Biden Family Crime Syndicate Is Cool In Joe’s Book

Biden Family Crime Syndicate Is Cool In Joe’s Book

Biden Family Crime Syndicate Is Cool In Joe’s Book

One does not need to take exit 15x off the New Jersey Turnpike to Secaucus to get a glimpse of a fictional crime family when we have the real Joe Biden in our White House.

After House Oversight Committee, James Comer, dropped a damning memo this week highlighting the abuses by the Biden family during his tenure as a public servant, the fawning media has gingerly stepped around this big pile of poo.

In typical CNN/MSNBC fashion, they’ve taken this heaping pile of dung and swept it under the proverbial carpet. And as illegal immigrants flood the borders, old, decrepit Joe and Jill Biden head off to their $2.7 million-dollar Rehoboth Beach house for the weekend. They need to relax in one of their many homes after the toils of being “public servants”. Surrounded by a $500-thousand dollar security wall.

I know, it’s rich, the irony we’re looking at here. It’s okay, liberals, turn your blind eyes away and keep focusing on the “harmless” little old man who craps his pants that Joe Biden is. After all, to think of him and (GASP) his beloved “Doctor”, Jill as members of a corrupt crime syndicate that has profited off the backs of unassuming American citizens and rolled around in the grift for what seems like an entire lifetime is just too much to bear! The proof is in the pudding cup, as they say…

The evidence has long been there that Biden family members, and Hunter Biden especially, have been aggressively making money off the family patriarch’s political career for at least the last 14 years. The new revelation goes into thousands of bank records that show multiple members of the Biden family have taken $10 million from foreign interests, including a businessman closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party and its intelligence agencies.”-The Washington Examiner

Hey, if the Chinese Communist party offered you $10 million bucks, you may be inclined to ignore “weather balloons” flying over secure airspace, too. Just sayin’. They are “most likely” research Balloons, said Biden. Don’t you worry. The “Big Guy” has this under control…just like everything else in America. Carry on with your Saturday gardening, friends. Enjoy your weekend. After all, the “President”, Joe Biden and his wife, Jill are sunning themselves, getting their Vitamin D in Rehoboth and enjoying the fruits of their labor (to the Communists) over many years.

The Biden family members receiving these foreign payments are believed to include the president’s brother James and his wife; son Hunter and both his current and former wives; and the widow of his late son, Beau, who is also Hunter’s ex-girlfriend. Again, it is anyone’s guess how most of these people could be providing services worth what they are being paid.”-The Washington Examiner

Can you just picture this weekend in photos from the media? Joe falling off his bike. Jill, in an ugly, floral ensemble that some New York Fashion Week designers have gifted her and are falling all over themselves to get her to wear. Joe being held up by Jill on a walk to get ice cream. Joe leering at pre-pubescent girls (who are still girls) in bikinis. Who knows? Hunter may be joining in on the respite and sleeping on the couch. It’s a hard job, working for the CCP, but someone’s gotta do it.

My son has done nothing wrong. I trust him. I have faith in him. It impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him.”-Joe Biden on Hunter Biden

Hmm. Proud of the crackhead that he is? Proud of his dysfunctional relationships? Proud of the womanizing, deadbeat dad that he raised him to be? Proud that he “made millions” (that Joe received a cut of) by compromising our security as Americans? Such pride in the upstanding Biden family, don’t you think?

But, as Sam Faddis of AND Magazine puts out there into the universe, this is not solely about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter and his crack-addled benders or his sheer lack of a moral compass. This is about Joe Biden:

The Biden case is not about hookers, ‘blow’ or influence peddling. It is also not about Hunter Biden. It is about Joe Biden, and it is about espionage.

Let’s grab ahold of one small piece of the puzzle. Let’s talk about CEFC China Energy and its chairman, Ye Jianming. Ye sits like a spider at the heart of all the Chinese contacts with the Bidens. Those contacts resulted in literally millions of dollars being funneled to the Bidens from Communist China.”-Sam Faddis, AND Magazine

Influence. Compromise. Off the backs of us Americans. Makes the fictional Tony Freaking Soprano and his crime family look like a bunch of pussycats.

What CEFC did in the United States is what it and other Chinese intelligence front organizations have done all over the world for many years. There is no mystery about how this is done or its intent. The Chinese recruit foreign officials to do their bidding and further the interests of the Chinese Communist Party.”-Sam Faddis, AND Magazine

And Joe Biden is okay and completely at peace with this. It’s cool. He will don the aviator shades and ride the American gravy train for another four years. His adoring public will let him and cast their ballots in fear of Big, Orange Man sliding into the White House again. After all, Socialism (which eventually leads to Communism) is what the woke fascists want, anyway. Being owned by the Chinese can help facilitate this for sure. And, when useless President Pudding Cup is long gone and we cannot recognize our country anymore because we’re all speaking a combination language peppered with New Speak and Chinese and our future generations are a special kind of STUNOD (dumber than ever), we’ll have the Joe Biden to thank.

The American Crime Family is not off Exit 15x off “The Turnpike”. We can find them at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Carry on. Go and fix your pretentious, useless lawn sign.

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • CDC says:

    Politicians have spent the money of several generations let to come already, the USA that we baby boomers lived in will never exist again. Time to put your trust in a higher power and be responsible for your own sins, do not try to bear the sins of others, JC already been here, done that.

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