Canadian PM Trudeau Tries Rolling Up Welcome Mat [VIDEO]

Canadian PM Trudeau Tries Rolling Up Welcome Mat [VIDEO]

Canadian PM Trudeau Tries Rolling Up Welcome Mat [VIDEO]

This is the very definition of “closing the barn door after the horses have left.” After lecturing the United States about its immigration policies and throwing open its arms to welcome EVERYONE, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of dress-up fame is now having second thoughts.

And not just second thoughts, but also blaming the United States for its immigration woes. Apparently, Nigerian refugees are arriving in the United States, and then going to Canada for asylum. And while Trudeau had put out the welcome mat earlier to virtue signal what a lovely, pro-immigrant, progressive place Canada is… he didn’t think anyone would actually take that virtue signaling seriously.


In other parts of the world, desperate asylum seekers risk their lives on leaky boats, or entrust their fate to human smugglers. But Canada is easy. To get to Canada, all you have to do is take a cab to the border. Your greeting will be warm. The new arrivals at Roxham Road look more like tourists than endangered refugees. Their suitcases are neatly lined up as they wait for buses to take them to their temporary accommodations, where they will receive food, shelter, medical care, financial support, work permits, schooling for their kids – and, eventually, a refugee hearing. No wonder Canada is such a popular destination.

But now, Quebec says it can’t afford the bills. Last year it had to borrow the Olympic Stadium as a temporary shelter. Social services are expensive. Last year, the biggest French school board in Montreal had to manage a 14-per-cent surprise increase in enrolment. And processing times are slow. The average wait time for a refugee hearing is nearly two years.

Quebec has been pressing the federal government for relief in no uncertain terms. And now the feds have an answer. The answer is to ship a large number of the asylum seekers to Ontario – provided that is their “preferred destination.”

But Ontario is stretched thin, too. “Our shelter system is at the bursting point,” said Debbie Douglas, executive director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants. It’s a familiar problem. The federal government may determine immigration and refugee policies, but it downloads the costs of settling them to local governments, schools and social agencies.

The uncontrolled surge of border-crossers is a ticking time bomb for Justin Trudeau’s government, which has not been able to get a handle on the problem. The root of the matter is a gaping loophole in the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement, which does not allow people arriving from the United States to claim protection at an official Canadian port of entry. They can, however, claim protection once they’re already on Canadian soil. That’s the incentive for entering illegally.

So, Trudeau is saying this is our fault for not screening immigrants properly before they get to Canada, and then when they cross over illegally into Canada, they become Canada’s problem. And somehow this is our fault for not checking on why a Nigerian wants to come into the United States legally.

And as an aside, watching the Canadian parliament cross-talk over each other and yell is so much more interesting than our completely boring Congressional hearings.

So, Trudeau wants the STCA rewritten to apply to illegal immigration. Hmmm. As Jazz Shaw points out at Hot Air, can we get that deal with Mexico?

And while that crossing in upstate New York may look like a sanctioned crossing station since Canada set up trailers and help desks to assist all the new arrivals, it’s not an actual border crossing. The people walking across at that location are still technically emigrating from the United States illegally. But it remains a unique situation because the Canadians haven’t been turning them away and we obviously have no incentive to stop them from leaving.

Trudeau would like the United States to alter the STCA so it also applies to people crossing the border illegally. That way they can turn them back in good conscience and tell them they need to apply for refugee status in the U.S. But why would we do that? We’ve got too many to deal with as it is. Trudeau is the one who put out the welcome mat for the entire planet so it should be up to him to figure out how to deal with them.

While we’re on the subject of the STCA there’s a pertinent exit question which deserves an answer. Why don’t we have that sort of firm agreement with Mexico? Trump has been pushing for just such an agreement to be included during the renegotiation of NAFTA. He needs to push harder. If we can put that deal in place and declare Mexico a safe third country, then we don’t need to worry about any more “caravan” incidents. Anyone arriving at the U.S. border after having traveled through Mexico can simply be told to apply for refugee status back there.

Welcome to the mess of your own making, PM Trudeau. We’ll be sitting back here on the US side of the border with the popcorn, waiting for you to virtue signal your way out of this one.

Oh, and because this is just too good…

Hey Canada – you know how to fix this. Elections have consequences.

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  • Oldav8r says:

    Hey, I’ve got an idea JT, build a wall !

  • Jim says:

    Thank God we in Australia have a deep ‘moat’ around the continent. Now, after some years under a leftist government which effectively opened our borders with severe consequences and many deaths at sea to people trying to come by small boats, the influx of illegal immigrants has stopped. However the Socialist/Left/Greens still want to open our borders to every piece of human flotsam regardless of individual merit and the capacity of Australian economy and taxpayers to support newcomers who, invariably, go on welfare and have little in the way of vocational skills.

  • Michael McCormack says:

    The value of Moats:

    The sea oh the Sea
    A gradh geal mo chroi
    Long may it flow between england and me
    It’s a sure guarantee that one day we will be free
    Thank God we are surrounded by water.

    The Dubliners –

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