Climate Change Marathon Brings Out Inner Dictators

Climate Change Marathon Brings Out Inner Dictators

Climate Change Marathon Brings Out Inner Dictators

Let’s be honest: this entire CNN climate change town hall marathon could be fairly considered an in-kind donation to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign.

There’s a reason that there was a Bingo card for this thing being circulated on Twitter. But what is really frightening is just how much the subject of climate change brings out the inner dictator in these Democrat candidates. Not only do they have “ideas” of how you should live your live to save the climate, it seems they have little compunction about trampling over your freedom to get there. Let’s look at some of the most memorably horrifying moments that the candidates gave the viewers.

Andrew Yang
You have to hand it to him, Yang has at least been an interesting candidate. He did not fail last night, when he filled in a Bingo square all by himself with two words: “space mirrors.” So, what happens when one of the mirrors fails, tilts, and a polar bear barbecue ensues like ants burning under a magnifying glass? I mean, what could POSSIBLY go wrong??? But then Yang brought out his inner dictator. Electric cars for all, comrade – you will be made to drive them.

I’m old enough to remember “Cash For Clunkers” and what a raging failure it was. Anyone else?

And if you can’t afford said electric car, or it isn’t practical for you because you live out in the middle of rural America? Too bad, I guess. (What, you wanted actual working plans, not pie-in-the-sky communism? Wrong debate.)

Kamala Harris
Out of all the Democrat candidates, Kamala Harris is the one that most sounds like she will enjoy being dictator of the United States. After all, she’s used to locking people up when they don’t obey her. Harris wants to change your diet by having the government push vegetables over red meat (she wasn’t the only Democrat to bring up red meat as a climate change problem; I had no idea that the left has completely bought into Chick-fil-A’s marketing campaign), but where she really hit a home run in the “Who Wants To Be A Dictator?” Games is when she said that as president, she would get rid of the filibuster in the Senate in order to pass the Green New Deal.

Let’s all remember that Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker all had a chance to show their support for the Green New Deal when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell brought it up for a vote back in March, and, like Monty Python’s Brave Sir Robin, they “bravely ran away” from voting for the Green New Deal and opted to mark themselves “present.” What leadership! However, the senator from California is forgetting a teensy-tiny but ever so important detail…. the president has no power to change the rules OF THE SENATE. That is, unless the president is actually a dictator. And Harris got ZERO pushback from Erin Burnett, because clearly that woman is an idiot as well.

Bernie Sanders
Grandpa Bernie, who apparently thinks that parents can turn off crying babies, will bankrupt the country to push the Green New Deal and is proud of it.

“We are fighting for the survival of the planet Earth, our only planet. How is this not a major priority?” Sanders asked.”

Sanders was unapologetic about the cost of his $16 trillion plan to combat climate change, boasting his was the most serious approach of any presidential candidate in history.”

And he rejected the idea that he’s too extreme to take on Trump in a general election, by presenting himself as more rational than the current President: “Donald Trump thinks that climate change is a hoax. I think he is dangerously, dangerously wrong.”

Bernie’s abortion comments are in a league of their own, so will be addressed separately. But between the money he wants for Medicare For All, the Green New Deal, and getting rid of all student loan debt, Bernie would find himself printing money in the style of Zimbabwe. How very dictator-like.

Elizabeth Warren
No nukes for Lizzie!

Nuclear energy is one of the only clean renewable energy sources that we have, and Elizabeth Warren wants to remove it, and all carbon fuels, by 2035. Would someone please tell the senator that wind turbines, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy won’t be enough to keep the lights on? And of course, we can’t burn candles anymore, right? So much for that “public option internet,” huh, Lizzie? What’s the point of handing out free internet access if we don’t have enough electricity to actually use the internet? (Or power up those electric cars that Andrew Yang wants us all to own?)

Joe Biden
Honestly, does Joe even know why he’s up on stage, running for president, at this point? His entire pro-Green New Deal message got subsumed by his bleeding eye. He wants to get rid of all carbon-based fossil fuels as well, but did he have to go total Bond villain while doing it?

The final takeaway? Democrats are going to ban all the things!

It’s for your own good, comrade. No red meat, no cars but electric ones, no electricity to power said car – why wouldn’t you vote for them?

