Dr. Bornstein and the media

Dr. Bornstein and the media

Dr. Bornstein and the media

From the moment Donald Trump began looking like a serious candidate for president, the media began scouring the nation for anyone who might have anything to say about him. They hunted high and low, looked in the shadows and cracks of humanity. They wanted a story and they were going to get it. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve seen everything from Russians to Stormy Daniels to Dr. Harold Bornstein and, boy, are we seeing a lot of Bornstein right now.

Harold Bornstein
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Our first real introduction to Bornstein came 2015 when he described the then-candidate’s health. Who can forget “His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary . . . he crowed in the letter, which was released by Trump’s campaign in December 2015. “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Now, of course, Bornstein is walking back from that comment, saying he didn’t write it but that Trump did. Of course, the media is jumping all over this claim by Bornstein, ignoring not only the fact the doctor released the statement without any apparent objection but also that there are other issues that might just bear looking into when considering the man’s veracity.

Let’s start with the fact Bornstein is no longer Trump’s doctor. The reason for that, according to Bornstein, is that the President cut ties with him after Bornstein spoke with the New York Times. It seems Bornstein told the Times Trump takes Propecia. Hmmm. A man with a doctor-patient relationship with someone tells the media his patient takes a certain drug. More than that, he does so without that patient’s permission. There is a term for that: violation of privilege. It is also a violation of HIPAA.

So, we have a doctor more worried about seeing his name in the media than about patient privacy. But there’s more. It seems Bornstein thought he should be the White House physician. He sure had a funny way of going about it. First, he broke doctor-patient privilege. Now, he is making the rounds of the media again — and they are eating it up — claiming the President had his people “raid” Bornstein’s office and remove all records pertaining to Trump.

This time, according to Bornstein, three men representing the President showed up unannounced at his office in February 2017. In what Bornstein called a “raid”, they supposedly took all Trump’s records. Playing the role of the victim to the hilt, Bornstein said he felt “raped, frightened and sad” by what happened. He claims there was no HIPAA form authorizing the release of information given over at the time.

Bornstein is being painted as the victim here in the media’s continuing assault on the President. Poor Dr. Bornstein, a man with little to no regard for HIPAA laws himself, at least to judge by his statements to the media about Trump taking Propecia. Poor Dr. Bornstein who wanted to be White House physician and found his dream cut off for his violation of doctor-patient privilege. Now the media is playing up an event that supposedly took place more than a year ago. Why is the media making it news today, at a time when there are real issues they could be covering? The answer is simple. Trump Derangement Syndrome lives on and lives strong in the media, a media that wants to shape the news and not just report it.

While we should look long and hard at Bornstein for his actions — who wants a doctor willing to sacrifice privilege for a few moments of fame? — we need to be looking even harder at the media. They whine and whinge about how no one trusts them. They bark and yap whenever the Presidents talks about fake news. And yet we get stories like Bornstein that they play over and over again and why? Because they hope it will paint the President and his administration in a bad light. Where is the urgency of this story? Where is the importance of this story? Why are they giving it any credence without fully investigating it and investigating Bornstein? The answer is simple — they do it because of Trump. Fake news lives once again only this time there is a winner: the public. It not only gets to see how hard the media struggles to find any way to condemn the President, it has been warned about a doctor who appears to have problems understanding what doctor-patient privilege means.

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  • GWB says:

    Yeah, the idea of a patient sending a legal team to retrieve records from a doctor the patient no longer trusts….
    Not that far-fetched. And not really something normal Americans would find troublesome.

    As for Trump being the healthiest? Oy, I’m pretty sure the eye-rolling by the people who actually ended up voting for him alone probably perturbed the Earth’s orbit. But we all voted for him anyway.

    There’s a qualitative difference between Trump’s narcissism and 0bama’s: Trump doesn’t believe he’s a messiah. It really does make a difference.

  • skillyboo says:

    Not to worry the media will beat this story to death until the next non story comes along.

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