Could Chinese Defector Have A COVID Smoking Gun?

Could Chinese Defector Have A COVID Smoking Gun?

Could Chinese Defector Have A COVID Smoking Gun?

The rumors began flying this week that the United States might have gotten a high-ranking Chinese defector.

This fell under the “big if true” category, and some outlets tossed it out there, with the caveat that it was a rumor, as the chatter on Twitter ramped up. Clearly, something was going on, but no one was quite sure WHAT was happening, or who the Chinese were trying to find.

But if the new confirmation is true, then the United States might have just scored a pretty big intelligence win. And not just that – we might now also have what the WHO will never be able to get out of China: a possible smoking gun regarding COVID-19.

The rumors that there was a Chinese defector out there was first published by The Daily Beast and by SpyTalk. Both places tell the same story – there are rumors of a top-level Chinese defector who has made it to the United States in February, and China wants him back. The defector has been named as Dong Jingwei, and he apparently got out of China through Hong Kong with his daughter.

Dong is, or was, a longtime official in China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS), also known as the Guoanbu. His publicly available background indicates that he was responsible for the Ministry’s counterintelligence efforts in China, i.e., spy-catching, since being promoted to vice minister in April 2018. If the stories are true, Dong would be the highest-level defector in the history of the People’s Republic of China.”

Again, with the “if true” caveat, this would be a “big f’ing deal,” as the current president might have said when he was slightly more cogent. And apparently, Dong Jingwei’s defection was such a tightly kept secret that not even Secretary of State Antony Blinken knew that he had gotten to the United States. As RedState reports:

According to Spy Talk, Dong’s name came up during the Sino-American Summit held in Alaska in March 2021:

In a tweet on Wednesday, Han [Dr. Han Lianchao, a Chinese defector], citing an unnamed source, alleged that China’s foreign minister Wang Yi and Communist Party foreign affairs boss Yang Jiechi demanded that the Americans return Dong and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken refused.”

RedState’s sources say that Chinese officials did demand that the United States return Dong, but Blinken didn’t exactly refuse; at that time Blinken wasn’t aware that Dong was with the US government, the sources say, and told China that the US didn’t have Dong.”

It’s only in the last three to four weeks that anyone outside DIA knew about the defector, according to RedState’s sources. Prior to that time, DIA was vetting the information provided and confronting Langley officials with what they’d learned without divulging the source.”

Talk about plausible deniability. That particular summit was an unmitigated disaster for Blinken.

To think that he got pressed on Dong’s defection by Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi, and was able to look them right in the eye and say, “Huh?” just strikes me as extremely funny. All credit to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for managing to get Dong and his daughter out, and then keeping that information completely under their hats, so that even the Secretary of State had zero clue what was happening. Yes, that was for the best. Who knows what Blinken might have said or done at that summit if he HAD known.

As independent confirmation comes out that yes, Dong Jingwei is now in the United States, the question becomes, what did he bring with him? Here is what RedState says Dong has given the DIA:

– Early pathogenic studies of the virus we now know as SARS-CoV-2
– Models of predicted COVID-19 spread and damage to the US and the world
– Financial records detailing which exact organizations and governments funded the research on SARS-CoV-2 and other biological warfare research
– Names of US citizens who provide intel to China
– Names of Chinese spies working in the US or attending US universities
– Financial records showing US businessmen and public officials who’ve received money from the Chinese government
– Details of meetings US government officials had (perhaps unwittingly) with Chinese spies and members of Russia’s SVR
– How the Chinese government gained access to a CIA communications system, leading to the death of dozens of Chinese people who were working with the CIA”

Dong also has provided DIA with copies of the contents of the hard drive on Hunter Biden’s laptop, showing the information the Chinese government has about Hunter’s pornography problem and about his (and Joe’s) business dealings with Chinese entities. Some of the files on Dong has provided shine a light on just how it was that the sale of Henniges Automotive (and their stealth technology) to Chinese military manufacturer AVIC Auto was approved.”

Um, are we allowed to yell “jackpot” at this point? What is Chinese for “jackpot?” If this list reads true and is indeed what Dong has given the United States… wow. First of all, the COVID research and models might be as close as any Western government gets to a smoking gun on how the virus spread within China, and might be the single most solid piece of evidence that boosts the lab-leak theory. Short of “Bat Woman” herself defecting and spilling the proverbial beans, I don’t know how we can get any more evidence out of China. It’s not like the Biden team is actually going to be tough on China when it comes to the COVID investigation and push them that hard.

Speaking of which, remember how Hunter Biden picked up quite a bit of Chinese money, along with that cut for “the big guy?” And how Hunter STILL has a stake in the Chinese investment company BHR, as of last month? So, um, how does Dong Jingwei, a Chinese counterintelligence vice minister, have copies of the contents of HUNTER BIDEN’S HARD DRIVE??? At what point will the media outlets who cried about Hunter’s laptop being “Russian disinformation” be forced to eat copious amounts of crow? That will happen at exactly the point that Joe Biden is no longer useful to the left – and right now, he is all that is standing between the presidency and Kamala Harris.

Now, given the sensitive intelligence involved here, are we really expecting the DIA, the State Department, Blinken, or even Biden to confirm any of these details solidly? Not really – at least not for decades. But if true, Dong’s defection just made things a whole lot more interesting for our relationship with China. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is unlikely to do a damn thing with this intelligence to actually put any kind of pressure on China. Dong didn’t defect for nothing, but it will take a president with both full cognitive abilities, and guts, to actually use any of this against China.

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  • Scott says:

    If Dong really does have that much info on Biden and Hunter, as well as on others like Swalwell, Pelosi, Feinstein (all of whom likely fall under the categories of ” citizens that provide intel to china” or “US officials that had meetings with chinese spies”, does anyone really think he won’t be given back to china, or just “disappeared”?

  • I knew the Chinese Defector was real when they had to hide him from Chris Wray.

    This Spy Chief Defector would have known which American Intel Agencies have been corrupted by China and which have not.

    He’s telling us who is who by the fact that he went to the DIA–and not to the Wray/Brennan Gang That Couldn’t Coup Straight.

    Proconsul Biden will, of course, be briefing his Chinese employers about what this defector says. He would send him back if he thought he could get away with it.

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