Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

A quote: “Let us endeavor so to live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.” ~~ Mark Twain

I’ll start with a story …


He ignored that his feet were turning numb and continued to search the creek bed. There!

He rushed to his sister, pressing the stone into her hands. He hoped it was enough. She looked up at him, her hair swinging back to reveal the spreading bruise along her jawline.

He was overcome with guilt, “if only I’d been bigger or talked less.”

She touched his cheek, “Stop. We got away.”

Pressing her palms together, eyes closed, breath measured, the universe paused.

Gathering up her thin body in his arms, he started on luminescence she had created to lead them out.


Now, it’s your turn.
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  • Andrew says:

    The young Poseidon was depressed. This was his domain? Smelly, slimy, cold, and dark. Never to be dry again. The Underworld would have been better than this.

    It would be eons before those ape creatures even learned to make boats. Time he can use to make sea monsters. And maybe some other monsters. And he can get rid of this stick and make a fearsome trident. When the boats come he’ll be ready for them. They’ll learn to respect him!

  • Fletch says:

    Tovit quivered. He wanted to be here and he didn’t want to be here. The water was cold and the master was watching.

    “Draw fire from the water,” the master had said. “Use the staff of power. Say the words. Feel the magic and seize it.”

    Tovit said the words. Nothing! Maybe he should say them again. How many times could he say them? What would happen if he uttered them twice?

    He wasn’t a magician. Now he knew. His father’s money wasted.

    But then – a spark in the water. Not much, just a little thing. But enough. He had earned his place. It was enough.

  • Navig8r says:

    We planned our Huckleberry Finn adventure for months. With school out, we started construction of our raft. Louie won the toss for first test, whereupon it sank under his feet.

    “Hi boys. Whatcha up to?”

    “Checking the pole length for the raft we’re building, Mr. Livingston.” Mr. Livingston was our science teacher.

    “I saw your prototype earlier, about where you are standing. You might want to review Archimedes’ principle for your final version. Later, guys.”

    “Whew. Woulda been awkward if he figured it out. What was he talking about?”

    “He did. He said we need a bigger boat.”

  • Leigh Kimmel says:

    Nat had never seen an actual river. This waterway had been carefully constructed by the builders of New Maizon Station, and he knew that a series of pumps brought water to its source. But it was still good for wading and fishing and all the things a growing boy should do.

    Except there was something wrong with it today. He hadn’t gotten far before all his nanos were sending up the alarm — emergency! get out!.

    He had to get back to shore, back into town, let the adults know that their fears were no longer paranoia. Someone from the Earth Authority had gotten in here with some very subtle destructor nanos, and it was only a matter of time before they worked their way through the station’s entire water supply.

  • dribbl3r says:

    “What are you doing, Son?”
    “I’m getting used to the water.”
    “OK, but why the stick?”
    “It’s taller than me.”
    “It sure is, but I still don’t get why you are holding onto a stick.”
    “If I go under, it will save me from drowning.”
    “Good thought, but come put on your life jacket anyway.”

  • Cameron says:

    I defiantly jabbed the staff into the water. The naiads, once loving and good now dark and twisted shrieked at me. As one, they lunged towards me. Talons flexed as they charged me.

    My staff, made of oak and tempered in a fire made from rowan glowed softly. They stopped as if the water itself had reached out to grab them.

    “Cleanse,” I said. A prayer and an incantation. The pure water washed away the filth from the creatures. The hate filled expressions cleared as they knew they were free.

    And then mom called me to dinner. I’ll play tomorrow.

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