COVID-19: America’s Elephant’s Foot

COVID-19: America’s Elephant’s Foot

COVID-19: America’s Elephant’s Foot

Remember in the early days of COVID-19, when we were told we were bigoted, Conspiracy-theorists for not believing everything Dr. Anthony Fauci told us?

Or, for spouting the theory of a virology lab leak? COVID-19 came from a wet market in WuHan. WuHan is in China. China hates us. But don’t call COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus” or the “Wu-Flu” because that’s racist. COVID-19 came from bats. COVID-19 will kill everyone in its wake. But, please, Americans. Don’t jump to conclusions and start talking about a mutated virus leaking from a lab housed in a country who would be completely content with our demise, that could potentially kill millions of people and ruin countless lives.

Just listen to the news. Just trust the “experts”. Just conform and comply. We’re all in this together. This from just a few days ago:

Well, duh. Three years later, some of us are being assured that we are not crazy, racist bigots.

In 2020, if you thought it was possible COVID-19 came from a lab in China you were labeled a conspiracy theorist, a peddler of misinformation, ‘bonkers,’ and a racist.

Facebook and other social media removed the lab leak claim from their apps or slapped ‘misinformation’ labels on it. Facebook did so in lockstep with the government.

So according to the standard set in 2020, the Department of Energy just came out as a racist purveyor of misinformation this week.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that, according to a classified intelligence report provided to the White House and Congress, the Department of Energy concluded that the COVID-19 pandemic likely came from a lab leak.

‘The Energy Department’s conclusion is the result of new intelligence and is significant because the agency has considerable scientific expertise and oversees a network of U.S. national laboratories, some of which conduct advanced biological research,’ the Wall Street Journal report said.”-Jarrett Stepman, The Daily Signal

Dr, Anthony Fauci said the virus was due to “natural phenomenon“. He flip-flopped back and forth on masking, all while compliant masses who were “”all in this together and damn you to hell for not being in this with ’em” worshipping at his altar. Thank you, Dr. Fauci! We trust your science!

There came another insult. Skeptics who did not walk around wearing masks, questioning government over-reach and questioning the origins of COVID-19 were now “anti-science” dullards. All because they did not bow at the feet of little Dr. Dictator.

Like Chernobyl, many Americans came dangerously close to the Elephant’s Foot and have become contaminated. Rebekah Koffler sounds off on this and she is not wrong:

There are stunning similarities between the tactics employed today by Washington – and Moscow decades ago – as the ruling classes clamor to prevent their citizenry from learning the truth.”-Rebekkah Koffler, The New York Times

Koffler, who grew up in The Soviet Union, draws the parallel:

Much like initial US efforts to minimize the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, the Soviets denied early reports that an accident had even taken place.

Indeed, an order to evacuate the area didn’t arrive until 36 hours after the accident.

It wasn’t until Sweden, Finland, and Denmark reported unusually high levels of radiation that the Kremlin finally acknowledged the situation.

Meanwhile, people were already dying from acute radiation syndrome (ARS), suffering from nosebleeds, nausea and vomiting as the government drafted “volunteers” from across the country to assist with the clean-up.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who flip-flopped on every possible COVID-related issue – from the effectiveness of masks to the benefit of the vaccine — would have been proud of the masterful denial and deception campaign unleashed by Soviet apparatchiks on both domestic and international audiences.

Much like Fauci contended that masking was unnecessary in the pandemic’s first months, Soviet government-controlled media called Western reports about the accident unfounded, claiming that everything was under control.”-Rebekkah Koffler, The New York Times

And as Americans were locked in their homes-dead scared to go outside or to be near anyone who sneezed, Fauci, the government, the left-leaning media all provided a seeping ooze of an Elephant’s Foot of toxicity. Keep your kids home, they said. Don’t go to work, they said. Don’t go see grandma, you might kill her, they said. Mask up, stand six feet apart, they said. Own a business? You best comply with their rules, they said. Don’t mingle with other humans outside of your home, they said. Watch us, listen to us for more updates. Don’t worry. We, the government, will take care of you. Your needs, your rent, your food. We’re all in this together. “Follow the science.” Vaxx-up, get a shot. The sooner you get the shot in your arm, the sooner you and your family can get back to normal. Don’t be selfish, now. Do it for the greater good.

