Biden Executive Order Mandates “Race Training” For Federal Gov’t

Biden Executive Order Mandates “Race Training” For Federal Gov’t

Biden Executive Order Mandates “Race Training” For Federal Gov’t

Let’s mandate “race training” for all levels of federal government. That’s the latest from Joe Biden’s handlers at the White House. On Friday an executive order was announced that mandates equity, inclusion, and diversity for every federal employee.

The entire executive order is a piece of work. Please, read it all. This is what we are up against. When the federal government becomes a vehicle for “race training” ie; Critical Race Theory, we have a very big problem. As I noted yesterday, having the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff point out the problems of “white rage” and the fact that the so-called assault on January 6, need to be dealt with??!! As one reader of our blog pointed out, having Milley turn our military around to be looking inward towards the so-called problems within our country instead of doing their job which is standing the line against our FOREIGN enemies…that is NOT the role of our military!

And now we have the Biden Administration mandating critical race theory “race training” across the board. 

The directive builds on Biden’s Inauguration Day promise for “an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda,” according to a White House fact sheet accompanying the order. The White House statement said “the enduring legacies of employment discrimination, systemic racism, and gender inequality are still felt today. Too many underserved communities remain under-represented in the Federal workforce, especially in positions of leadership.” The order, the White House said, is designed to “take a systematic approach to embedding” diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in federal hiring and employment.

It’s all in the name of FAIRNESS! The problem is…mandating equity is not fair to anyone. It isn’t fair to the person who was hired specifically because of their skin color. It isn’t fair or right for the person who got passed over because they were only LBT instead of LGBTQZM, nor is it fair for the person who did get hired because their disability checked more boxes than the other candidates with disabilities. 

It’s specifically not right to shunt aside someone who is ACTUALLY qualified for the job, yet that person is either a white female or white male. 

There is nothing diverse or inclusive about this Executive Order. What this type of equity “race training” will do is further hamstring the federal government from doing their job. Oh wait, what if we don’t want the federal government to do their job? 

Quite honestly, I can think of a great number of federal agencies and sub-agencies that need to go away because they are a detriment to this country, such as the Department of Education or the IRS. 

That said, this mandate from the Biden Administration is a danger to us all. 

For our military, we need that soldier to be QUALIFIED to GO TO BATTLE when necessary. We don’t need a military who will be scrambling to have the new E7, Sgt First Class, Major, Colonel, or General attain that rank because they are the right “color,” right gender, or have the right pronouns! No, we need them to be able to swing into action to DEFEND our country and drop-kick all this politically correct horseshit to the curb!

Nope, reading Kendi’s incredibly divisive book and mandating its work will ensure our Navy is woke but most certainly NOT battle ready.

But that’s not all. This EO with it’s diversity and “race training” mandates als0 discusses prioritizing people in rural areas as well as elderly who face disadvantages, and people who used to be in prison. 

Ok great! Let’s hire someone to assist with the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming, and that particular job includes stepping up to the plate and deploying resources when there are wildfires. Awesome! Let’s hire the person who checks all the diversity boxes! Experience of any kind regarding wildfires, resource allocation, or even an understanding of land management? Pffft! Not necessary!

In regards to the elderly, look around you. It is the ELDERLY who are stepping up and filling jobs in the small communities out west. Why? Because too many of the teens and young adults aren’t applying because they don’t want to or the young adults are still getting their government virus paychecks. 

People who’ve been released from prison will receive equitable treatment and be considered for federal jobs. How will the federal government accomplish this if its a formerly incarcerated felon who is being considered for a job that involves children and families …when that former felon was in prison for child abuse, online stalking, or sexual assault? 

See the problem here?

Even worse, all agencies along with the future new hires will have to take mandated diversity and bias trainings in order to promote a respectful and inclusive rainbows and unicorns workplace environment. 

You know what? When those critical race theory diversity trainings end up with the white employees being told THEY are the problem, that causes grave issues with workplace morale, promotes exclusion instead of inclusion, and is discrimination. Period. Full. Stop.

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  • ROP says:

    Army is against the citizenry and call them the problem and country its SUPPOSED to protect
    Democratic STOLE ( yes stole) the elections
    biden wants to nuke people in the country that don’t agree with him
    Teaching children to hate the USA ( Greatest Country on earth and everyone want to get into ) is bad.
    Teaching racism against white people
    Teaching that straight people are the problem in the inclusiveness
    Teaching that you can be male , female, fill in the blank by choice
    And continue
    Do these fools think that once things fall they will be worshipped .

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