CNN’s Stelter: Trump Leaving Hospital Is Move of Autocratic Strongman

CNN’s Stelter: Trump Leaving Hospital Is Move of Autocratic Strongman

CNN’s Stelter: Trump Leaving Hospital Is Move of Autocratic Strongman

If you’re still watching mainstream media—especially CNN’s Brian Stelter—it’s time to break that nasty habit. If there’s anything utterly demonstrative of their bias and hatred toward President Trump, it’s their despicable behavior following the announcement last Thursday that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19. And when he left Walter Reed hospital and returned to the White House yesterday evening looking strong, fit, resolute, and proving that the virus treatments he’s been touting work, the mainstream media’s collective response was typical, hate-filled hyperbole. Behold Exhibit A from the brain trust that is CNN’s Stelter:

I’ll wait while you finish face-palming…and maybe reminding Mr. Stelter that we’re not a “democracy.”

Ok. So let’s unpack Stelter’s tired old 24/7 “Trump’s An Autocratic Dictator” mantra a little.

It’s not a new lefty chant. “Journalists” like Brian Stelter have yammered about “Trump” and “strongman” for years now. We even heard it in some conservative media, where voices like Glenn Beck believed Hitler was coming around the bend if we made the mistake of choosing Donald Trump as our party’s nominee. But even Mr. Beck has reversed course, admitting he was wrong, that Trump is no Hitler, and acknowledging the excellent job President Trump has done during his time in office. And, just like me, he’s now a supporter. Because that’s what critical thinkers do: learn, grow, and evolve.

But the left-wing media? Well, just like they’re mired in March-COVID mania, and never evolving past it as we learn new information on the disease including its lethality rate, they’re stuck in pre-2016, where Donald Trump looked to some like he might be to the extreme right of Obama’s extreme left. At least, that’s what those accustomed to the establishment running the D.C. show wanted us to believe.

Except that was never the case. And anyone who has two minutes to spare can internet-search President Trump’s list of accomplishments, including fostering peace in the Middle East where he’s made massive strides, cracking down on far-left rioters here at home, and his continued refusal to impose any lock-down or mask mandates from On High.

But you know who would? Joe Biden. He’s said as much….like, well, just yesterday…

…and his unconstitutional agenda is the very reason the left and their D.C. and media cronies are fighting so hard, while once again exploiting COVID, to keep the Supreme Court justice seat vacated by Ruth Bader Ginsburg from being filled by a constitutional originalist.

And naturally, there is precisely zero interest from these same mainstream media cretins—like YOU, Brian Stelter—in either Joe Biden’s mental and physical health…

…or on his repeated promises of being the very dictator they claim Trump is.

Here’s the definition of “strongman:”

one who leads or controls by force of will and character or by military methods”

Which begs some questions: If President Trump is a despot, why would some on the left—like famed Russia Conspiracy Theorist Rachel Maddow of MSNBC did here—wish him “a speedy recovery” upon his diagnosis? And if he were a brutal dictator as they’d have us all believe, wouldn’t he be cracking down ChiCom-style on their constant and vicious vitriol directed solely at him? Wouldn’t he instead be rounding them up, tossing them into secret government gulags, and forcing them to listen to Kidd Rock music until they crack? And if he were a strongman hell-bent on imposing his will upon us, wouldn’t he do exactly what Joe Biden—who’s suggested enlisting our military to remove Trump from office should he lose re-election—is promising by imposing blanket, Draconian lock-down orders and forced face-burqas-for-all? Sounds kinda strongman-y, doncha think?

By the way, if you haven’t read it, Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept—not exactly a bastion of conservative thought—has a great “strongman” nonsense take-down here.

No, the left-stream media swamp creatures, including the mental midget that is CNN’s Brian Stelter, don’t even believe their own nonsense, for if they did, they’d have all been celebrating their “Stalin”-wannabe’s imminent demise, and rising from the bunkers beneath their desks as the dictator’s chill on free speech is lifted…not freely spewing, without consequence, verbal vomitous like this all over the airwaves.

And, speaking of strongmen, let’s not forget how CNN et al gushed over dictator Kim Jong-un’s sister during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Oh, and by the way, here are CNN’s cozy ties to the Chinese communist regime, lead by a…wait for it…strongman whose parliament has dutifully made him leader for life:

CNN is owned and operated by WarnerMedia, which has significant financial and institutional ties to the CCP. In June 2013, WarnerMedia announced it had forged a partnership with a Chinese investment fund to the tune of $50 million. The funding would directly invest in the China Media Capital (CMC), a media company with oversight from the CCP, meaning it is subject to censorship and other demands to push Chinese propaganda.”

And boy do they, with CNN’s Stelter the ChiComs’ Chief Water Carrier. And Joe Biden? Well, let’s just say he’s their guy.

President Trump is not a perfect man. We all know that. But he’s accomplished more for our nation, her people (whom he truly reveres like few presidents have in my lifetime), and the world in the past three-and-a-half years than most presidents have done in eight. So no, it’s not “a strongman” the lefty media is concerned with; what they’re really afraid of is four more years of proving, once again, that conservative, common-sense policies work…and perhaps another SCOTUS justice or two who will, for decades to come, defend that glorious piece of paper, and all that’s held within it, that protects us all from said despotism. And that’s a fear I’m happy to watch consume them.


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  • Dietrich says:

    I would ask how ‘Tater is still employed, but I realized it is because he just verbalized what they all believe.

  • David Longfellow says:

    Stelter is a wimp, no two ways about it.

  • Chad Lynch says:

    Whenever someone says Brian Stelter’s name, I hear it in Mark Dices high pitched falcetto voice. Seriously, if he wasn’t such a Wormtongue I would pity him.

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