Gender, The Inside Counts

Gender, The Inside Counts

Gender, The Inside Counts

The day ending in “Y” is ripe for SJW umbrage. Today it’s Trans-Men and “feminine hygiene products.” The box is girly, and alienates menstruating men. For a group entirely focused on what’s inside (their heads) being more important than the wrapper….these gender benders are obtuse.

gENDer IT.

Please, with all that is sane, I beseech western society to end the gender chatter. Nobody cares. If a trans-man has a period, I don’t care. A trans-woman doesn’t have one, I don’t care. If a purple hippo starts dancing to classical music, I’m watching Fantasia.

See, nobody cares.

But that’s not the way it works in our modern make believe culture. If a “boy” is bleeding from his vagina, the options for stemming the flow better look like they belong on the shelf at Home Depot. Because he obviously is very affected by the yellow and blue packaging found on most tampon boxes.

Gender Confusion

The inspiration for this post came from a UK trans-male, who felt that “feminine hygiene” is not inclusive of all who menstruate.

Uh…okay. Well he did write it with a pro-LGBTQ outlet named “PinkNews UK“… because obviously that color associated with women isn’t at all stereotypical and exclusionary. What about those on the rainbow road who dislike pink? Hmmm.

Ultimately he gets to the point~ periods made him feel strange and uncomfortable when he was a young girl. Well guess what pussycat? Getting a period is strange and weird and uncomfortable. For all girls. Even those who recognize that living as a dude doesn’t deter the uterus. See, uterus don’t care that you take hormones and live as a dude. Uterus gonna do what biology designed it to do. It’s horrible, and uncomfortable. I relinquish at least two days a month to feeling like I want to take on the Hulk in a cage match to the death. I want to run down the chocolate delivery service. My children run and hide, my husband silently nods his head and points me in the direction of chocolate covered pain pills.

It’s called b-i-o-l-o-g-y. And it doesn’t care about your feelings or self identification. Biology lives to smack you in the face.

Marketing Dysphoria

Marketing departments are a bit wonky, but their research indicates that during the menstrual cycle women feel icky, smelly, bloated, and generally like the embodiment of Jabba-the-Hutt. Their marketing minds want us to buy their product. They design it to look light and fresh. Everything we aspire, yet fail, to feel during the visit from Aunt Flo.

The package is bright happy colors, and even scented varieties. Because truth be told, even the Hulk wants to feel light and refreshing. Sorry this offends your self-identification. It’s just marketing to the majority customer base.

Maybe trans-men need to be more confident in their self-appointed gender, because I have never met a father or husband who gives one care about the decoration on the box of feminine hygiene products in the checkout line. And face it…women have been buying condoms for years. We never considered the packaging.

But maybe the marketing departments can take a page from the CEO of Gillette. Their newest marketing campaign really hit the bases. So much that the CEO didn’t care about the stock falling. Just about his credibility in the SJW arena.

From an interview shared in the Washington Times,

“It was pretty stark: we were losing share, we were losing awareness and penetration, and something had to be done,” he said, adding they decided to “take a chance in an emotionally-charged way.”

Coombe admitted the work ended up to be more controversial with more “intense” backlash then he originally anticipated but said it was “less provocative” than other versions they had created.

So, when feminine hygiene companies start losing market share, expect them to jump the shark like they did at Gillette. Maybe they can have a trans-man explaining to his trans-son how to use non-binary hygiene products. “honey, don’t worry. Daddy bleeds too!”

Oh what a touching scene. Then he can teach her older sister how to shave her beard.

Coming Out

As for the trans-men who dislike having a period. I suggest a hysterectomy. That’s what three Gynecologists told me to do when I complained about my period. Embrace that NHS free healthcare and have your uterus removed. Then those pesky periods will go away. And the world can move beyond your incessant whining about gender designated period products.

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  • GWB says:

    See, uterus don’t care that you take hormones and live as a dude.
    Well, actually it does care. That’s what contraceptive pills are. But no, it doesn’t care that you would like to stop its cycle.
    (BTW, utuerus as honey badger… there’s an image for posterity……..)

    when feminine hygiene companies start losing market share
    Well. Ummm…. Men have options that women don’t. I suppose if only one company were to do it, they might lose out. But if they all go that way… hoo boy are y’all gonna suffer.

    My word these are needy folk. Whine, complain, gripe. I think it’s a good indicator that they’re mentally ill.

    • I beg to differ. Having actually taken BC pills, the uterus don’t care. It still does what it does every month. Preventing pregnancy does little to alter the visit from Aunt Flo.
      And for the record…. The Uterus can give lessons to the Honey Badger! 😉
      This person should have had a hysterectomy.

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