Brit Hume: Obama is in “Full Political Retreat”

Brit Hume: Obama is in “Full Political Retreat”

From Brit Hume’s lips to God’s ears as the Amish would say because it’s been 2 1/2 long years of watching the Leftists and the Obama Gang march against America and the Constitution. Teh Won’s base is unhappy with him, the Right want him gone and his policies undone, and Americans want an improved economy and jobs. Yet all we get are petulant speeches and partisan accusations from this man child. Brit Hume pegs him though:

“This President is in as full of a political retreat as this town has seen in many years. He was elected to fix the economy, but people think he and his party have failed and have exploded the nation’s debt in the process,” Brit Hume said during his commentary segment on “Special Report.”

“His political base is cranky over the war in Afghanistan, unhappy that he failed to end the Bush tax cuts and worried now that he may be willing to cut spending significantly to win an increase in the debt-ceiling.

“Mr. Obama knows his must stir his base to have any chance at election. But, he knows also that if the independents that backed him in 2008 and deserted him and his party last fall don’t come back, his base won’t be enough.”

Here’s the video:

Brit Hume’s Commentary

Yep. Brit’s the man alright. Barack Obama has been leading from behind for a long time. But the fight ahead for Obama’s re-election will be a hard, dirty one. We all know that and hopefully we as conservatives are prepared to run to the fight rather then away from it.

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  • David says:

    It is looking good for “regime change” here in America in 2012! Due unfortunately to the galactic farce of an Administration we’ve endured since January 2009. I agree, here’s to Conservatives running for the position of President, and here’s to Conservative (and other concerned citizens) VOTING for a Conservative candidate… and here’s to NO VOTER FRAUD by those counting the votes and tallying the WILL OF THE PEOPLE in their elected representatives.

    I’m Hopeful! (As someone once coined.)

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