Celebs Collaborate on Cringeworthy Earth Day Video

Celebs Collaborate on Cringeworthy Earth Day Video

Celebs Collaborate on Cringeworthy Earth Day Video

Just in time for Earth Day comes a star-studded performance from entertainment’s finest hypocrites. Color us surprised.

Rapper/Comedian, Lil Dicky (real name David Andrew Byrd), took to the recording studio with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Shawn Mendes, Lil Yachty, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Charlie Puth, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Adam Levine, Sia, Zac Brown, the Backstreet Boys, Ed Sheeran and, probably the biggest hypocrite of them all, Leonardo DiCaprio.

The (cringeworthy) music video, entitled “Earth”, features the celebs as animated animals. DiCaprio “plays” a better-looking, airbrushed version of himself. Warning. This video is not safe for work nor appropriate for children. Another warning: you may lose a few brain cells after watching. Consider that my caution to you, valued VG readers:

Justin Bieber, who went after Laura Ingraham just the other day for poking fun at yet another ridiculous lyrical masterpiece, is a baboon who shows off his a$$. Quite appropriate, I’ll say. While the rest of animated characters sing about cows having t*ts, being fat f#cking pigs, marijuana being a plant that can “get you f&cked up” and some “horny as heck” rhinos, the main premise of the video is this: They love the Earth. This is their home. They want to stop global warming in its tracks.

That’s an interesting point. Why don’t they? I’ll tell you why. They are the elite. They don’t belong cleaning up city trash or mingling with minions. They’re doing their part. They’re flying (gasp) commercial! To be in the streets cleaning up? Nah. They belong signing in a studio and preaching to us how we need to do this. Let them sing, rap, drop f-bombs, work out and spend hours upon hours with a stylist and in make-up so they look good on stage-they’ve got bigger stuff to do-like lecture us poor working schmucks, for example.

There was also a snippet in the video that touched on “gun violence” (because they HAD to get that talking point in there). Lil Dicky, of Jewish descent, also made it a point to say “we forgive you” to Germany. Yep. He went there.

There’s so many people out there who don’t think global warming is a real thing. We’ve got to save this planet, we’re being stupid.”-Lil Dicky

Dude. That was an actual part of the rap. To which, Ariana Grande (the zebra now in heaven because she got her guts eaten out by a baby lion) says:

We’ve got to get out $hit together.”-Ariana Grande


Glad someone mentioned this. Because….wait for it…proceeds from the video will go to The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Iceberg ahead. I actually think I’m going to be seasick.

…look into whatever the f-ck Leonardo DiCaprio’s always pushing…because I feel that guy knows more about the earth and how we’re f-cking it up than…anybody!”-Lil Dicky

At least cartoon Leo was Titanic Leo. You know, before he got all gluttonous, fat and bloated from eating too many donuts on a G-6.

I can see Lil Dicky now…”LEO, man! (as he lights up a doobie here…after all, it is 4/20). He knows, like, soooo much about the environment, peeps! He’s smart!” DiCaprio, of all people, should know how many gallons of jet fuel it takes to fly a private jet or run a private yacht on a charter through French Polynesia. Listen to him..we’ve got like 12 years to start banning airplanes and farting cows. In the meantime, I don’t foresee Ariana Grande taking a break after Coachella (a festival MANY elites take private jets to partake in) to clean up the streets in Maxine Waters’ district in L.A. Nor do I see Katy Perry fighting for the rights of Chinese workers and attempting to rid their city of toxic pollutants that get dumped in the rivers there to help craft the uppers of her HIDEOUS shoe line. Perhaps they should sing or rap about other things impacting our world…like opioid addiction that tears apart families or homeless kids living on our city streets and going hungry? Or how some of them are screwing kids up with their political ideologies, lack of morals or shameless use of drugs? Why don’t they focus on all of this? Because it’s much easier to sit in an insulated studio and rap about climate change all while doing a little shameless self-promotion and telling us peasants to “get our $hit together”. I’d call them a bunch of baboons, but, really, who wants to insult the poor baboons?

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  • GWB says:

    Why don’t they?
    Because it’s a religion. And because they are just like christians who think that showing up at church once a week will get them into Heaven – they think if they mouth the right words for their god, then they’ll be ushered into paradise.

    made it a point to say “we forgive you” to Germany
    Actually, I appreciate that. I mean, he’s not right in the head, but that sentiment is needed. (A large part of Germany’s problem with PC leanings is that it – at least West Germany – has been unable to forgive itself and move on.)

    we’re being stupid
    Well, we can agree on SOMETHING! You are being stupid!

    on a G-6
    Huh? Don’t get that one.

    Because it’s much easier
    What? We didn’t say enough of the magic words? Will it help if we sing them? How about louder?
    Yes, they don’t want to LIVE the new religion, just partake of the good emotions they get from reciting the magic words.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    Ha! GWB–Gulfstream G650, FYI. 🙂 Private jet. A few years old, now.

    • GWB says:

      Ah. I haven’t kept myself up-to-date with private aviation in too long now. (I’d still love a Super King Air. Those were a joy to fly.)

  • CaptDMO says:

    Well, you know……raising awareness!
    Starting the dialogue!

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