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  • Dietrich says:

    19th century standard of living, here we come!

    • Angie says:

      I was thinking more like they want us at about a 12th century standard… Look at the disease they breed in cities like L.A.

  • GWB says:

    Wrong debate.
    Debate?! What debate? Where?

    because clearly that woman is an idiot as well
    There is a theme running through these people…….

    thinks that parents can turn off crying babies
    I gotta agree with Bernie for once. If you can’t get the baby to quiet, then you need to leave the area so other people can hear. It’s why we have cry rooms at church.
    (But, I’ll ask: does he have any kids?)

    We are fighting for the survival of the planet Earth
    Interestingly, they treat the Earth the same way they treat minorities: with low expectations. Just as they treat blacks as incapable of rising on their own, they think the Earth can be destroyed by us merely pumping some soot CO2 into the air and plastic into the ocean. More soot and CO2 was dumped into the atmosphere with the explosion of Krakatoa than all the industry in America, ever. Heck, Earth even survived the meteor strike that (possibly) killed the dinosaurs (except Sanders).
    Anthropogenic Climate Change: The soft bigotry of low expectations.

    Donald Trump thinks that climate change is a hoax.
    I’m pretty sure that, like most of us, he thinks it’s the anthropogenic part that’s a hoax. And the panic over it. Since no one screaming about it (well, the cult leaders, anyway) seems to actually care about their own emissions. And they’re aiming their “solutions” at the wrong people. So, yeah, the cult IS a hoax.

    printing money in the style of Zimbabwe
    Which ensured that, even though Mugabe is now DEAD, the country will still suffer for generations.

    And of course, we can’t burn candles anymore, right?
    What did socialists use before candles? Electricity!

    (Or power up those electric cars that Andrew Yang wants us all to own?)
    Oh, no, no, no! We can do that! See, you just put the renewable source right on the car. You put a solar panel on top for when it’s parked, and a little windmill for when it’s moving! It’s perfect! You won’t even have to plug in to the grid.

    Ban […] “carbon”
    I’m all for that, as long as they start with themselves. These people are too crazy to be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. (Most of them are entirely too close as it is!)

    • Angie says:

      We don’t need electric cars either. I saw one back a couple yrs ago designed to run on poop.

      The left is so full of $h!t they could power a fleet of buses to run for eternity.

  • GWB says:

    Oh, and I’m very interested to see if the DNC follows through on its original threat that anyone doing the unsanctioned ‘debate’ won’t get into the next DNC one.

    I’m giving 3-to-1 odds they cave.

  • Ewin Barnett says:

    Socialism is the ideology that society will be forced to be better in every way that counts when each citizen is forced to live at the expense of every other citizen. Well that not the full story. It is when every possible aspect of the lives of citizens can be pried away from them and turned over to some governing force.

    Notice the proposed trade- if you elect us, in return for you allowing us to take all of your money and your stuff we will give you abortions when you ask for them. Or if you elect us, in return we will force every other citizen to trash their gasoline fueled car and to buy a lithium-battery car (made from lithium mined and processed by the OLEC- the Organization of Lithium Exporting Countries).

    But it even goes further than this- if you elect us, we will work day and night to coerce and force every other citizen to believe in the things we believe in, or at least to act as if those things were true, or at least to shut up.

    The Collectivist Comrades in the (D) party are hell-bent upon bringing this Utopia to the Land of the Used-to-be Free. Given how lofty these ideals are, would we become the Greatest Generation should we allow it to happen?

  • Ewin Barnett says:

    Václav Havel was a playwright, author, the first president of the Czech Republic (1993–2003) after the Czech–Slovak split.

    He wrote a famous essay, The Power of the Powerless (the social and spiritual consequences of socialism)

    “The principle involved here is that the center of power is identical with the center of truth.” Havel warns that socialist regimes create and enforce their own truth to maintain power. As time goes on, this truth diverges from factual truth and it increasingly forces those who support and depend upon the power of the regime to corrupt themselves to sustain the artificial truth.

    In the end, people not only lie to each other, but they start to lie to themselves.


    “Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics … It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.” –Vaclav Havel, on the pervasiveness of lies in the socialist society

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