Project Valour IT Marine Team 2011: Embracing the Suck

Project Valour IT Marine Team 2011: Embracing the Suck

Embracing the Suck: mil-speak for ‘The situation is bad, but deal with it’ – is something the Marines are exceptionally good at. From Iwo Jima to Fallujah and Anbar Province to the Helmand River Valley in Afghanistan, the Marines have always been America’s 911 Force and the “First to Fight” for us.

We’ve entered the second week of our Soldiers Angels Valour-IT fundraising competition, which provides special laptops for wounded warriors. The Army team has a commanding lead (oh yay) but the Marine Team is embracing the suck! I think we can still pull this thing out with your help!

But actually, whether they are Marines, Soldiers, Airmen or Navy, here’s what your donation to Soldiers Angel’s Valour IT will provide to our wounded warriors:

Voice activated laptops:

1. Help wounded vets connect with still-deployed fellow service members (relieve anxiety about how their friends are doing, allow them to maintain a support system)
2. Allow vets to stay in touch with loved ones who can’t be at their bedside
3. Run therapeutic computer programs that help restore brain/vision function,
4. Can be used to research treatments, keep track of treatment regimen.
5. Retrain for post-military employment
6. Voice control makes using a computer one of the first things they can do on their own

Wii uses:

1. Physical therapists in VA hospitals and major medical centers are using Wii fit systems with their patients
2. Motivation: Wii Sports games key into natural competitive nature
3. Track progress in a fun way

GPS uses:

1. For those with very severe PTSD or TBI (memory problems, high anxiety, etc), having a GPS increases independence and restores a sense of competence. Short-term memory problems can make it hard to navigate of new locations. A GPS can mean the difference between success and failure.

Please help. These men and women have already given so much. The price of a six pack of beer or an inexpensive dinner seems the least we can to in return for their sacrifices.

And…in case you missed them, here are a few great posts of this past week from some of my fellow Marine Team bloggers! Please pay them a visit and leave a comment if you can.

Wolf at Howling at the Moon writes about Sgt Scott Moore, his girl Mila and the Marine Ball. It’s cute!

Check out the new USMC commercial on Soldiers’ Angels Germany blog!

North Carolina Soldiers’ Angels blog explains why Valour It is not charity but rather an investment in the future!

And…Doug Powers blogging on Michelle Malkins’ blog gives an update on the overall fundraiser.

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