Black Panthers’ Free Lunch Program Love From AOC

Black Panthers’ Free Lunch Program Love From AOC

Black Panthers’ Free Lunch Program Love From AOC

Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez loves her some radicals. Marxists, Socialists, Communists, the more radical the better. In this installment, She Guevara (AOC) touts the Black Panthers and their People’s Free Food Program. Perhaps AOC was thinking of Mussolini and the trains running on time. Perhaps AOC has never heard that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (tanstaafl).

Every time Comrade Ocasio Cortez Instagrams, Tweets, or YouTube’s, she shows the self-righteous certitude of the young, dumb and ignorant. She comes off as a typical college-educated, indoctrinated, air head with no understanding of the real world or history. The Black Panthers Party is just the latest example:

Like I said, Comrade Ocasio loves her some Marxism. Here from is a description of the Black Panthers:

Newton and Seale drew on Marxist ideology for the party platform. They outlined the organization’s philosophical views and political objectives in a Ten-Point Program.

The Ten-Point Program called for an immediate end to police brutality; employment for African Americans; and land, housing and justice for all.

The Black Panthers were part of the larger Black Power movement, which emphasized black pride, community control and unification for civil rights.

Marxism is kewl for AOC. It doesn’t matter how vicious or violent a group is, if they offer meals for school kids and community medical care, it’s all gravy. Makes one think of Mussolini and trains. To aid in the education of the AOC’s of the world, here is the reference relevant reference to Mussolini:

SAY WHAT you like about Mussolini, he made the trains run on time. That was the famous last excuse for Fascism, conveying the idea that while dictatorship might not be very nice, at least it got things done.

Mussolini was a war criminal. The Black Panthers were likewise:

The groups’ most notorious crime was the killing in 1974 of Black Panther
bookkeeper Betty van Patter, 45.

She had raised concerns that leaders were misappropriating money from the
group’s flagship children’s breakfast programme before she went missing.
Weeks later her body was found, face caved in with a blunt instrument.

Police had insufficient evidence to charge anyone, but Huey Newton, who had
founded the Panthers along with Bobby Seale, was later said to have
confessed to ordering the hit.

He also allegedly admitted that the mum had been raped and tortured before she
was killed.

Earlier that same year he is also said to have admitted to killing an
18-year-old girl, Kathleen Smith — allegedly describing the shooting to pals
as his first “non-political killing”.

But by that stage the former burglar had also shot dead a police officer.

And, that’s just a sample.

So, AOC hearts this radical group because they fed children and started the program. Except, once again: the Comrade has it all wrong:

“Did you know: If you or anyone you know ever benefited from free & reduced school lunch, you’ve likely benefited from the work and legacy of the Black Panthers?” Ocasio-Cortez said in the post.

Nah, girl:

Federal programs to provide both breakfast and lunch to students, especially those in need, began years before the Panthers launched their free breakfast program in 1969. The National School Lunch Program, which provides free or reduced-price lunches to impoverished students, began in 1946 under President Harry S. Truman. And the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 allocated federal funding through Health and Human Services to provide funding to public schools to serve breakfast to students.

She is young, dumb and ignorant. And, she doesn’t learn. Remember when the Comrade went after Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan for putting profits over people and caging children. He says he doesn’t know how to answer the question because they don’t:

Sweet Georgia Brown, that woman is stupid. Here are a couple of clues: Read history and tanstaafl.

Featured Image: Matt Johnson/ Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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