More than 40 years later, I was shocked to see a similar coordinated effort to obscure the origins of the COVID epidemic.

Orchestrated by Big Government – in collusion with Big Tech and the Big Media – the goal was to distort and shut down any candid public discourse about this critical national security issue.

US spy agencies concealed from Congress, and therefore the American people, that COVID-19 demonstrated clear consistencies with China’s biological warfare doctrine and Beijing’s long-term programs to weaponize viruses.

This, despite the fact that the State Department knew as early as 2005 that China operates an offensive biological weapons program.”-Rebekkah Koffler, The New York Times

Gain-of-function research in the WuHan lab, with funding provided by NIH, linked to the puppy-killer himself, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Another theory squashed during that time. Don’t ask questions, Americans.

Aided by a left-leaning media – here playing the role of the Communist-era newspaper Pravda – the goal was to demonize anyone, including medical professionals, who strayed away from the party line.”-Rebekkah Koffler, The New York Times

And…meltdown. The COVID-19 Elephant’s Foot has done its damage. Like Chernobyl, the toxicity was not contained. Not only has lack of transparency physically killed off our population, it has killed our spirit. Our elderly family members died scared and alone. Our kids now are two years behind in basic skills like reading and writing. It has killed our economy. It has killed our educational systems. It has killed our values, our pride, our grit, our priorities, our focus. In some cases, it has killed relationships between family members and friends, who have become so infected and affected, they cannot see past the political and ideological divide.

And like The Chernobyl Elephant’s Foot, once a pool of toxic substances from the core of a nuclear reactor that later solidified, the lies and toxicity spread during the COVID-19 pandemic have caused irreparable damage, hardening minds and hearts across our nation. We can, indeed pinpoint where these toxins solidified. Look no further than Washington D.C.

Photo Credit: IAEA Imagebank, via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons/Instapundit Readers!

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  • Liz says:

    There has been an outbreak of chocolatey goodness in Hershey Pennsylvania!
    This was caused by a bulldozer hitting a cocoa bean.
    Anyone who questions this narrative must be silenced as a confirmed Nazi.

  • Liz says:

    Imagine how overwhelming the evidence must be for the folks who labeled it a racist conspiracy theory to admit that “there just might be something to it”.

  • GWB says:

    We trust your science!
    You misspelled it. It’s “The Science!

    minimize the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak
    Which came right before they maximized its severity.
    And there were people who didn’t notice the switch. They were told “There’s new evidence!” and they believed it.

    Gain-of-function research in the WuHan lab
    Remember this: GoF was shut down in the US because it was deemed too dangerous. NOT because we were weaponizing stuff, but because we had had a series of Oopsies! from our expert betters at a bunch of labs across America: shipments of viruses that were supposed to be dead ones but were live ones, some polio found behind the copier, stuff leaked out, people not using the correct level of biohazard, etc. It was a sh*t show of incompetence. We stopped it because we thought “What if that stuff, that’s truly potentially dangerous, got out of containment? We’d be in real trouble then!”
    So, our gov’t (read, “Dr Fauci”) promptly went and outsourced it to countries well-known for their superior quality assurance and safety competencies: China and Ukraine (probably among others).

    Our kids now are two years behind in basic skills like reading and writing.
    They were already two years behind. This put them behind standards intended to pass idiots.
    It took that much for American parents to notice. Along with what they discovered time was being spent on beside the Three ‘R’s.

    Look no further than Washington D.C.
    Nope. Look no further than your neighbors – many of whom called themselves “conservatives” – who abdicated all responsibility to panels of “experts” who were smart enough to run our lives. While many of those “experts” lived in DC, the folks who empowered them – along with law enforcement, bureaucracy, and oodles of others – were living next to you, happily giving away their rights because they preferred the tranquility of their prosperity to the animating contest of freedom.

    We could drop an asteroid on DC tomorrow, and it wouldn’t solve our problem, unless the people sit up and realize their responsibility in a free republic and get back to running their own lives.

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