Suing in Seattle- Taxpayers Demand City Services

Suing in Seattle- Taxpayers Demand City Services

Suing in Seattle- Taxpayers Demand City Services

The residents & business owners in Seattle’s infamous CHOP district are suing the city. Shockingly, they are holding the city accountable for the chaos of CHOP and want redress. Pesky taxpayers and their demands for municipal services and security!

In an often repeated storyline, the invaders arrived under the guise of the “greater good”, and the natives welcomed them. Shortly after, the new arrivals renamed and forcibly took over previously open spaces for their own benefit, destroying the native’s way of life. The invaders created encampments on common spaces, built walls, made new laws, and changed the peaceful landscape into one of lawless disregard. Under normal circumstances, this scenario in one of the city’s most progressive enclaves would be deliciously ironic. But even hardcore progressives have their limits.

To quote one resident from her Nextdoor post,

I am a liberal and supporter of #blm,” she wrote. “I am however being held hostage in my place by the Occupied protest. I can’t get to and from my apartment safely. I have been verbally harassed and physically threatened by occupants. (I am choosing to differentiate them from the #blm protestors.)”

The natives have had enough, and are fighting back. They’re suing the city of Seattle for allowing the takeover of their neighborhood– now renamed as the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest”, or CHOP.

Their lawsuit list of complaints is legitimate, and includes;

The City of Seattle’s unprecedented decision abandon and close off an entire city neighborhood, leaving it unchecked by the police, unserved by fire department emergency health services, and inaccessible to the public at large. The city’s decision has subjected businesses, employees, and residents of that neighborhood to extensive property damage, public safety dangers, and an inability access their properties. “

Would you want to live or own a business in this mess?

The plaintiffs (residents and business owners) are represented by, Calfo Eakes LLP, who said,

The result of the City’s actions has been lawlessness,” the Calfo Eakes statement said. “There is no public safety presence. Police officers will not enter the area unless it is a life-or-death situation, and even in those situations, the response is delayed and muted, if it comes at all.”

Following the weekend shooting spree and ensuing chaos where police and medical were blocked from the scene, Mr. Calfo Eakes is grossly understating the nature of events.

A spokesperson sharing the city’s response in “The Seattle Times  completely misses the point.

Recognizing that solutions do not always require police, on the recommendation of community organizations … the City has stood-up a resource hub at Seattle Central College to provide services for individuals who may be living onsite or who visit the site daily, including mental and behavioral health, access to shelter/housing, testing and other essential needs,”

Are you kidding me? What is a “resource hub”, and how does it deal with a murder investigation? Or do the dead only get attention when memorialized in bronze on a pedestal?

Far from being the MSM portrayed, “chill base camp” of tolerance, Police Chief Carmen Best says of CHOP,

I can’t imagine why the residents are upset! Their neighborhood is being held hostage to unrealistic demands that are entirely out of their hands. They are literally caught in the middle. One of the “leaders of this movement,” Jaiden Grayson says of the protest demands,

Every single day that I show up here, I’m not here to peacefully protest…. I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met. You cannot rebuild until you break it [society] all the way down.”

For her, this means abolishing the police in the city too.

The unraveling that happens to that system is also exactly what will fuel the black minds in the black bodies that will recreate a new world”

It looks like the ultra-liberal inhabitants of Capital Hill are not enjoying their foyer into the BLM dystopian wonderland. I can’t begin to imagine why not…!

Where to from here?

From “The Seattle Times”,

“The law firm, on behalf of the group of businesses and residents, also sent a letter to Mayor Jenny Durkan on Wednesday, asking a series of questions: Does the city have a timeline for removing barricades from streets? When will “normal policing” return to the area? When will the Seattle Police Department resume residence in the East Precinct?”

What I’m reading is that ultra liberal residents and business owners want to return to “normal policing”, not the complete restructuring of society. They’re willing to pay a lawyer to make Capital Hill great again.

Thank You Sarah Hoyt, and Welcome Instapundit readers!

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    The businesses and residents need to sue to get their property taxes back.

    • Michael Dixon says:

      I LOVE seeing this. These Leftists are all about the platitudes and the rioting in you neighborhood but when it comes to theirs they want to sue the city. Grab your popcorn.

  • American Human says:

    How can they possibly sue the City of Seattle? They are an independent country, completely autonomous from the U.S.A. What they need to do is sign trade agreements with the Federal Government, set up their own bureaucracy to handle taxes and services, build their own water distribution and treatment system and build their own power plants etc. By the time they get this done, every soul in this six block area will be working for the bureaucracy. They declared autonomy and within two days were begging for food and services.

  • Dave Hardy says:

    And the courts will say … your remedy is at the ballot box, not here. I am quite serious.

