Breaking up with Barack

Breaking up with Barack

It’s no secret that Obama is poison.  Even hard-core Chicago liberals are ditching The One:

“How things have changed.

When Obama gave his victory speech on Nov. 4, 2008, in Chicago’s Grant Park, the crowd was positively euphoric over his improbable win.

President-elect Obama told jubilant Chicagoans on that magical evening that “change has come to America,” and boy, did it ever. The funny thing about change, though, is that it’s always changing.

With Obama dogged by record-low approval ratings, Emanuel announced Thursday that the city had abandoned plans to name a new elite high school after the president, according to the Chicago Tribune.

To be fair, the decision has more to do with the fact that the $60 million school the city had chosen to name after the first black president was built in a wealthy, predominantly white part of town, which did not sit well with African-American leaders.

“If they’re going to name a school after President Obama, they should put it somewhere else,” South Side Alderwoman Carrie Austin told the Tribune. “Either in Roseland, where he got his start, or in the Hyde Park area, where he lived and has a home. To put it [on the near North Side], that just doesn’t look right.”

Considering a 2013 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll said race relations in the country have plummeted since Obama was first elected, it seems only fitting that the disagreement centers on race.”

His polling numbers are dropping fast and even the “The View”  is acknowledging he might be a bit of a goober:

Possible Chicago Mayoral candidate Karen Lewis believes smaller government is racist

Possible Chicago Mayoral candidate Karen Lewis believes smaller government is racist

Oh good Lord.  Is there ANYTHING that ISN’T racist to a socialist? Karen Lewis is a long-time public sector employee, par excellence.  And she is considering a run…

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