Chappelle Holiday Roasts High School Students For The Win

Chappelle Holiday Roasts High School Students For The Win

Chappelle Holiday Roasts High School Students For The Win

Just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, comedian Dave Chappelle paid a visit to his alma mater in Washington, D.C. This was after the Duke Ellington School of the Arts postponed said fundraiser. Take a look:

Students complained. Students staged a walkout. Boo-hoo. Politico offered a play-by play of the events. The fundraiser was delayed until the spring but Chappelle still showed up at the school to an auditorium packed with almost 600 students.

Chappelle took to the stage amidst cheers and jeers. One “brave” (cough) 16 year-old took the mic and called him a “bigot” and called him out for handling criticism of his show, The Closer, “like a child”. Oooooo. Ahhh. Such a brave display of the woke militsia arising in our leaders of tomorrow. So brave to get up and call the black guy on stage a bigot, no? That took some major cohones! Chappelle responded, in kind.

My friend, with all due respect, I don’t believe you could make one of the decisions I have to make on a given day.”-Dave Chappelle

This wasn’t just a mic drop you heard. This was a hard slap upon the noggin of this brazen little twit. This was not just shade, this was darkness. Good for Chappelle, we say. Politico Playbook goes on to account the events. Chappelle’s comment to 16 year-old who called him a bigot apparently got a bunch of them all riled up. Here we go:

“Your comedy kills!”-student at Duke Ellington School of the Arts

Time to take the gloves off. Chappelle fires back:

N—— are killed every day. The media’s not here, right?”-Dave Chappelle

And, pray tell, how are they killed, oh, young, wise child? For certain, not by Dave Chappelle’s brand of comedy. Let’s ask African-American mayors of large cities like Chicago (ahem-Lori Lightfoot) how young, black men are being killed every day. Closer to home, art school kiddies, let’s look at the crime rates in Washington, D.C.. Mayor Muriel Bowser will call it “gun violence”. These are just a few of the governmental leadership these art students should place under further scrutiny but they choose Chappelle.

I guess these leaders and our current, inept leadership of our nation will need to provide social workers and funding for support after Chappelle shows now. Comedy kills, you know?

But not only is Chappelle a racist, bigot, he also is transphobic. He wants to kill the LGBTQIAXYXYXXXX+++++ population with his brand of comedy. Right, Vox?

(Chappelle) treats the equality movement among sexual and gender minorities as essentially shrill window-dressing. Chappelle rarely acknowledges that these communities contain people of color; instead, he frames the concerns of queer and genderqueer people — especially the linguistic arguments about pronouns, anatomy, and bodily functions that often arise from conversations about trans and nonbinary identity — as solely a product of white progressive hysteria gone mad.”-Aja Romano, Vox

Is Chappelle wrong? Personally, I don’t think so. In working in a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds, I have found that the ones who push these linguistics (and the theft therein) are mostly white men and women, college educated with graduate degrees, making upwards of $100K a year. They are equivalent to school administrators who, in turn, push these linguistics upon students at their schools who then feel the overwhelming need to attach pronouns to their Instagram accounts. My name is Lisa. If you don’t know that I am a she/her/hers by seeing my name and looking at my profile/company e-mail picture then you may be a brainwashed dumbass…or just trying to be one of the “cool kids”.

I’d say quite the opposite. These young, wet-behind-the-ears kids should have known what they were getting when Chappelle took the stage. Of course, these students are entitled to their opinions but that entitlement should also come with the expectation that Chappelle, who has been around the block a few times, will fire back. They felt threatened and uncomfortable by Chappelle’s very presence. The problem with youth entitlement is that maturity is not factored in. Some of these young people have not been shut down by their parents-EVER. They have received achievement certificates for everything…whether or not they put in the hard work. They are told, by school administrators, that they are “diverse” and that schools should honor “equity”-even if it means a good student gets sent home on COVID quarantine for 10 days while a disruptive student gets to re-enter a classroom the very next day after being high on drugs and starting a fight the day before. They have been told to blatantly disregard the main tenants of simple Biology and the English language. They have been conditioned that contrary opinions are not only harmful but deadly. It’s no wonder why they are angry, combative and utterly confused.

Chappelle even invited those who were opposed to his views to speak up and ask questions during the appearance. He acknowledged they were entitled to their opinions. In fact, I would argue that Dave Chappelle was providing these teenagers with a life lesson in discourse and debate. Too bad some of them were not smart enough to see it this way and ran crying to the school principal. On his way out, Chappelle gave tickets to each of the students for the screening of his documentary “Untitled” at Capital One Arena and 600 Thanksgiving meals for students and staff. Perhaps some of them will eat some humble pie provided by the bigot this very weekend.

Photo Credit: John Bauld/FlickR/CC BY 2.0/Cropped

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