CIA Wrong on Russian Pro Trump Interference

CIA Wrong on Russian Pro Trump Interference

CIA Wrong on Russian Pro Trump Interference

The Washington Times has reported that former CIA Director John Brennan’s conclusion that Russia interference was to ensure a Trump victory in the 2016 Election was flawed. “Tradecraft” is being blamed.

John Brennan is a vocal Obama supporter. The Washington Times article reports:

U.S. intelligence agencies’ far-reaching conclusion that Vladimir Putin interfered in the 2016 presidential election to specifically help Donald Trump was flawed by “tradecraft failings,” says a House report.

The conclusion was written by the CIA then under the direction of Obama loyalist John O. Brennan.

The report said the CIA’s Putin-Trump analysis violated standards for analyzing intelligence products and noted that one guideline is to “be independent of political considerations.”

Because I didn’t know, I had to look up “tradecraft”. According to Merriam-Webster:

: the techniques and procedures of espionage

So, basically, it’s how to be a spy. Failed tradecraft would mean failed spying? Did I get that right?

The findings were reported in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence investigation into the 2016 Election. This report is from the Republican majority. The Democrats will write their own report and Adam Schiff will be all over television yet again.

More from the Washington Times article:

It said the CIA’s draft section on Mr. Putin’s intentions lacked vigorous internal debate because it was restricted to an “unusually constrained review” by other agencies.


It buttressed the argument from Hillary Clinton, who from the moment she lost to Mr. Trump cited Russia as the reason. Obama loyalists, such as Mr. Brennan and former National Director of Intelligence James R. Clapper, have suggested that Mr. Trump is a Putin agent.

Not only has Brennan suggested that Trump is an agent for Putin, he has also said that Putin may be blackmailing Trump. From March 21, 2018 Business Insider:

Former CIA Director John Brennan suggested Wednesday that Russia may have compromising information on President Donald Trump and is using it to exercise power over him.

Brennan, who has emerged as one of Trump’s fiercest critics over the last year, told host Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC that Trump’s congratulatory message to Russian President Vladimir Putin the wake of his reelection this week, which critics viewed as a “sham,” suggested that Trump was scared to cross the Russian leader.

It was less than a year ago that John Brennan testified (testilied?) before the House and implied, inferred and weasel worded the following:

All those headlines that Russian interference was to guarantee a Trump win:

The New York Times: “Russia Wanted Trump To Win. And, It Wanted To Get Caught.”

US News & World Report: “Why Did Putin Want Trump to Win? Republicans need to ask why Russia backed their party’s candidate for president.”

The Daily Beast: “House Russia Probe Chief: Putin May Have Wanted Trump”

Oops! Invalid. Did Russia try to interfere in the 2016 Election? Yes. Always. The Russians always want to undermine our confidence in our Republic. The only interference regarding Trump was from the Deep State to ensure his loss.

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  • John Delgado says:

    John Brennan is a frikken brainless DH. The longer this crap goes on the more amazed i am that Americans have elected these brainless assholes who place DH LIKE Brennan or Kerry in those positions.

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