Clintons v Obama, Blame Game on Benghazi, and LINKS!

Clintons v Obama, Blame Game on Benghazi, and LINKS!

It’s a well-known fact they hate each other and their working relationship is born from power. We’re learning more and more about Benghazi-gate each day and someone IS to blame for the lack of security. The White House and State are practically racing to see who can blame the other first. And now, the Daily Caller says Barack Obama is throwing Hillary Clinton under the 2012 election bus.

Joe Biden’s now famous proclamation that our intelligence agencies did not alert he or Obama to the growing danger facing the State Department’s facility in Benghazi, Libya, lays the blame squarely at the State Department and Hillary Clinton’s feet.

“We weren’t told they wanted more security,” he said during the VP Debate with Paul Ryan on October 11th. Remember?

Will Bill and Hillary Clinton let Obama get away with this? No way. The Obama WH has more than a few enemies in their Administration. In fact, there’s already pushback against the White House position. I love how The Other McCain describes this:

“Here, we have two public figures who both look negligent over a tragedy. And they hold grudges against each other going back. They can both get hammered together, or can try to minimize their damage by pinning blame on the other.”

I don’t really see the first happening with this group. But I’d put money on the second! So, I’ll hide the shiv’s and make popcorn. This has to be the first October surprise that a candidate did to themselves.

Great Saturday Blog Reading

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and finally, Cassandra at Villainous Company has a blog post called “It’s 3am. Do you know what your Cabinet is doing?”.

Go read and Happy Saturday!

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