Black Activist Tells Asian Shopowners to Go Back

Black Activist Tells Asian Shopowners to Go Back

Black Activist Tells Asian Shopowners to Go Back

Recently in Chicago, a woman received services from an Asian nail salon and tried to leave without paying. Sadly, that happens, but in this case fisticuffs broke out. After reporters arrived on the scene, a local black activist told the business owners to “take your shop back to where you came from.”

Racist, much?

The black activist, Ja’Mal Green, posted the scuffle on his Twitter page, claiming that “Korean workers” (they are Vietnamese) beat up a “mentally challenged woman.” He threatened to descend on the business with “lots of men.” How. . . Klannish of him.

What Green doesn’t say, however, is that this happened because the woman tried to leave without paying her bill. Furthermore, the manager says that the woman threw the first punch at an employee. As Phuong Nguyen said:

“She punched the girl in the face and then hit me too on this side. And my glasses fell off on the ground.”

Things took a turn for the worse when the salon owner, a man, attacked the miscreant and began kicking her. Nguyen said she thought the kicking was wrong, but told reporters that they’re only trying to run a business in the neighborhood.

“We just trying to live here and be part of the community but it seems like, I’ve never experienced this before, it feel a little bit threatened to me.”

But black activist Ja’Mal Green and cronies showed up with words for the Vietnamese salon:

“They should feel threatened by the fact that we going to stop the cash flow going up in there. They need to take their shop back to their own neighborhood. If you can’t respect us when we allow you to be here and make money off us, take your shop back to where you come from.”

Did you catch that? When we allow you to be here. Who the hell is this guy to be a gatekeeper to a neighborhood? You know how some white cities have been accused of keeping blacks from moving in? Ja’Mal Green’s comment about “allowing” Asians to have a business in a black area is just as racist, is it not?

And where to start on the toxic “take your shop back to where you come from”? I guess racist comments only go one way.

In fact, Green even accused a local Fox reporter of trying to “cut his words” to make his comments “racial.” After all, he said, blacks can’t be racist towards “Koreans.”

He also threatened Fox and its reporter on Facebook.

black activist

Screenshot, Facebook.

Now this black activist wants to shut down the nail salon.

So who is Ja’Mal Green, and why should anyone care?

In a nutshell, Green is a wannabe Al Sharpton. On his Twitter page, he calls himself a CEO and “Community Organizer.”

“Community Organizer,” huh? Where have we heard that before? Anyway, he’s also appeared on CNN, BBC, Fox, and MSNBC. On Facebook he claims that Ebony magazine called him “the most influential 23 year old of our time.” He also ran for Mayor of Chicago in 2019.

Here’s the young black activist appearing in the friendly confines of MSNBC. He showed utter disdain for the police, and especially then-mayor Rahm Emanuel:

Did you notice at the end of the interview that Green wants economic growth in black neighborhoods? But now he wants to toss out a Vietnamese-run nail salon, which serves a black community, because the owner attacked a thief — yes, a thief — who refused to pay for services. So there may one less business in a poor black neighborhood. One less business to bring in money.

Way to go, idiot.

I hope the Vietnamese people who run the nail salon pull up stakes in that neighborhood. I hope they can find a friendlier area where they can run a successful business. Let Ja’Mal Green and his racist cronies celebrate that empty space where the salon had once been, where no business carries on.

The old adage “poverty causes crime” in neighborhoods doesn’t hold true. What’s true is that crime causes poverty, since successful businesses don’t stay in an area where crime is rampant. And when you add a dollop of racism, don’t expect that ‘hood to thrive.


Featured image: Magalie L’Abbé/flickr/cropped/CC BY-NC 2.0. 

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  • GWB says:

    The comments about Koreans is interesting. South Central LA there was a lot of racism associated with the blacks toward Koreans. The Koreans were considered interlopers, trying to scam or gouge the blacks*. Mr Green might be expressing some of the same sentiment.

    (* Mr Sowell’s piece in Black Rednecks & White Liberals on “economic middle men” provides a good perspective for this. Especially when you combine it with some measure of resentment for past injustices done to blacks.)

    I hope the Vietnamese people who run the nail salon pull up stakes in that neighborhood.
    Actually, I hope they fight back. Maybe all the women who patronize the place can pull a Lysistrata with all the men who showed up to mob the place.

    I just hope the salon folks don’t ever have to go “rooftop Korean”.

    • Kim Hirsch says:

      It’s interesting that Green doesn’t even know their nationality. I found other tweets of his where he referred to them as “Chinese.” Vietnamese are not Korean are not Chinese, of course.

      Is Green that obtuse? Or is he employing another racist trope: They all look alike.

      • GWB says:

        Yes. That’s why calling them “Korean” caught my attention. I thought he might have been influenced by the sort of racism that was evident in South Central LA.

    • Wfjag says:

      Koreans? Vietnamese? Chinese? Is it important when you’re out to become the next Al Sharpton? Crown Heights is a business model for some people.

  • Mary Anne Borg says:

    Reverse racism.

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