Candidate JD Winteregg: Ohio’s Butler County GOP Trying to Control Boehner Special Election

Candidate JD Winteregg: Ohio’s Butler County GOP Trying to Control Boehner Special Election

Candidate JD Winteregg: Ohio’s Butler County GOP Trying to Control Boehner Special Election

On the heels of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy withdrawing his name last Thursday from the race to replace Speaker John Boehner, one of the candidates in the special-election race to replace Boehner is speaking out about what he says are efforts in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District to control the special election. Miami County resident, JD Winteregg, the self-described “only Conservative” in the race, released this statement to the press Monday afternoon:

J.D. Winteregg, Candidate for Ohio's 8th District (Photo Credit: USA Today)
JD Winteregg, Candidate for Ohio’s 8th District (Photo Credit: USA Today)

Winteregg disappointed by Butler County GOP Committee Email

Calls email “blatantly divisive… that’s meant to discourage the members from voting their conscience.”

(Troy, OH)– On October 5th, Butler County GOP Chairmen Todd Hall and Chris Wunnenberg sent out an email to the Central Committee members, urging them only to support a Congressional candidate from Butler County. In the email, they state, “If we do not have a Butler County resident as our Congressman, we will not have the same clout, the same pull, or the same political muscle that we know today.” They go on to tell members that “It is imperative that we keep our advantage by having our next representative come from our county…It is our hope to have a united front behind one Butler County candidate for Congress. We ask for your support in an effort to unite behind one Butler County Republican on the night of endorsement.”

In response to the email from the Butler County chairmen, Candidate JD Winteregg had this to say:

“I was greatly disappointed to learn that the establishment leadership within the Butler County GOP has decided to try to stack the cards in their favor. Where they should be encouraging their members to listen to the diverse voices within the party that are present throughout the district, they’ve instead chosen to try to unfairly sway the endorsement process. In effect, they’re encouraging their members–and current and future candidates from within Butler County–to ignore the other counties within the district.

“One of the reasons I challenged Speaker Boehner in the 2014 and 2016 primaries is because I believe he and the Republican leadership placed their priorities in preservation of power over representation of the people. The idea that the leadership in the Butler County GOP has sent out a blatantly divisive email that’s meant to discourage the members from voting their conscience is unacceptable. This is a tactic one would expect from Obama’s people, not our own. I’ve met many people within Butler County–and within the party apparatus–who would never condone this rhetoric. People are sick and tired of the leadership within the party playing political games. It’s time to end this now. “

To back up his assertions, Winteregg released the emailed letter he references as evidence that establishment types are attempting to pull the election strings in Boehner’s district in an effort to control who replaces him:

Butler County Email
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We know that Speaker Boehner is capable of said shenanigans because he’s already shown his Pelosi-like willingness to punish any House member who doesn’t tow his Obama-appeasing line, including those who opposed his re-election earlier this year. But is The Weepy One behind the Butler County GOP push to limit who, essentially, can run as his successor? Winteregg said:

“I think he was involved in the placement of the leadership. As far as Boehner directing that the person come from Butler County, I don’t know–but they’re certainly interested in carrying on his cronyist legacy and I’m sure he’s more than willing to support it (just a guess, though).”

And when asked if his campaign intends to address the issue further:

“Yes, we’ll be reaching out to leaders in the other counties to inform them of what is happening. Butler County is effectively saying that the other counties don’t deserve a voice.”

So who is the Butler County candidate? Well, according to Winteregg, he’s “big Boehner supporter,” Roger Reynolds, who Winteregg insists is “definitely Establishment.” Reynolds, the current county auditor, vows to take his “red accountant’s pen” to the nineteen trillion…that, ironically, Boehner helped amass, mind you.

And would this hand-picked Butler County candidate be expected to receive a district-wide GOP endorsement? Winteregg answered:

“I don’t think that would be realistic. There are different Establishment contingents throughout the district, and I can’t imagine the people in Miami County, for instance, would be good with those in Butler County calling the shots. I think the Butler County GOP leadership figures that, because they have half of the population, they can circumvent the rest of the district by supporting one candidate of their choosing. In other words, I don’t think they care enough about the rest of the district to expect anyone else to endorse their person.”

He continued:

“The Butler County GOP leaders mentioned two things–losing their influence (so what influence, exactly, did they have?) and a “fear” of being split up. The candidates don’t decide how the districts are drawn. They’re not supposed to, at least…”

And that sounds like, at the very least, voter disrespect to me.

While Victory Girls is not in the business of endorsing candidates, we did interview Winteregg back in July after he announced his intention to challenge Boehner in the 2016 primary, his second attempt in as many election cycles. At the time, he was the only candidate willing to challenge a sitting, powerful incumbent. You can read more about Winteregg here, here, here, and here.

I think it’s safe to say that The Powers That Be, in Boehner’s county at least, remain tone-deaf, and are attempting to manipulate the special election race to their benefit, rather than allow the voters of Ohio’s 8th Congressional District to choose Boehner’s successor. I’d suggest we not allow them that latitude.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    The RINO machine is actually worse than the other party. Despicable traitors are what they are-to both the party’s principles and to the nation as these termites often do the work of the other party in never opposing their madness.

  • Kathy says:

    I am really disappointed in Butler County GOP. I have lived in Butler County my whole life. I want what is best for this area. I also live in a district and a state. I want what is best for them also. Most importantly is that I want what is best for my Country. I have looked very closely at those running for Congress because I want someone who will listen to us and not be another establishment lacky. Our best hope is JD Winteregg. Go look for yourselves folks. Read the issues on his page Better yet get to know him. I have done that. I got to know him several years ago. He was taking action to help make Ohio politicians accountable before he ever considered running for office. He is the only person that stood up and said if our elected officials will not stand by their campaign promises I will do something about it. I have watched as our local leaders and the media have taken to the same dirty tricks as those in DC. I have had enough of the buddy system. They do not pick our representatives! We do! I want a honest constitutional conservative representing me. A GOP endorsement has proven to be more of the same crooked yes men. Let’s put the people we chose in office. With the left leaning media and news papers actions, I doubt they have any sway over conservative choices in the district. We must make sure we are doing all we can to fill this seat in Congress with a person that will not cave to the establishment but that will take the lead to represent us. It has never been more important than now.

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