CNN’s Amanpour Compares Trump To Nazi Germany’s Kristallnacht

CNN’s Amanpour Compares Trump To Nazi Germany’s Kristallnacht

CNN’s Amanpour Compares Trump To Nazi Germany’s Kristallnacht

Christiane Amanpour informed the world that President Trump’s war on Truth is equivalent to the violent Nazi pograms called Kristallnacht that took place this week 82 years ago.

Yes indeed, she really said that with 100% conviction that she is speaking the truth. Trump is Hitler. 

What was Kristallnacht?

“Starting in the late hours of November 9 and continuing into the next day, Nazi mobs torched or otherwise vandalized hundreds of synagogues throughout Germany and damaged, if not completely destroyed, thousands of Jewish homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and cemeteries. Nearly 100 Jews were murdered during the violence. Nazi officials ordered German police officers and firemen to do nothing as the riots raged and buildings burned, although firefighters were allowed to extinguish blazes that threatened Aryan-owned property.”

The Jewish community was fined nearly $400 million (in 1938 dollars) for the damage Hitler’s Gestapo inflicted and over 30,000 Jewish men were rounded up in the days after Kristallnacht and sent to the concentration camps. 

This horrific event in 1938 is not and should never ever be compared to any events or people today. But that is exactly what Christiane Amanpour did. And she meant it. 

Anti-Semitism is completely ok if it is spouted by journalists, especially by those journalists who hate President Trump and have done everything they can for the last four years to spread lies and misinformation. I find it laughable and infuriating that CNN is peddling this after getting busted with their pants down time and again regarding Trump Russia collusion, the Steele dossier, misquoting President Trump, COVID-19, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Justice Amy Coney Barrett…the list of lies promoted by CNN is very long.  

Understandably people are pushing back against Amanpour and CNN. 

  • “ “Hey @CNN @camanpour please stop using the horrors of the Holocaust to justify an agenda. Our suffering is not yours to play political ping pong with.”
  • Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council: “Despicable. @camanpour compares verbal fact checking of a POTUS to a Nazi pogrom in which dozens of Jews were murdered. Amanpour uses the book burning of Kristallnacht to reach this comparison thus ignoring the overall deadliness and human cost of the night.”
  • Joel Petlin, educator and journalist: “It’s outrageous everytime a journalist compares the Trump presidency to the start of the #Holocaust. The fact that @camanpour does it on @CNN doesn’t give it any more legitimacy. Message to all Journalists: STOP USING THE HOLOCAUST TO SCORE POLITICAL POINTS!”
  • Dovid Efune, Editor Algemeiner: “Awful from @camanpour . Using the Holocaust as a political cudgel is the height of insensitivity and disrespect. Did she mark Kristallnacht in previous years? Or only when politically opportune? The memory of the massacred millions is sacred. This segment is a desecration.””

Yes, what she said is awful and evil. Will CNN or Amanpour apologize? I doubt it. Even if there is an apology, it won’t be meaningful. 

This anti-Semitism isn’t just a one-off. Many journalists, political pundits, and Governors on the left have been getting more blatant about their anti-semitism. It’s ok though. All of this must take place in order to get Trump or, in the case of the Jewish community in New York, make them comply with de Blasio’s arbitrary COVID-19 rules

Caroline Glick points out that American Jews are in danger now more than ever. For healthy societies, anti-Semitism is low to nearly non-existent. Not so currently in our country. Why?

“The media is the first force responsible for this crisis. For the past four years, all major U.S. television networks and national newspapers have dedicated themselves not to reporting news, but to defining the boundaries of acceptable public discourse. Big Tech firms—Facebook, Google and Twitter, in particular, having amassed powers the KGB could only have dreamed of—serve as the enforcers of those boundaries.


“The media’s abandonment of journalism and their hatred of half of American society, as well as the Democrats’ embrace of a totalitarian theory of race and American secular sin as an organizing principle, are unmooring America from its democratic, pluralistic anchors. American society is moving into a post-democratic reality. And if action isn’t taken to restore those anchors, American society as a whole will suffer. But American Jews will be the first to suffer.”

Read the whole thing, and then review Christiane Amanpour’s remarks again. Now look at David Frum’s tweets about today’s #MAGAMillionMarch in Washington D.C. 

The reality of today’s march isn’t, as Frum would have us believe, a Hitler rally. 

You know what? That won’t matter to David Frum or Christiane Amanpour. They have their narrative, President Donald J. Trump is literally Hitler in their eyes, and they will promote it with all their might, even though President Trump has been fighting against anti-Semitism since the day he took office. 

Amanpour, Frum and too many others are not only hating for the sake of hating because of President Trump, they are using the Jewish people as props for their hatred. That is dangerously wrong on every level for ALL of us.

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  • Scott says:

    As always, NEVER assume / say that the left can’t sink any further, they take it as a challenge…

  • fast richard says:

    You can recognize the political/spiritual equivalents of Kristallnacht by the trail of broken glass and the smell of burning books. That does not describe a Trump rally. The fact that my favorite bookstore was burned to the ground in this summers riots in Minneapolis strongly colors my perception of who does or does not resemble the Nazis.

  • GWB says:

    should never ever be compared to any events or people today
    I disagree. However, it should not be compared to events or people that are not comparable.

    CNN is peddling this after getting busted with their pants down time and again
    I know it’s a common phrase and all… but, GEEZOPETE! NOT what I needed in my head today: a mental image of Tater, pantsless. Oy vey.

    BTW, this is not the first time Amanpour has played anti-Semite. Or gone to bat for terrorists and dictators.

    As to Frum, he is not the Christian apologist he thinks he is. Instead, he is a self-righteous moralizing prig who has turned one aspect of Christianity into an idol with which to bash his “fellow believers”.

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