by celebrating “womxn”.

No, I have not made a typo. The term is “womxn”, which is a term I annoyingly have to go back and correct every time I type on this keyboard because my autocorrect wants to default to “woman” or “women”. Georgia State University has jumped on the bandwagon of Women’s History Month with their take: “In Our Garden: Celebrating Womxn’s Past, Present and Future”.

What exactly is a “womxn”? Well, thank God for Dictionary.com!

Womxn: a woman (used, especially in intersectional feminism, as an alternative spelling to avoid the suggestion of sexism perceived in the sequences m-a-n and m-e-n, and to be inclusive of trans and nonbinary women):
The demonstrators demanded equal treatment for womxn and men alike.
womxn’s center

Basically, the pure utterance and spelling of the words “man” or “men” in the words “woman” or “women” is sexist. So, in order to deplete the whole sexism surrounding this word in the English language, intersectional feminists add the “x” in place of a vowel. Get it? The “x” chromosome? Oh, so clever.

But Georgia State University takes things a few steps further in their garden of delights. Now, not only those possessing ovaries and a uterus, who can legit give birth to another life on earth can celebrate Women’s History Month. That’s sexist bull$hit according to them. Now, any and all identifying as female can celebrate and have their accomplishments placed on the board.

The term “womxn” is used by the Center as an inclusive term and spelling to validate individuals whose experiences exist beyond social norms of womanhood. With the inclusion of the Multicultural Center’s use of the spelling “womxn,” the Center aims to amplify the identities and experiences of women of color, transgender individuals, and individuals who are non-binary/non-conforming.”-Georgia State University

GSU has put forth a whole bunch of intersectional, inclusive, transformative, woke-tastic crap for the whole month in celebration of WOMEN or…whatever. Some of these panels included are a “Queer Destress Fest” and a “critical event to discuss the intersection of trans identity and sports“, entitled TRANScending Athletics: Exploring Trans Identity and Sports. From the website:

We will discuss affirming trans identity, how trans athletes can navigate their lives within a sport, and how to make sure that the playing field is fair for all athletes. A panel discussion highlighting and informing students on the current state of laws, legislation and discourse surrounding transgender athletes.”-Georgia State University

Let us take a stab at what was discussed here. Current state of laws. Translation: how a man claiming to be a “womxn” can file an awesome lawsuit with anyone who discriminates against s/him for performance on a job, multiple absences and tardies and taking extra long breaks and lunch hours because he wears a dress. It is grounds for discrimination to call out any and all of this behavior if a man acts like this and identifies as a “womxn”. Noted.

More conversation at this event probably went something like this: Lia Thomas is just like Jackie Robinson-“stunning and brave”, really, in breaking the ground of the marginalized in a history (see what I did there?) of progress. So says Cheryl Kooky, Cooky, Purdue University professor of American studies and women’s, gender and sexuality studies. Remember this insanity from earlier in the week?

She should be embraced in the history of progress that sports represent and recognized as the trailblazer that she is.

Athletic performance is influenced by a number of factors, including hormones, but also other things like coaching and training, psychological makeup of an athlete, access to resources and equipment, among others. Attempts to ban or limit the participation of trans athletes are not based on science. Instead, they are rooted in societal and cultural definitions of what constitutes gender or what defines a woman.”-Cheryl Cooky

Oh, gag. Lia Thomas is not like Jackie Robinson. Lia Thomas is a victimized opportunistic, WHITE MAN.

Nuts. Literally. Lia Thomas should technically be using the men’s locker room. But their versions of biology and science, say otherwise. Everyone else who is in opposition to this is a bigot:

Womxyn’s rights are human rights, apparently. Water is life. And water in a swimming pool of women athletes does not discriminate if there is a male athlete who “identifies” as a white woman, womxn (even though he does not possess the xx chromosome) in the swimming pool and wins the competition without an ounce of remorse or regret. We have come to this juncture.

And what say the leftists who proclaim Conservatives are still waging war on women? Nothing. Instead of celebrating true women who are pioneers in science, athletics, business, medicine and the humanities, our college campuses are too busy catering, again to men, who “feel like women” and claiming anyone who sees anything wrong with this concept is close-minded and unfair. It’s all about the feelings once again.

Hint: if you stand up to pee in a women’s bathroom or have to sit on a toilet and “tuck something in”, (forgive me for being crude), you are not a woman or “womxn”. Too harsh? Too bad. Take that like the man you are.

The truth is, a real man would not want to take away a woman’s achievements or womanhood. The modern-day university definition of this? See “toxic masculinity”.

I’ll take one of these “toxic” men over a victimized, fraud of a womxn any day. Bring it on.

Photo Credit: Foreign, Commonwealth & Development/FlickR/Creative Commons/Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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