War Is Not A Cakewalk, According to AOC

War Is Not A Cakewalk, According to AOC

War Is Not A Cakewalk, According to AOC

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) took to social media to share her thoughts on the Afghanistan Retrograde brought to us by Joe Biden. We are going to title this episode, “The One in Which AOC Explains That War Is Not A Cakewalk”.

Noted geo-political expert and INSURRECTION! survivor, AOC explained to her millions of mouth-breathing droolers that the Afghanistan withdrawal chaos was to be expected. Let’s watch and then we will discuss and laugh at this clown:

AOC should have stopped after her first three words, “I don’t know.” That phrase should be her official mantra. She hopes people understand that this is what war looks like. Now, AOC has never served in the military, she has no known connection to the military, and has never been to Afghanistan. She is not on any military committees in Congress. But, AOC knows exactly what war looks like.

Sandy Cortez has called Joe Biden’s “retrograde” in Afghanistan “courageous”:

“In case you’re wondering why people are going on TV relentlessly attacking Biden for his courageous decision to leave Afghanistan when no other president would, here’s one glimpse as to why,” the New York Democrat tweeted on Wednesday. “War is addictive for the few who reap its profits, while the rest of us foot the bill.”

Miss AOC is in agreement with Ann Coulter on this one. Ann praised Biden’s “balls” for withdrawing all the troops. These two should get together in their idiocy.

Back to episode, “The One in Which AOC Explains That War Is Not A Cakewalk”. AOC goes on to tell us that war is not neat or pretty. It is violent. “It is BRUtal.” Thank you, Captain Obvious. This from a woman who has never stood a post, jumped into a hostile zone, or confronted an enemy. Closest this woman ever got was hiding in a closet, afraid of a policeman, while the INSURRECTION was a block away.

AOC has never sent a child off to a war zone. She has never prayed until her knees bled that that child came home safe. She has never held the hand of a wounded warrior or talked with someone who had seen too much and relived it in her head over and over. AOC has never even seen the flag ceremony performed over the casket of a loved one. If she had, it might have swirled around her cerebrum and caused neuroplasticity.

AOC claims we are out here expecting a cakewalk. No, Princess, no. We expected competent leadership. We expected the perfumed princes of the Pentagon to develop a plan to remove troops that would minimize the danger to them. Although, I disagree and think we should have kept Bagram and the 2,500 troops there. But, once the decision was made by Joe Biden, we expected SecDef Austin and Chairman Milley to stand up to him and tell him what would work and what wouldn’t.

We didn’t expect a cakewalk. On the other hand, we didn’t expect the clusterf**k that Biden, Austin and Milley delivered.

AOC ends with “This is war”. No, we haven’t been at war in a couple years. At one point we had over 100,000 personnel in Afghanistan. We have had less than 10,000 troops since the Obama left office. It wasn’t war until Joe Biden and his enablers screwed the pooch on the retrograde.

We know that Alexandria Occasional Cortex knows everything, but she could ask a few of her Democrat colleagues who have served in a combat zone what war is like. It is not a cakewalk and none of the rest of us ever thought it was.

This is what AOC should spend all of her time doing:

Sharing hair and make-up tips. That’s her speed. That’s a cakewalk. Stay turned for more brain droppings from this idiot. Who knows what the next episode will be.

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