  • George Turner says:

    It remains to be seen whether many of the CHOP residents give a flying fig about their own “leaders” (air quotes) when they’ll likely think their leaders are selling out to the man, probably getting paid off, and possibly just a bunch of FBI COINTELPRO agents the whole time. One of the features of anarchists is anarchy, which means a weak leader who compromises will get shoved aside by leaders with the true warrior spirit. It could easily be a situation where the existing leaders, by their decision to give up, are simply retired, creating openings for new angry idiots to step up and claim leadership roles. This could go on for quite some time.

  • Bobby Crosby says:

    We should use this as urban warfare training for our military recruits, but afraid it wouldn’t las long enough for recruits.

  • MarkJ says:

    Jaiden Grayson? Big mouth, bigger attitude, tiny brain. If anyone needs a good old-fashioned “blanket party” to get their mind right, it’s this insufferable BLM idiot.

  • David says:

    Sue the city. Win money. Then relocate to a sane state. Just leave your leftist poisonous politics behind you in Seattle.

    • And there is the nut. They bring that shit with them. I can see it in my area outside of Austin… Having left CA in ’96, I am ever watchful of the signs. Today the news has a story of 300 kids from the local HS who attended an annual “Pong Party” (Beer pong). Comments were more concerned about the two C19 positive attendees (who obviously felt just fine), than the potential drunk driver teens on backcountry roads. And of course, it then became the fault of Trump and Abbott.

  • Nan EM says:

    There is already a place for black minds in black bodies to go and fashion a black existence. It’s called Africa and it’s super big so plenty of room for all the black lives to matter.

  • Delta Gee says:

    What other form of redress do the residents have but to either file a lawsuit against the City or to hire their own Army to enforce what they believe are their legal rights to their Property and Lives (Safety). Is the City (or any Government) Liable for not providing what they seem to claim for their Citizens. Is not the Tax Money Collected proof of a Legal Binding Contract to provide the inferred Services to ensure Health and Safety of the Taxpayer?

    I do not think this is going to go down well for Seattle. But I have to say I have a personal bias for Seattle which I have always thought was an awful place even 35 years ago. But that is just my personal opinion. I see now that my opinion was not incorrect and that they are going to get what they deserve.

  • Thinker Prime says:

    Eventually, even leftists get tired of being intimidated, raped, shot, and robbed by anarchists and hardcore Marxists united in the cause of destroying all society so they can reign supreme in their new barbarian idiocracy. Doubtless, they think themselves elite and superior to the unwashed masses with experience in the real world who understood the inevitability of anarchy when you give control of the state to violent anarchists and Marxists.

  • Scott says:

    ” (I am choosing to differentiate them from the #blm protestors.)”,, And that’s a big part of the problem..

    “There is no public safety presence. Police officers will not enter the area unless it is a life-or-death situation, and even in those situations, the response is delayed and muted, if it comes at all.”,, Which is exactly what you asked for… this is a perfect case of “you broke it, you bought it”.. the fact that you’re no longer on board once you’re negatively affected (which anyone with a brain could have seen coming) is not our problem.. Stop suing the city, and fix it yourself!

  • jonsie says:

    The majority of Seattle voters brought this upon themselves and no one outside their bailiwick should have to shoulder any part of straightening out this mess. Sue the “city”? No, sue the individuals running the city. The city is funded by taxpayers and any cost assessed against the city will be paid by the taxpayers. If the cost is assessed against individual officeholders, officeholders who willfully failed to do their duty, malfeasance in fact, then the individuals will shoulder the cost, not the taxpayers.

  • phyllis farquhar says:

    A reader or a citizen of logical thinking might believe that the business and homeowners caught up in this debacle might have an awakening, but I’m fairly confident that would be a naive assumption. The innocent people of this particular neighborhood allowed this to occur and carry on for this long making them not blameless at all. Now that it’s hitting them in the pocket book and their fear for their own personal safety is increasing they are setting demands upon the government and police force they so callously disregard. I have zero sympathy for them. I also reside in a hopelessly liberal sanctuary city but my neighborhood defended itself from the destruction which plagued all other areas. Of course we have been persecuted in every press outlet in the entire world as being venal racists but we don’t give two fucks because not one building was destroyed. That’s how real people with a spine behavior. Defend your city, defend your property and defend your rights and the liberal pussies be damned!!

  • Ray says:

    Bar/restaurant owners in Nashville are suing our mayor, Covid Cooper for doing nothing when BLM and antifa thugs smashed and burned parts of Nashville. Now Chicken Coop is trying to distract from his pathetic actions – non actions, really- by trying to force a mask on everyone outdoors. Even though we have few deaths, he’s crying about infections.
    I’ve had enough leftist lies.

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