Biden’s Covid Winter Plan Is Missing One Key Item

Biden’s Covid Winter Plan Is Missing One Key Item

Biden’s Covid Winter Plan Is Missing One Key Item

Something, or I should say someone, is missing from Biden’s Winter Covid plan. Yesterday, Biden grandly stumbled through a speech outlining his newly rebooted, let’s do the same thing only different plan.

Today, I’m back to announce our action plan to battle COVID-19 this winter — not that any of it is a surprise to any of you because it’s the combined advice from all of you that we developed this plan. And it doesn’t include shutdowns or lockdowns but widespread vaccinations and boosters and testing and a lot more.

Yes indeed, he got this advice from his politically motivated “scientific” team that includes that horrible little troll, Fauci. What is this plan? In a nutshell:

  • No lockdowns, really he’s serious. No lockdowns. And if you believe that…
  • Booster shots for all! Even for people in other countries.
  • Mask mandates continued through March 2022
  • Vaccinate everyone and surge more testing and vaccine sites around the country
  • Require private insurance to foot the bill for every at-home Covid test. *Insurance premiums are going to go up, bet me.
  • Anyone traveling overseas who wants to return to the U.S. will now need to find a Covid test site and get tested 24 hours before their flight leaves. AND, regardless of the test results, are being told they’ll have to quarantine for seven days after they return. 

Yes indeed. That’s all they’ve got. More testing, vaccinate the hell out of everyone, monitor international travelers, and make insurance pay for at-home covid tests. 

Think about this for a minute. You plan a vacation overseas for the holidays or for a special occasion. You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do, as in getting everyone traveling with you vaccinated and/or testing negative for Covid. NOW you are going to have to scramble to find a test site in a foreign country that has availability, and get tested 24 hours prior to your departure. THEN quarantine even if your test is negative? Lovely. 

Supposedly there are going to be more vaccination and testing sites. Which means more people needing to get hired to run those sites. Ummm..given the dismal news about the jobs report, where will they find these people? 

Biden doesn’t want to lockdown the country. Except that this plan involves different kinds of lockdowns. Quite frankly, telling people to quarantine for seven days even with a negative test IS a lockdown. 

Supposedly, according to Biden in his speech, the U.S. population isn’t vaccinated nor boosted enough. 

Reacting just after the speech, however, Dr. Marty Makary was puzzled over how Biden “created artificial construct that we have insufficiently boosted population.”

“That’s not a problem. We aren’t under boosted,” the Johns Hopkins surgeon and professor explained on Fox News. “The chances of hospitalization for someone vaccinated but not boosted is 1 in 26,000.” Markary argued that the “villain” is not the unboosted.

And now that this dreaded Omicron variant is here, it’s time to PANIC! Except that every single person (less than ten thus far in the U.S.), have only had mild symptoms and are or have already recovered. 

According to Jen Psaki, everything is on the table. 

Well, not everything is on the table regarding Biden’s Covid winter plan. Or I should say, not everyone is part of the plan. Who is missing? Those entering the country illegally. There isn’t a single mention of getting illegals tested nor vaccinated. 

Keep in mind, in September DHS Secretary Mayorkas had to admit that a significant number of illegals released into the U.S. had Covid. 

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Monday he did not expect such a surge in the Delta Covid-19 variant as he admitted that the ‘rate of illness’ at the southern border is now 20%.

‘What I didn’t expect was the tragic rise of the delta variant,’ the secretary said at the virtual Immigration Law and Policy Conference Monday afternoon. ‘And we took a step back by reason of that. I did not expect to be in late September where we are.’

That was in September! 20% of those here had ‘an illness.’ Did DHS mandate testing and/or vaccination for those here illegally? As we’ve reported multiple times, the answer is NO.

Furthermore, we should not believe the Biden Administration’s assertion that the backlog has been dealt with. 

A nonpartisan academic clearinghouse for government statistics has removed data on what happens to minors who cross the border illegally because it has determined the data is “too faulty to be trusted” and says the Biden administration has ignored its warnings about flaws.

The disappearance of 50,000 asylum files allowed the Biden administration to “falsely report that its asylum backlog had been reduced this past year when in fact it had markedly grown,” the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), which is affiliated with Syracuse University, said Thursday.

That’s just MINORS. What about the adults, who are wandering around the U.S. without Covid tests or vaccinations? If 50,000 records of kids are missing? How many records regarding adults are missing?

In other words, this Covid Winter Plan that Biden blathered on about yesterday is a boatload of horseshit that panders to the political elites, and refuses to recognize that Covid and its variants are here to stay. 

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