Child Defends Herself From Biden’s Creepy Advances

Child Defends Herself From Biden’s Creepy Advances

Child Defends Herself From Biden’s Creepy Advances

Our senile Commander-In-Chief just cannot keep his hands to himself when it comes to a child. This latest video from the Post Millennial says it all. Take a look:

If you watch the video, you’ll see that this little girl is having none of what Joe Biden attempting to do. When he tries to walk up and touch her initially, she recoils and turns away. After the president doubles down, attempting to touch her face, simultaneously moving his nose close to her hair, the girl then throws her fist up, forcing him to back off.”-Bonchie, Red State

You think? Not according to some delusional Democrats:

Take it any way you want. I know, the fake outrage of the Biden haters is palpable, Vegas. But the truth is, this child is not the President’s granddaughter. No, if she were his granddaughter, he would go right in for the full smooch on the lips. And then, AP News will defend this behavior with an article reporting the teenager he kissed on the lips is his granddaughter. And, she was not 15 but 19 years-old (so the smooch was consensual, I guess). Back to the little girl in this video. To this child, he is a stranger. Whatever happened to stranger-danger or does that just go out the window when THE PRESIDENT goes in to poke those dimpled cheeks?

The issue with this is the President’s continued advances upon this young child who clearly does not want to be touched or to have her space invaded by some rando creepy old man in a suit. She recoils and tries to shield herself but he keeps encroaching.

And, of course, the individual (birthing person or otherwise) who is holding this child stays within the reach of the President’s clutches. What can we expect? She probably voted for ol’ creepy Joe despite his multiple inappropriate comments and hair sniffs over the past decades. “How fun to go to the Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning on The White House Lawn and see President Biden! I cannot wait to tell my woke mom’s playgroup how the President pinched your cheeks! Oh,silly girl! Don’t be afraid of the old man in the suit! Why are you raising your fist?”

I could see woke mom in playgroup bragging to the blue-haired mob of moms of like-mindedness about her child: “Oh, she was just raising her fist and displaying her resistance to the patriarchy!

At least Secret Service did not take the child away.

The truth is, when you know, you know. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for sometimes. Which is why the left wants to swoop in and change the narrative to make them question their sexuality, to make them think about sexuality at young and tender ages, to mold them and groom them to be sexual beings before intellectual beings.

The sexualization of children is occurring in brick-and-mortar spaces too as “drag queen story hours,” in which cross-dressing adult entertainers interact with children in taxpayer-funded local libraries, have appeared across the country.

In education, the United Nations promotes Comprehensive Sexual Education around the world. In America, groups such as Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, and the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network promote “comprehensive” sexual education, which includes instruction about homosexual practices, transgender theory, and abortion.”-Heritage.Org

Creepy Joe Biden has and is part of this machine.

The Department of Education under the Obama administration pressured schools to implement transgender policies that pose risks to children’s privacy and safety. In Georgia, Pascha Thomas’ 5-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted in a restroom at an elementary school that adopted a gender identity-based access policy without notifying parents.”

I say good for that child putting up a barrier of defense between herself and Joe Biden. Looks like the adults on the scene weren’t going to help her. There is hope for our future generations. If only she would have popped him one. That, I would have liked to see. Wanna rumble? Let’s go, Brandon! This is one turkey that doesn’t need pardoning. I know. Let’s not insult the poor turkeys.

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Photo Credit: VG Original Artwork, Darleen Click

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  • Cameron says:

    This kid will be doxxed before the week ends.

  • JAW3 says:

    Dear Diary! I think daddy wants to take another shower together. Please tell him to take his Gas-x!

  • Ted says:

    Regrettably, she is now in custody next to the January 6 folks.

  • GWB says:

    Kids are smarter than we give them credit for sometimes.
    Actually, the left loves to use that idea to say that therefore children should be allowed to make up their own minds about certain things – like their gender or their morality.
    Kids are not really wise. But sometimes their instincts make them appear that way to us.

    As to the kid….
    She might not be resisting Perving Joe as much as just not wanting to be touched. She’s a kid. Heck I watched a family in front of me at church Sunday dealing with exactly this. The only reason to suspect otherwise is… well, Joe. The dude is pervy. Period. (Why didn’t you use the meme of him and that one girl with him asking about seeing the puppy in his van? That one is a legend.) Reagan (not having a rep as a perv) might have had the same thing happen, and he would have joked about her being a Democrat and just gone on about his business. But Joe deserves this.

  • RebeccaH says:

    ***I’m gonna take it you guys never had any grandparents?

    — Vegas Fallen Gaming (@vegasfallen) November 21, 2021***

    I had a grandfather. He didn’t touch strangers, particularly children he didn’t know, without permission.

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